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Flames of War (Chaos 40k Roleplay)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Valonox, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Persephone too perused the letter, though she did not let it stop her eating - even now, she considered it a rare, valuable pleasure, even with the food being a poor excuse for slop even in the eyes of Imperial Guardsmen, and more than likely made from people.

    The Medrengardian had a habit to think unnecessary thoughts. There was no need for her to consider this invitation, for her master was Corvum and none else, and he would decide where she'd go. But she could not help feeling suspicious of this. They were not people of great fame, or infamy, even. Her masters should think her dead, and there were aught else who knew of her gifts.

    When Corvum's deep voice boomed its command, Persephone immediately dropped her utensils and produced an off-white, stained cloth rag from her robes, wiping off her hands. She nodded, rose from her seat, and gently took his gear into her hands. The tall woman sunk to one knee to present her master with his helmet, head lowered.
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  2. Victus Jammysod Well-Known Member


    Getting up out of his seat Corvum reached down with one hand and took his helmet and then the boltgun once he'd put it on, his other hand resting on the chainsword maglocked to his side all the while. After taking a moment to feel the weight of his old bolt throwing companion once more he gestured for Persephone to rise. "Very good. Now let's start making our way to the hangar post-haste, faithful serf." Corvum dared not voice his suspicions openly. Partly on the assumption that Persephone had the sense to not trust the situation herself but also because... well, you can never be sure who's watching you at any given time.
  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    John was silent as he read the letter, one of his eyes looking to the letter the other keeping a eye out for the kill team or possibly someone sneaking up on him, one of the other sent on the mission seemed to be commenting like a slanneshi would on hunting a target, "It matters not now it seems we have orders to leave this place and now go somewhere else." John said a part of him frustrated at the sudden change of events, He was going to begin tearing the place piece by piece just to start to find finding the kill team, taking a eye back to the darkness he began to make his leave Auto cannon still out and ready in case the kill team still lurked ready to take pot shots out at them.
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  4. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member


    The silent warden nodded, her face grim, stern, focussed as usual. A mask of dutifulness, eyes firmly on her master, a gleam of moving thoughts behind the grey. Persephone rose to her feet and drew her hood into her face. Her blond mane spilt out to the front, resting over her breastplate as she waited for her master to leave.

    She kept her thoughts to herself, certain that whatever fate had in store for them, her master would prevail. The once-slave of iron smiled serenely at assured victory.
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  5. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    All of your get a flight with no issue as soon they saw the symbol they grabbed one of their best ships and let you be on your way. Upon approach all of you see the whitest ship you have seen even the White Scars white couldn't compare to this pure white and gold Battle Barge that is meant for Primarchs with a mighty II on the sides of the vessel to the people that are younger than 9,000 years old you don't know the significance of the II but to those that are. That is a Forbidden Legion vessels let alone the Second Legions and in such amazing condition. To the Astartes that aren't as the war itself you know that's one of the Forgotten Legions no one talks it and really odd to see one of those symbols. Perhaps a Facade to the enemy who knows.

    Upon being dropped off into the main hanger-bay a Terminator tells you to. "Wait here for a Heritek." It's oddly looks like it came straight off the line brand new not a scratch not even the Plague Marines Rot is effecting the deck plating to rust not a spec of blood on the walls nothing but the heralds and honours of victories are displayed and look as clean as if they were just written. This ship is too perfect. The last transport to arrive is Magnus & Copra and as soon as they get there things the transport leaves and a Dark Tech Priest comes from an elevator and waves you all over once all of you come up to him he speaks in a very Synthetic voice. "Symbols please." Extending his hand to receive them.

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  6. "It wouldn't surprise me, Master. People tend to ask the most illogical and impossible tasks of people like us... However, we are the only ones that can do them."
    A fiendish smile appears on her lips as she nods to her master, her thin form relaxing, while her tentacles slither around, making sure she is steady at all times. Her eyes gleaming as she looks around, a bit bored but still curious of what will happen next.
    "I hope it is something interesting and... "learning" this time, Master. I find it quite the bore when we are asked to scry over the enemy forces."

    As they step off the craft Copra looks around, a bit curious over the suspicious clean looks of the ship. When told she hands over the item, calmly waiting by her master side.
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  7. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Emetos held out the symbol in the rusted gauntlet. He glanced around, looking at the ship. It was too clean. The glorious ship he had just come from, that was rife with the gifts of Nurgle, was beauty compared to this one. He looked down, seeing the ship untouched even by his own gifts. He then began to look at the others who had arrived, studying them.
  8. Victus Jammysod Well-Known Member

    The trip over was rather quiet and uneventful for Corvum, unsurprising given that Persephone wasn't exactly capable of being talkative. The only thing of note to occur was the sight of the battle barge itself. How could they have kept a vessel like this in such an immaculate condition!?

    That thought continued to be prevalent in Corvum as he stepped off the ship to see that even the "gifts" of a Plague Marine he caught sight of as he gazed upon the hangar seemed to have absolutely no effect on the ship at all. Still, Corvum didn't wish to risk being in close proximity to such an individual as he made his way over, gesturing for his serf to follow. Rather than engage in any pleasantries or the like Corvum silently walked up to the Heretek and dropped the symbol in his outstretched hand. Despite how impressive this ship was and that it wasn't just him present he was still a little suspicious.
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  9. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    The Possessed, as always, seethed with the blessings of the Warp, a murky, multicolored aura of unreality twisting and contorting about him.

    He looked over those that accompanied him. Mortals bearing promise, Astartes bearing prowess, and all of them lacking sufficient faith. Sufficient embracing of the Warp. The Plague Marine had embraced a fourth, but not the Whole. That was inexcusable. And the one that lacked any and all warp-touch! Disgusting! Luckily, being the benign preacher he was Ariados would aid all of them. With or without their permission.

    He approached the Heritek, grinned a wide grin of bestial, needle teeth, and placed the symbol in it's hand.
  10. Primarch.Magnus palin2004 Arkhona Vanguard

    Stepping from the shadow of the hold of the Thunderhawk, Magnus took in the sight before him. It had been many years since he's spotted the second legions ships. Abaddon must have spent several favors to get this ship. Looking out upon the landing bay, he saw the other members of the skein around the Heretek. Not wanting to hold up the procession, he walked to the dark mechanicus agent and nodded.
    "We gather, lead on."

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