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For The Greater Good!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Commander_Farsight, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Or not so much for the greater good...

    Well for me i've been playing 40k for quite a while now, i've been playing Tau since I started, and basically...Now it's time to choose a different race D:

    Anyway, I guess i'll discuss(If I even can)About eternal crusade here...
    And whatever else.
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  2. Rejn Member

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  3. Pertsa pertsa Subordinate

    Haudi. I used to play as Tau often in games on computer so I can relate with your feelings, but I have played as The Eldar as well so the change is not so enormous to me.

    See you on the battlefield !
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  4. Stranger New Member

    Xeno scum!
    Just kidding :)

    Welcome to the forums.
    If the game is popular enough, I bet they will implement a Tau faction at some point, so don't worry.
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  5. Azurand Azurand Curator

    Welcome to the war!
  6. *Insert Farsight themed warcry here*
  7. Stormbringer Wolffkhran Subordinate

    Woo. A Tau player!
  8. Shas'O Kais ShasO-Kais Active Member

    Fear not bond brother, Although the Tau are not in the fight yet, we will certainly make our presence known and eventually the Fire Caste will arrive to show the other factions that we are a power worthy of respect.

    But until we have the Ethereal's blessing to engage our honorable foes we shall assist and serve one of the other four factions in a way that will also further the cause of the Greater Good.

    Fear not Commander O'Shovah for the Cadre stands with you.

  9. Please, I have my own Farsight enclaves...The ethereals are lying to you!

    Join the Farsight enclaves and revel in a new age!
  10. You Tau are trying to build a civilisation, yet already you are divided?

    Vaul's hammer, you will never prosper if you falter in your opening steps!
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