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For The Greater Good!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Commander_Farsight, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. lost for words i see, xenos? resorting to the blind belief in your 'greater good'. I am wise enough to know that I can never convert a xenos to the imperial creed, nor should i even if i could. you, however, are convinced that you can somehow get me to follow your 'greater good'. how misguided. I am a black templar master of sanctity, and no xenos, traitor, heretic, or mutant shall shake my loyalty or my faith! And..your still speaking of the greater good..your from the farsight enclaves--you abandoned your greater good long ago, xenos. you should learn your own species history before condemning anothers. And you say that i like...direction? *starts laughing loudly* I AM DRIVEN LIKE NO OTHER! I HAVE ALL THE DIRECTION I WILL EVER NEED! MY FAITH IS MY SHIELD! MY FURY IS MY SWORD! LET THE EMPEROR JUDGE THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF OUR DEEDS! NO MERCY! NO RESPITE! NO FORGIVENESS! FOR SIGISMUND! FOR DORN! FOR THE EMPEROR!!
  2. Authrix Active Member

    I never tried to convert you human. You are a lost cause. Your species lacks focus and drive. Blind fury will aid you none, human, just the same as your blind faith.
    But come, should you wish to test our ability. I shall meet you on the field of battle, and prove to you our superiority.
    You shall die, Valerius of the Black Templars, a failure to your race. And the Tau, the Enclaves... we shall triumph. It is inevitable.
  3. The Ethereals are BS'ing you mate...please, look at the big picture.

    I bet you don't even know about the forces of chaos. And they must be purged.
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  4. Authrix Active Member

    Erm... Commander? I thought you told us we were following our own version of the Greater Good? Just without the Ethereals.
  5. the greater good is a lie.
  6. lacks focus and dri--then you clearly dont understand humans.
  7. The more Tau players, the better! Honestly, I don't particularly care about the moral standings of any faction. I chose Tau because I think they look cool and I like their play style.
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  8. Authrix Active Member

    Your race is made or nought but fury. There is nothing more to understand, Gue'la. But words will not resolve this conflict.
  9. worry not follower of the tau race there may still yet be hope for you the 5th race has yet to be decided so you may yet have a chance so best of luck and........ BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!
  10. Inquisitor Soviatus Soviatus Arkhona Vanguard

    Greetings xenos. the Ordo Malleus now has their eyes on you.

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