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For Death and Glory ((Imperial Knight RP))

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Vlayden, Feb 11, 2018.

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    Gabriel smiled and bowed to the king. "I would much honor it your Highness. Thank you." Just before he left for his training that took several months of intense training and implanting of the body. He remained the same through out the process of the training and after but was always distant and hardly ever spoke.

    It seemed to be a time was a blur to him and had just been going. Until he saw the two of the Exalted Court and to follow in there footsteps and learn from them he felt honored but he had to choose who he'd learn the knights from. He stayed quiet for a moment looking to his peers he had gotten much acquainted with that well. He knew that they'd be great allies to come in the future but time could only tell. He looked at the woman Sylvin and approached her but stayed at a respectable range away. "Madam I would like to be under your tutelage and learn from the experiences that will aid us when the time comes." Gabriel straightened and stood tall and saluted onto his heart.
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  2. Sylivann had changed a bit physically after the months of training, not only having more muscle mass than before but also some rather strange editions to his body. A hand going back to graze the strange thing now in the back of his head, covered up back his hair. He was too nervous about it to actually touch the thing fully, almost scared that if he did touch it something would happen. The strange and brutal training of the Knight house had initially surprised him but he welcomed the challenge and after all of it he finds himself here. Dressed in a less formal but still non casual clothing he looked like a noble, which he was. Granted now he wasn't quite as he was before, these new things inside him sometimes itched as well as the surgical scars left over from their implantation. They were not the honorable kind of scars won in battle, they were small itchy things that made it difficult to sleep. Granted over the months he had figured out wearing little clothing helped but the fact that the Aspirants all shared a single large room did mean he had to be careful about that.

    The memories of those less than pleasant but important four months were still fresh in his mind now that he was standing in the training area of the strange ship belonging to the Thousand Sons. The two full knights offering their tutelage in front of him and the other Aspirants. He was hesitant for a moment as he contemplated the choice in his mind. His family forbade women from fighting unless the situation was so dire there was no other choice. However he wasn't stupid enough to not recognize her as his superior in experience and in theory would provide a good instructor. But the fact that she was a woman did make him conflicted, her male counterpart seemed for more formal and strict. He could certainly guess what he had in store for them if he was their tutor and Sylivann could not deny he did seem like he would be an effective teacher as well. He eventually concluded that he would prefer the man but if the others chose the woman he would not protest.
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    Lotara finished her vows along with the rest of the knight aspirants and spent the remainder of the time discussing with the thousand sons about a wide variety of topics from history to cultures to warfare and so on. Once the event was over she became a quieter person that only spoke up to diffuse situations or when called upon during the months of training. She was diligent and harsh on herself as the training went on always striving not to meet expectations but to exceed them.

    The greatest joy and leisure lotara found was not in being a knight, not in training but in the knowledge, she gleaned from the thousand sons and the others. Although she was not a physcker herself it did not stop her from asking and learning. Much to her disappointment she soon found that much of the knowledge of technology was barred from her by the mechaincus.

    Being both a skilled diplomat and a young and curious learner she had gotten known to the crew as being both a bright and diligent young woman, a curious learner who questioned and asked things from many perspectives and to a few an annoyance that asked too many questions. As for the other knight aspirants she made efforts to remain cordial and know them but did not spend her efforts into being friends with them. All the months of training and interactions had led her to only spend such efforts of being friends on only some of them.

    When given the change to choose a mentor lotara had a mind towards Leonis as she too preferred strictness, order and learning instead of the passion, honor, and glory of Sylvin.
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    Irmina couldn't suppress the excitement and pride she felt swelling in her chest as the king put his hand over his own heart in accepting her oath. Truly this was a glorious day for her family and people. "You do me great honor your majesty. I assure you, you're faith shall not be in vain." After the oaths were sworn Irmina spent the rest of the ceremony with her family, celebrating as befit the occasion. It would be one of the last times the heiress would enjoy the company of her kin, and she made sure to enjoy every minute of it.

    Much had changed in the months following that fateful day. An intense training regime was immediately put in place, that pushed even her to the limits of her abilities. Over time her body became honed in a way she didn't think possible, as was the case with her fellow aspirants. Then there were the more... Invasive changes to her body, namely the implants that allowed her to become a true Knight. Even now she squirmed when she thought of them, or when she would feel the strange object in the back of her neck or throughout her insides. It was for her the worst part of the process, leaving her feeling violated. Unnatural. But she was willing to pay any cost to achieve this dream. It was her duty.

    While she found great joy in her training, it wasn't all Irmina spent her time doing. When off duty, she would try her best to speak to her fellow Aspirants and form some sort of bond, though many seemed reserved. Even Lotara was distant. Still it didn't stop her from trying, for soon they would be relying on each other in the field of battle. It was important to get to know the ones you'll be shedding blood with.

    Asides from that, Irmina spent a great deal of time attempting to learn all she could about the Imperium of Man. Thankfully the Thousand Sons, kept plentiful tomes about and were more than willing to share their historical ones. For weeks on end Irmina pored over the texts, trying to absorb as much as she could about this mighty empire that they were pledged to. At the very least she had to ensure that they had aligned themselves with an honorable people. What she read affirmed that, and the heiress became enamored with their ruler. The Emperor of Man. From everything she read, Irmina became convinced that this was none other than the Great Father, the deity her family had worshiped for generations. It would make it all the more difficult to continue practicing her faith, as was dictated by the Emperor himself, but she tried.

    What little time she had to spare outside of these activities Irmina usually spent speaking to the crew, hoping to learn firsthand about the Imperium. Overall she had gotten along well with them, many regarding her as an honest, honorable person, if somewhat bull-headed and idealistic. The biggest issue Irmina ran into was dealing with the Thousand Sons themselves, having discovered they were all witches. It made the heiress' skin crawl to know she was amongst such aberrations. Her own family had often dedicated itself to witch hunts, purging the land of those with unholy powers. Now she was to fight alongside them.

    Her distaste seemed to be amusing to the Thousand Sons after it became apparent, some stopping by to speak with the 'ignorant' girl. One in particular stopped by semi-regularly, Dakarai. They would often talk of her reservations about his kind, attempting to show her that they were not only witches. Over time her stance lightened, but Irmina was still cautious around these new allies, nowhere near ready to trust them.

    After all that time, she now stood in the training room of the monolithic ship, dressed in her casual noble attire, chestnut hair kept in its usual braid. Before her now was a choice, something she had not been afforded in a long time. Her voice was silent as she mulled over who would be the best instructor for them. Sylvin seemed like a peerless warrior, with countless years of experience and an unshakable confidence that simply exuded from her aura. Still, this didn't always make for the best instructor.

    Leonis on the other hand was strict, disciplined. Everything about him, from his posture to his glare screamed order. He reminded her of the Master at Arms at Valor's Stand. Had about as much personality as a boulder, but he was brutally effective at teaching.

    While the Gottzmann's strived for glory and honor in all things, they knew such things were not attainable without proper training and discipline. "It would be an honor to train under either of you, but if we are left with only one option, I would choose Ser Leonis. His strict nature will likely be invaluable during our training."
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    Kneeling before the High King once more Kantor rose his hand above his heart and recited the sacred vows in a solemn tone,"Upon my family's name and my own, I -- Kantor Beerle -- swear my life to the endtimes in duty to House Saris. I..."

    Several Months Later
    It seemed as though the time spent training onboard the starship of the Astartes had passed by in an instant. The strange, bulky training suits that they had been required train with had been a struggle to get used to, much more so than the training armor he had worn in the past. While he had long since recovered from the surgical implanting of his control implants he still felt what seemed like a vague itch from them at times. Walking into the training room of the massive ship with the rest of his fellow trainees, they were greeted by a pair of people that he vaguely recognized from their initiation ceremony months prior. Realizing what a massive impact this decision would have on their training, he believed the Sylvin would be a better choice for their trainer.
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