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Flames of War (Chaos 40k Roleplay)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Valonox, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    "Unlike you, whelp, I once walked the same ground as your idol. I breathed the same air as him. And I tell you this, without lie or artifice. He never wanted to become what you have made him! He did not wish to be your god-thing. He abhorred such ideals! The slavery of your crippled, blind Imperium would sicken him, if he had eyes to see it."

    ~Fabius Bile~


    The celebration of the Capture of Cadia has just ended the drinking faucets and the parties have ceased over all communication networks you hear. "Our first great victory against the children of the False Emperor. Cadia is ours, but we must move on to bigger and better things your lords have been assigned their missions. May the favor of the Gods is with you all." That was Abaddon the Despoiler his 13th and if the gods allow it last crusade. If you look out the port views man of the Thousands of Ships emerge from the Warp to the exit of the Cadia system but your fleet is unmoving, stationaryaround the cracked slag the what was once Cadia.

    Many of you have personally viewed the world being overtaken little by little, but did not have the joy of seeing it first hand. Several hours pass on by your small fleet stays stationary. You are assigned regular duties of training, and cleaning. Then morning all is quiet normal duties that you were given until a Black Terran Raven an actual Terran Raven it must be at-least 25 thousand years old appears in-front of you with a letter in its mouth it gives it to you. It's the symbol to the War Council room on the Mystery Of Mordenkainen only Generals and Strike teams that usually decimate battles go to that room. There is a letter saying “Collect all of your equipment and personal things meet at your local hunger and show the head of the hangar bay and they will give you transport all will be explained upon arrival.”

    @Azathoth @ItsTime. Ariados you are stationed on The Prosecutor and are in the dueling arena when the Raven appears in-front of you the Champion of the World Eater is next to you and he receives one as well. @Jammysod @Casavay You both are on the Witness of Sin in the cafeteria eating food when a raven with two letters with the symbol appear in front of you and gives you the letter then flies away without no answers. @bossaroo You are also stationed on the Witness of Sin you’re on patrol when a raven gracefully lands on your banner and drops the letter with the symbol on it straight into your hands no one else in your patrol receives and your champion looks at you with disdain like he wants it for himself. You patrol continue on for a little while and he pulls you over out of sight in an alleyway out of the way, and pulls out his combat knife and attempts to stab you, but right before it makes contact with your skin the Raven comes out of his mouth with his heart and he keels over dead silently and you hear in your mind. ‘More might try and take your gift mortal leave now.’

    @palin2004 @Wincent Magnus you are stationed on the Glorious Night in the Sorcerer’s Library when a Raven appears in front of you, hands you as well as your apprentice with the symbol of the Mordenkainen a great honour to be even able to set foot on the ship no less meet the man in-charge even a greater honour. @Taec You are stationed on the glorious ship of the Bastion of Pestilence with many of the followers of Nurgle you are playing with some Nurglings like they are the dogs of old and a raven lands on your shoulder, pecks you and gives you a letter. You know that this is one of the greatest things to happen to you. You immediately stop playing with the Nurgles and the start pouting one follows you. You tell him no and it makes a sad face as the doors close behind you and start heading to your quarters.

    @Vulpas @Tamu You two are trying to finish off the remaining crew on the Deathwatch Kill-ships Faithful Griffon they say there is a Kill-team still aboard, but no one can locate them when you think you spot a silhouette of a Space Wolf Pauldron and make chase a Raven halt you both and gives you both a letter to arrive at the Mystery Of Mordenkainen you both stop reporting the activity and start heading toward the hangar bay angered that you could not confirm those kills but someone will get them.
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  2. Primarch.Magnus palin2004 Arkhona Vanguard

    Magnus quickly reads the missive and with a thought burns it. Turning to Wincent, he tells her, "Quickly go gather your belongings and meet me in the hanger deck. Showing up late is fashionable, but last is not."
    Turning from his apprentice, he quickly strides into the dark to gather his wargear. Astartes do not need alot but what they do use is sometimes worth more than worlds. His ancient Mk4 Power armour, covered in runes of protection and enhancement; his Khopesh, given to him by his gene-father, Magnus the Red; his ornate bolt pistol with its Inferno bolts and the characteristic helmet that is the hallmark of the dread XV legion. Assembling these, Magnus wound his way to the hanger bay to await Wincent.
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  3. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Terax reads and rereads and reads the letter again to make sure his sieve like memory doesnt let it slip out like so many things before, the voice that urges him to heft the banner and begin his progress to the hangar . He nods the heart holding raven before hurrying off to the hanger the bones hanging from the star of the runious powers jangle and move giving his progress a rattling herald . Underneath the mask and past the seal of rubber that hold it in place his eyes are aflame with excitmenet. When he tries to remember what the letter said it isnt like other times where its like a bad pict , lines and crackles and stops no no no ! Its in perfect order ! His grip on the banner and letter tighten as the Standard Bearing cultist's boots pound against the ships floor
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  4. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Emetos smiled as he walked, clutching the delivered note in his hand, to retrieve his gear from his quarters. When he reached it, he placed the note down, rot already beginning to take hold of the papers edge. He then picked up his plague knife, sheathing it by his side. Next, he picked up an incredibly rusted bolter, maglocking it to the other side. Finally he picked up his helmet. He held it, looking briefly at it, before sliding it over his head. Pus began to leak out of the seal, but this was not a concern. He began to walk out, taking one final look at the note. The rot had spread across it. He turned again, and made his way to the hangar, his exposed intestines swining and dripping fluid as he walked. 'Finally, something to do,' He thought to himself.
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  5. Victus Jammysod Well-Known Member

    For a few moments Corvum just stared silently at the letter before him, he wasn't even visibly moving as he just stared. Anyone who would have happened to read his mind at that moment would have heard him wondering who or what had sent him and his serf these letters. Clearly someone important but that just made it seem stranger to him since as far as he knew he had done nothing to gain the respect or ire (though he would rarely have been seen in public without his armour or weapons. Even now he was fully armoured aside from hist helm, just in case.) of his new... allies....

    Eventually Corvum grabbed the letter and started to actually read it. Once he was done he read it again to make sure he hadn't forgotten how to read and the letter was telling him what it seemed to be. Again he wondered about who could possibly need him for something? "Hmph, it seems someone requires our assistance... meet in the hangar..." He glanced over at his helmet and bolter which were both on the table next to his serf, Persephone, before shifting his gaze onto the woman. "Helmet and gun, now. We'll need to get to the hangar, apparently. Make sure to take the letters with you as well." All in all Corvum was a little suspicious about the situation even if it didn't seem that way to any observers. This whole thing seemed very strange to him.
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  6. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    Ariados takes the letter and swiftly reads it. He smiles. Finally, something to do! He had been doing nothing but praying, meditating, training and self-beating the past few days. Not that that wasn't worthwhile, but there was a war to win.

    He swiftly headed to his personal abode and gathered some items: a bundle of frag grenades, several copies of the Introduction to the Faith manual (He wanted to see if he could spread the glory of Chaos to anyone else) and a flail for self-use. Packing these items away, he gave a quick prayer to the Great Pantheon and headed off to the Hangar, as instructed. Once there, he approached the head of the hangar, letter in hand.

    "I believe you're supposed to see this." He hissed.
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  7. Copra Gorgin quickly hurries off, her tentacles moving along the floor with surprising speed. She gathers her things, amongst them her own kopesh and more, she quickly moves to meet her master in the bay. She is curious, she is indeed. She isn't so foolish as to trust anyone completely, but she is curious... and therefor needs others to learn what they know. Soon she arrives at the hangar bay aswell, carrying her things, as her body slithers forwards, appraoching her master with a kind smile, not saying anything of importance.

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  8. Primarch.Magnus palin2004 Arkhona Vanguard

    Seeing Copra come across the bay, he waited for her slim figure to arrive. As she arrived he turned a thought to the thunderhawk beside him and pulsed a thought to the man at the controls and the drop bay door opened.
    "I hope your ready, I knew we were going to be called for some important task when Abaddon sought me out. I hope your ready to start putting your training to use, it will probably be some impossible task that needs be done yester-year," the Sorcerer said. He walked into the bay and placed himself in one of the seats. As she sat herself, another thought shut the door and sent the Thunderhawk to it's rendezvous.
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  9. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Shion clicked her tongue and said in a sweet musical voice “Aww and here I was all dressed up to show them a good time, I am sure I could have gotten them to loosen up and enjoy themselves hehe. But oh, well I suppose I will just have to postpone for now” with a slightly regretful tone.

    Putting the letter near her left hip she briskly went to the designated meeting place her arms and armor and most other nessicities having been already prepared to hunt the deathwatch kill team.
  10. Ancient ItsTime Preacher

    Kavius just finished goring one of the slaves with his bare hands as the raven landed on his shoulder. Kavius reached for the letter with his blood-soaked fingers and firmly grabbed it, opening it to read the contents.

    "By KHORNE! Finally some worthy foes!" Kavius yells out most enthusiastically.
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