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For Death and Glory ((Imperial Knight RP))

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Vlayden, Feb 11, 2018.

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    The journey to Justicar's Bulwark - a massive fortress-city carved directly into the mountain - was a miserable yet simultaneously exciting one, for the Knight-Aspirants. The pouring rain required the use of thick cloaks to keep one from being drenched, all having been brought by horse-carriage; they had been summoned to the city of Teranno near the western forests of the continent, all coming by either boat or horseback; from there, they were to be brought to Justicar's Bulwark itself.

    The sight of the citadel was a beautiful one; massive walls made of pure adamantium, shining metal that even with the season's weighing down on them, never dulled nor rusted. Gargantuan guns within slits upon the walls and atop them massive enough to destroy entire armies. A gate of which was just as thick and fortified; around its walls were enormous moats filled with waters and a drawbridge immense enough to crush a village. Yet this was not the sole thing that made up Justicar's Bulwark; within was a marvelous city, that stretched up the mountainside even above the walls themselves, able to be seen from miles away.

    Houses made directly into the stone, pathways and archways crisscrossing this way and that, with a part of the mountain jutting out almost like a spike within the front upon which a glorious, shining mansion sat upon, the home of the High King of House Saris.
    Almost nobody had ever ventured to the Bulwark in their lifetime, those who have only doing so briefly for trade - it was a massive hub of a place, the caravan's sight allowing the drawbridge to lower and allow them within its defenses. From there, it was an even more amazing sight.

    People - so many people. Thousands, maybe, tens of thousands, all going this way and that; market stalls lining the streets with customers and salesmen haggling over prices, cutting deals. Groups of friends cracking jokes and laughing with one another, guards with long, metal bulky weapons that they held in one hand looking comparable to a crossbow without the 'bow' aspect, covered in shining steel plate. Most of the caravan that made its way to the Bulwark had gone towards the western street, towards the market districts to sell their wares.
    The carriage carrying our Aspirants, however, went to the eastern road, towards their journey up to the mansion itself.

    Admittedly, it was a long trip - an hour, perhaps - upwards, but all the way they had found activity, even if it became less & less as they went up, the people of which becoming more & more proper in etiquette and clothing. Though upon the arrival of the top, many would have seen something quite curious; a foreign starship resting on the royal Landing Pad, painted bright crimson and with a silver sun symbol painted upon its sides.

    Upon entry, the carriage would drop them off and servants would take their cloaks from them - the event itself was undoubtedly a formal one, requiring at least clothes that fit such an occasion; a ball, apparently, even if the Aspirants themselves were not to participate in anything more than to show themselves as willing to attempt their journey to proper Knighthood.
    The two ceremonial guards that stood their ground at the door gave little more than a nod, though to the left stood a man and women, chatting to one another. Upon seeing the aspirants, the former smiled and stepped forward; a wellfitting suit with golden buttons, cufflinks and silver-white epaulets, his blonde hair smoothed and swept back. He seemed recently shaved, as well.

    "So, these are the Knight Aspirants, I see; if you'll just follow me, I shall see to introducing you to the High King as well as our... Guests." His tone seemed a bit excited, yet simultaneously anxious.

    And so, the door opened; well over a hundred - nay, two or three hundred, perhaps - nobles were here. Many sitting, some dancing, others chatting. Yet the most bizarre of sights was the behemoths that stood in front of the High King himself; three of them, in fact. They wore bright crimson armour with flowing robes covering their plate, large backpacks and thick pauldrons that kept the same silver sun icon. The two at the sides were undoubtedly 'guards' of some sort, in their hands being thick, bulky weapons with sickle-like protrusions in front of the grip.

    The third was the one who seemed to be speaking with the High King himself. Instead of this boxy weapon he carried a beautifully crafted staff in one hand, the other remaining free for gestures as he spoke. Were it not for his lack of helmet, one would have believed these three to be machines; a broad jaw and close-shaven black hair, the man was at least to some, handsome - though it was clear that he was past what one would consider 'human'.

    The High King was if anything, an inspiring one to look at; a generous beard and auburn hair that came to his shoulders, bright green eyes and a sense of confidence that could make anyone believe he was the most important man in the room. He wore the colours of House Saris - a deep blue with silver and gold trimmings, with green secondary colours here and there.

    "I hereby present the Knight Aspirants - their journey finished, and their quest beginning. Make way for the Knight Aspirants to the High King." Spoke the man whom had guided them inside, now leading them towards the throne itself. Many nobles stepped to the side and whispered amongst themselves, others merely staring intently; the two crimson guards stepped back and brought their weapons to their chests, whilst the staved one stepped to the side of the High King, bowing his head respectfully.

    "Announce yourselves and your Family of origin, Knight Aspirants." Said the man now, turning to face them each. The High King himself stood up from his throne, stepping down a few steps and looking upon the Aspirants themselves, expectantly. Unlike the Dukes and Duchesses, the nobles and the greeter, he was not grim and judgemental. No; he seemed far more... Expectant. Pleased, hopeful.

    He knew greatness was perhaps on its way.

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    Gabriel as approached the large men he was in awe to see a man that large of size and was shaken back to reality with the order to give our names. He stood straight and spoke clear and loudly. " Your Highness, I am Gabriel Nessus of the Nessus Lineage and the last son of Archibald Nessus it would be an honor to serve as one of your knights your Highness." Then giving a salute onto his heart and standing tall and with pride.

    Other than his menacing facial features he is wearing a baker's overcoat, with a detatchable shoulder cape and specifically he's wearing riding boots accompanied by leather vambraces outside of the coat's folded sleeves It appears to be fine leather considering it has been dyed yellow and black with a leather buffcoat underneath as a form of stab armor with a maroon vest and some bands a sword in is sheath ornately made with an arming sword length.
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    Lotara ignored the downpour of rain as she looked at the marble that was the citadel of Justicar's Bulwark. The gleaming walls, the giant guns, and the big gate brought a faint smile to her face especially the mountains that reminded her of home. She knew of course that her home was no were as big, majestic or important as the bulwark and it was certainly a lot less well defended.

    As they entered the first thing lotara's eyes darted to were the strange weapons in the hands of the local guards. However, the teeming hordes of people made it hard to keep on focus on them. Soon lotara was back to marveling on her surroundings trying her best to ignore any chatter and noise both outside the carriage and inside it unless she was specially called for. Eventually, the scenery slowly changed as they moved onwards and upwards to their main destination.

    After she got off the carriage the first thing that caught her eye and made her stop for a moment was the wonderous starship she saw. It was big, bigger than any she had ever seen before tho admittedly she had not seen many. The craft was also foreign to her as she could not recognize the heraldry upon it.

    “Could there be giants piloting such a huge craft?” she muttered before following the rest

    Lotara quirked her head to the side as an old habit upon meeting the guards and hearing about guests. She noticed that the atmosphere of the halls seemed to be both alive and suppressed and she noted the excitement in the ceremonial guard’s tone and eyes. She mentally prepared herself as she follows them guards only to see giants, real live giants.

    While her face was set like a stone with a faint smile upon her face; her eyes in particle her left eye the one that wasn’t a bionic replacement betrayed her shock and wonder for a moment before becoming calm once more. Trying her best not to stare or let her eyes wander across the fascinating arms and armor of these great giants she bowed deeply to the high king and the giants before changing it fluidly into a kneeling position like she had been taught since childhood.

    She almost curtsied as an instinct but her mind caught up and she remembered her formal clothing was not suited or such an action and the status of the high king was too high for that. Her masculine jacket and pants assemble more befitting a real hunter or a high born fencer then that of a lady, she certainly would not be wearing a kimono or a dress and gown for such a knightly matter even if her parents had insisted on it

    Unlike the man who went ahead as she bowed lotara kept her kneeling position and with her head held level but her eyes looking at both the high king and the giants, she introduced herself in her melodies voice.

    “It is my great honor to present myself Lotara sarrin third daughter of the sarrin family to the great high king, our great honored guests and other honored sers and ladies of the realm
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    Jakus was not far behind, stepping forward and forcefully hitting his left pectoral with his right fist; a traditional Stålhand’s Warrior Salute. The scholars in the hall would finsd this gesture to show great respect to the high king, while the rest would be confused. ”Jakus Namaber, of the house Stålhand. It would be an honour to serve as one of Knights.” He said this in a deep voice, surprising considering how young he looked.
  5. Sylivann had been silent the entire trip to the Justicar's Bulwark, though naturally the others had been relatively silent as well. Once at the mansion itself he stepped off with some bit of grace, his family has never been known for their social skills with outsiders but he must at least make himself presentable when meeting the high king in person. Or at least that is what his father had said before sending him off. Of course Sylivann agreed with his father, how could he not? He presented himself as stern and serious but internally he was actually extremely excited, like a small child during a holiday. He sighed before going into the building with the rest of the Aspirants.

    He was dressed in standard formal wear expected of his family, unfortunately stereotypes do exist for a reason. The Skyruss have a distinct reputation from their past as raiders and their extremely warlike culture. As such Sylivann was dressed in clothing made to specifically resemble armor which was also somewhat functional as well granted not as effective as actual armor. Small black plates of metal forged from the metals brought up from the magma and shaped to look aesthetically pleasing rather than actually serve a protective purpose. The rest of the outfit was made of black fabric with a tabard which had a small copy of the Skyruss heraldry on it.

    Now in front of the high king he bowed slightly before giving out his name. "I am Sylivann of the great family Skyruss." He said holding the bow for a moment before returning back to normal posture as the other Aspirants did their own greetings.
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    Feral had been silent, as the trip went on he had hated this, The rain, the formal wore under this heavy coat and even under that he still wore his green suit, It was all hot heavy and generally uncomfortable not like it had been when he was in a good old brawl or fight. As they got out he would remove his coat before entering the the gates, on his formal wear he bore the crest on his right of his chest of a Sea lion jumping from the ocean, His colors was of green like the under suit he wore and a dark purple. Enter the halls the first thing that would catch his eyes would be the great throne room, a impressive room as well people dressed all fancy like.

    Hearing the king speak he listen his eyes only catching the oddly crimson giants, Something was off about them he had never seen the likes of them before nor there armor decorations or weapons or themselves, hell they were bigger then most of the people here and had weapons he could only compare to a cannon. Hearing the king telling them to speak he spoke after the family of Skyruss for once bowing his head to another of greater rank and his fist going to the ground as many of his cousins, and aunts and uncles would do. "Feral, of the Vandicant family" Feral said to the king his head bowed as he did as such was expected of him.
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    When word was received from Justicar's Bulwark that Irmina had been invited into the ranks of the Knights Aspirants, the whole of Valor's Stand erupted in celebration. Grand Duchess Helena held a great feast, and festivals occurred all throughout the city that continued for days, only ending when Irmina departed to meet with the High King. She was accompanied by a grand procession, including the Grand Duchess and Duke Siegfried, her younger siblings, and an honor guard of Templar Crusaders. Even the dreary weather that accompanied them to the capital couldn't seem to dampen the family's mood. At least that was how things appeared on the outside. Beneath a casual smile, Irmina was deeply conflicted, the memories of her last fight still weighing heavily on her. The amount of innocents lost, the amount of Templars. There was no glory in that victory, yet she was chosen to be an Aspirant regardless.

    Upon arriving at the city the young heiress couldn't help but be left in awe of the sight. Mighty walls made of a metal unlike any other, with giant cylinders that could spout fire and thunder. All of the Great Families combined couldn't hope to lay even on scratch on its defenses. Once in the city Irmina departed from her family to join the Aspirants, entering a carriage to bring them up to the Hall of the High King. A couple of faces she was able to recognize, such as Lotara Sarrin who's family had long been friends of the Gottzmann's. Then there was Sylivann Skyruss. While she didn't know him personally, the two families had a long and storied past with each other, and she ensured to know as much about that grim clan as possible. The rest she knew only by their families reputations, many of which left a poor taste in her mouth.

    Giving but a small nod of greeting to them all, she turned to the carriage window, enjoying the many wondrous sights the city held. It wasn't until they reached the Hall that Irmina saw something that made her truly marvel once more. A massive craft that held strange iconography on it, a heraldry totally unfamiliar to her. A family from one of the other planets perhaps?

    Before she could ponder further the group was approached by the royal guard along with some of the kings retainers presumably. It was time. Taking a small breath to ease her mind, Irmina stood tall, striding into the throne room. All throughout the room Irmina could see celebrating, the excitement palpable. There was one thing that made her pause for but a moment. Giants, standing beside their High King, wearing armor the likes of which she had never seen before. What were these strange things? Obviously they were the ones who brought that strange craft to their world.

    Now wasn't the time to be distracted though, and Irmina did one final check to make sure she was presentable. She wore a ceremonial military uniform which consisted of a blue overcoat over a golden vest and white shirt. A golden sash was tied around her waist, while her pants were a pristine white. Finally on her left shoulder was a golden pauldron that bore the heraldry of the Gottzmann Line. Her flowing, chestnut hair was made into a long braid, the way she usually wore it.

    As the Vandicant before her completed his introduction, Irmina walked confidently towards the throne before kneeling before the king, her right fist over her heart. A common tradition amongst her family for when an oath was sworn. "Your majesty, I am Heiress Irmina, first born of Grand Duchess Helena of the noble Gottzmann line. I swear on my honor that I shall serve you and House Saris dutifully." Bowing her head slightly, Irmina rose from her position before moving to stand with the Aspirants that had introduced themselves.

  8. Vanestus Vanestus Subordinate

    Watching the proceedings with rapt attention Kantor took one last look at himself to make sure that he was as presentable as possible. His red silk button-down shirt had been freshly cleaned and pressed. His floral embroidered black silk vest thoroughly cleaned and it's silver buttons polished to a brilliant shine. A pair of black dress pants rounded out his ensemble and though he could not see them at the moment he knew that his dreadlocks had been braided with beads of brilliant gemstones. Turning his attention back to the proceedings just as Gottzmann Heiress finished speaking he knew it was time for him to speak. Stepping forward he knelt before the High King saying,"Your Majesty, I am Kantor Beerle, fifth in line to the noble House Beerle. I hereby swear to serve you and House Saris to my utmost capabilities for as long as I am able."
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    The High King bowed his head to the first man, that pleasant smile still keeping his lips up. "I shall pay homeage to your Father for this, Gabriel; I see it an honor that he sends one of his kin to attempt Knighthood."


    Lotara was given a smile as well, the King straightening a bit and gesturing over. "A Sarrin was not what I was expecting; though never unwelcome. I do believe that our steeds will be a bit, 'different' to what you will be accustomed to."
    The crowd gave soft murmurs at the mention of such a name; the Sarrins being notable horse breeders as well as great farmlands; while not the only ones upon Superbia II, many know that the southern territories would have been in a year long famine were it not for their efforts; even if that came with a slight cost.


    The mention of the Stålhands was one that caused uneasiness through the nobles, such rumours and fables of them having never truly dissipated - old hatreds always made sure to keep such things from ever truly going away. All the same, the High King himself stared into the young man, nodding slowly and bringing up a hand.
    "I see that a Stålhand has joined us; it has been many years. Before my time, even. Let us hope that you have that fire in you that your ancestors did, to help us in times of War."


    Sylivann didn't even need to speak his name for concern and anxiety to come through the crowd as he stepped forward; their solitude and long, bloody history was one none could forget, swathes of territory being carved out. Their sheer independance - aside from perhaps minimal trading - made it that it was rare to see them, and rarer still to see one who acted in such ways that disproved these tales.

    The High King himself squinted for the briefest of moments, almost a flicker of emotion that most may have missed. His next words were low, respectful yet cautionary.
    "A Skyruss; an unexpected sight, I will admit. All the same, you are as welcome as any else to join as an Aspirant, Sylivann Skyruss, however we shall hope that you do your family proud - and prove to House Saris, that you are more than the savages that history and fables have made you out to be."

    Hearing the Vandican name was something of a relief for the House in comparison; while not an epitome of what the House stands for, they certainly were those who took to their code well even if to ridiculous degrees. The High King's face turned back to a smile with this, one more hand gesture coming up. "We have had Knights of your family before; always into the thickest of the fighting, always the most damaged yet most heroic. I only pray the Sacristans shall have an easier time with you, Feral."


    The Gottzman family name was a mightily enjoyed thing to hear now, numerous women - both those that had the posture of proud Knights, and those of 'simple' Noblegirls & noblewomen - and a few men being the most vocal of these supporters; it was rare for there to be any hostility towards the name that was from those of a reputable character for any good reason, and their Knight Aspirants had always been those cherished, both men & women - though the latter moreso, with its obvious showing of how strength came from the spirit rather than the body.

    The High King himself bowed his head at her introduction now, bringing a hand to his chest. "And I, greet you Irmina; if you are anything as Helena is, I do believe that you shall become a wonderful addition to our House's Knights."


    "Not quite a name I was to expect; nor one I have heard in a long time. I have hope for you, Kantor, as I do for you all; as Knight Aspirants, I do believe that this, along with our new guest - may I introduce," He started, now stepping up from his throne and gesturing his left hand to the three giants, "The Thousand Sons Space Marines; Atriun," -- the leftmost 'Space Marine' gave a nod of his helm, lowering the bulky weapon in his hands, -- "Sulis," -- the rightmost giant, comparatively keeping himself stiff and formal, not budging to bow his head even despite such a formal greeting.

    "And lastly, their Captain - I introduce, Sir Captain Aesirion, of the Thousand Sons, and the, 'Imperium of Man'.

    Upon the High King's words, the lead staved Space Marine bowed his head respectfully, speaking out. His voice took on a modulated tone as he replied, turning to face the House as a whole.

    "Noble men & women of House Saris - Knights, Knight-Aspirants, Dukes and Duchesses. As you here well know, there is a far larger scope of Mankind out in the vastness of Space, and I am proud to say, that the Imperium of Mankind is willing and would be honoured, to offer House Saris and its mighty Knights a place within its Great Crusade; a crusade that shall see humanity travelling across the stars, fighting the mighty foes that will attempt to assault this growing civilization as we seek new worlds to colonize. Stepping forward shall see to it that you are seen as equals and brethren; but I get ahead of myself. For now, I would be delighted to celebrate this day with you all - for the High King, and for Superbia!"

    A cheer came from all within the great halls, many raising drinks just as the Captain raised his own staff; as this all happened, the Aspirants themselves were brought closer to the King by the man from before. His tone lowered and became more cautionary, though not losing any of its optimism and confidence.
    "As you are now to be Knight-Aspirants, there is but one thing that is to happen before you commence your training; the vows themselves. Bring one hand upon your heart, and repeat after me;"

    "Upon my family's name and my own, I -- recite it thus -- swear my life to the endtimes in duty to House Saris. I..."
    The vows themselves would go on, but it was done now - now, they were Knight Aspirants, and their journey could begin.

    Several months later, in the zangala system, many many light years away...

    The Knight-Aspirants by now would have gained their implants for Knight -- or in their case -- armiger usage at this point, as well as having been given unique 'suits' to wear; boxy, bulky and cumbersome, limiting movement in such a way that mimicked how a Knight or Armiger would respond. Months of such training would take place along with normal, physical-bodied training that both brought the Aspirants to their limits.

    The training itself didn't stay upon Superbia II, however; the High King Alexandros Marek, had called for a proper Crusade; all the Dukes & Duchesses of House Saris were to answer with their own manpower, many Baronial Courts and Lances being mustered upon transport ships; Justicar's Bulwark was no different.

    The first suit up was a quick one, but one that was most celebrated; mighty Knights towered over buildings as they set up into Lances, marching forward - the Exalted Court itself was at the very head of it, with the High King's own Knight stood proud at the very front - a pristine hull of adamantine painted a marvelous cobalt blue with portions of pure white here and there, gold & silver as its trim; one massive chainsword hung at one side and a Thermal cannon upon the other, its vented covering being in the shape of an eagle head. His solid white helm, made to look similar to a Knight's own helm, looked from side to side at the crowds that formed along the streets from the Knight Chassis' 'barracks', to the Fortress gate itself.

    And were they ever so loud.

    Cheering, singing, saluting and celebrations galore - massive horns announced their departure as the mighty steel gates swung open, dozens of Knights stepping forth with the Armigers themselves - both that of the Knight Aspirants, and those of other men & women who were not worthy of Knights proper - alongside them. A small army of giants coated in blue and white, with the sole exceptions of twin Knight Gallants whom had their colours switched from blue to black, their twin arms wielding chainswords whose engines growled with life; even they were cheered on and adored by the common people, caring little for their fearful reputation. Now, they were Knights of Saris, protectors of Superbia.

    The journey outwards to the lying starships upon the fields was a long and uneventful one, one of which heralded a certain future; they undoubtedly would leave their old life behind. Whatever they knew now, was gone.

    That was all the past, however; currently, they were to have been summoned to their Training Rooms upon one of the Astartes warships - massive things that made their own look puny in comparison, pathetic almost - their Armigers and Knights kept within their own Hangars.
    The Training room itself had had most of the practice suits set to the side, with the Exalted Court missing - everyone else was within the large room moving about aimlessly, as though now awaiting instructions of some sort.

    The man from months past - and the woman he'd been speaking to then, upon their initiation and introduction - perked up at the sight of the Aspirants and moved forward, bowing his head.

    "Greetings, Initiates; the Exalted Court are currently seeing to the strategem our Astartes allies wish to use; though a more pressing matter is at hand."
    The woman - silver-white hair, even if she herself was not elderly but at most, middle-aged - continued on in his stead, stepping forward. Her own mannerisms were a fair bit more casual in comparison to the male's formality.

    "We have many knights as you know - enough, I'd think, to deal with the Superbian Wyrms once and for all if we set out to do it for a few years - though currently, as many as we have, we'd be needing each Knight to work as one. Normally, I -- Sylvin of House Saris -- and my friend -- Leonis -- would see to your tutelage upon the field. But as of late, we'd need to see to whom will take you under their wing."

    Surprisingly, it was one of the few choices that the Knight-Aspirants were given, and one that would shape their tutelage.

    Leonis seemed a formal man - focused upon his duty and undoubtedly one who'd not waver in what was expected of him, yet his high-held chin and pumped up chest spoke of strictness and wariness. It was clear that their training would be an utmost priority, even if it was something that meant setting heroic glory aside for their safety and inevitable rise to true Knighthood.

    Sylvin on the other hand was more, laid back; her shoulders slackened and her arms crossed in front of her, she didn't seem to hesitate in speaking her mind nor to add any filters, an energy about her that seemed to keep people about. While perhaps she would lead them on glorious hunts, their own training may slacken as a result.​

    (OOC: Set a vote in upon whether you wish Sylvin or Leonis as your Tutor; this will affect how your rise in House Saris goes, as well as mission choices))
  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Upon my families name and my own" The words echoed through Feral's mind as he trained, Never stopping until he would finally collapse or until finally made to stop by instructors, Always trying to go above and beyond and prove his and his own families strength, "I Swear my life to the end times." Feral kept pushing himself if beaten in sparring in training he would keep going for another rematch until he won or learned how the enemy beat him and train to counter it. "In the duty to house Saris"

    Feral would never back down from a challenge even if it was from one greater in size then he, Even if it meant being defeated repeatedly he would attempt to learn from it. Feral looked up to the astartes towering over him the thousand son, A mountain that he heard challenge him and he answered even if it meant falling from the trail and retrying to climb the mountain many times over he would refuse defeat so easily. Feral was on the ground the astarte face looking over the face he had come to known as Anebni, A face of concern as he heard the Knight aspirant breathing so struggled.

    "I suggest my friend you give up, I must say your attitude and stubbornness is commendable when seeing a challenge, But it is worrisome for your condition and that of your fellow aspirants, that your stubbornness is also your weakness and being blind by your one way of looking that may doom you one day especially since you haven't figured out my clue." lifting his hand up Feral's and his hand connected his body ached as he forcefully raised himself with the astartes help, Anebni making sure he did not trip. The marine was surprised by the headstrong of the man, It was comparable to his twin Odion though at least he had the brains to not charge into fight he could not win especially with the wrong equipment.

    "I... must.... not... give... Up.. For.. house... and... families.. honor." Feral said looking to him across from him was a pile of training weapons. First spear, then a sword, a bow, and even a staff, and now a pole arm would join it. and all of it Abeni bore no weapon using only his hands and body "There is no shame or dishonor in admitting defeat especially with a battle you cannot win, when you have not the equipment you need to meet it." Anebni chimed in, the other aspirants and knights has long left after the third round, only a few astares were left in the training hall his sergeant one of them giving him a stare, and his own twin in full armor watching and wondering what he was trying to do or even teach the mortal.

    "You... say... I can beat you with the right equipment.. on this ship, But I have tried most training gear.. here.. and every time you can best me, whether it be your speed or strength... what... equipment are you hiding.. in this room, that can allow me to beat the likes of you!?...." Feral said part of him feeling only shame for failing to figure out and dishonor. "Well I never said it was in the training room." Anebi said deciding to give the mortal a hint that might just spark him to learn or figure it out. Feral paused as he said that his brain figuring out what he meant, Did he want a dual to the death? no, even so it would just end with him winning, just like how he was able to catch his arm before Feral could even get a single strike in. Even with a automatic weapon his speed, and judging by his own body could easily get by it before feral could even get a hit.

    It was then that it slowly clicked. "You cant be serious my armieger? you want me to face you in that." Anebni, smiled as the the hard headed knight finally learned what he was trying to get at, and how to best him. "Then I shall face you the fact you wear not your armor and have no-" Feral was interrupted as Anebni said something he didnt expect. "and with that I will say my friend you have won are dual before its even began. and have taken your honor and pride as you win a dual before it even begins" Anebni said. Feral was once more confused, as he looked up to him. Anebni, a Marine he considered now odd. "Wait I haven't even gotten to my armgeir to fight you." Feral said looking up to him, Anebni's sergeant just shaking his head and his brother seemingly going off to another form of training.

    "Indeed Feral, but if I fought you in your armgeir, it would no doubt result in my defeat, and likely my death, causing me to submit to before you before even the battle has started, my friend as such you have won the battle before it even starts, Using the right tools and the right gear, can cause you to win a fight even before one starts even without needing a weapon and with that you have won the battle and have taken the honor of yourself to a higher feat winning without even firing a single weapon or breaking a single sweat when facing a foe that maybe bigger you without your armgeir, but with your armgeir is something that you can easily defeat." Anebni said with a grin looking to Feral setting a seed in his mind and hopefully mending his pride. As he did he looked to the weapons and closed his eyes and began focusing on the weapons on the floor and began causing them to float over back to there places to be used for other that planned to use the training room, Feral was somewhat amazed by the thousand sons power over mere items the ability to use such sorcery without one saying any words nor using any magical gestures to use such magics.

    Feral looked to him, his mind process it. It made sense even for a vandicant. "Indeed it seems I have finally won the battle, Anebni, But I must say Anebni you are a great warrior and a amazing combatant, and quite a cunning mind within your head, I must say your are quite smart in the thoughts of a armgeir can defeat you in a dual, something i would have never thought to do especially in a dual with one on one between duelists, I must bring this idea home to others and and spread it amoung the family and other aspirants and knights, I must also thank you for your training lesson you gave me" Feral said his voice tired but ringing of truth and gratitude from to Anebni.

    "It is no problem my friend especially to a fellow imperial and Allie of mankind and the imperium." Anebni said. "I must ask though how did you learn those moves, and more how you did that levitation sorrcery thing with your eyes when returning those weapons it could be quite a trick useful for us knights." Feral said asking and wanting to learn more of the thousand sons and there way of combat and if there was anyway the knights could learn more from them.

    "Well my friend I must say, Not all are able to do that, but I shall tell you more about it, and my friend it is not, sorrcery but a thing one can do if they inherent a gene called the psker gene." Anebni said as the two traveled back to Ferals quarters they would talk more on the subject as psykers and sorrcery, Anebni trying to clear the idea and word of sorcerer and magic from Feral's mind and replace it with what it is really a psychic power.

    The two would later on be seen trading common talk among each other when neither of them were training, Feral curious about the thousand son and the imperium, and Anebni glad he could not only win a bet against one of his brothers, but also gain a new friend that had quite a different perspective on things that was not one of his brothers, and was always glad to talk about his home world prospero and its culture and people, something that fascinated Feral.

    As the months would go on Feral would not only learn about the knights but the imperium, and the Thousand sons, Feral's training would continue his body becoming stronger, and mind adjusting, expanding as he learned the ways of piloting a armegier, how to work with the armgier's spirit and how to focus and simply walk together at first, then learn how to do more complex movements, battle charges, Parrying, how to fire weapons, how to move, shoot and parry all at once. The Vandicant alwalys pushing and trying new ways to tackle the task.

    Now a new day had come and a decision to be made, and oddly it was not one that he would be making alone, looking behind and beside him Feral saw aspirants all from the initiation, there they would not be learning as one apprentice to master, but as a class to a teacher. something he found odd. Feral had heard stories about Leonis, and Sylvin, both where knights with own deeds he had heard, there was a difference to them, Sylvin, a more open minded person, that would always speek true, Something he and his family respected. Though, she was somewhat more relaxed, Feral had heard of more then one time of her being much more lax then a reguler knight. and had been times tray from a situation to go for glroy

    Then there was Leonis, A strict knight who took no shit, Never wavering, and focused on the job and was intense with recruits something he wanted, But another thing he wanted was glory, but also to become his best. Deciding after a few minutes he would speak his own mind and decidedly pick Leonis, To sharpen ones blade one had to be of the training they would need constant focus and decision to become the best.

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