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Fix Before Launch

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gutts, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. Gutts Recruit

    As a W40k long time fan, I love everything about this game's not fun...almost never. I love the concept of everything, the graphics have improved a lot, the voices are great, the objectives are a little dry but who cares it's all about the combat and strategy in W40k right? Nope, not in this game. Every single match is an entire zerg fest of countless deaths usually one team stuck dying in a choke point with no other alternative routes of entry to such point. This isn't even the main issue, the issue is that combat is was too SHORT...Not fast, short. The speed and pace are perfect but seriously, space marines dying in one hit from a pistol or a single power sword strike? Give me a break, the health pool on every class needs to be 500% more bare minimum.

    I can't see how anyone finds dying over and over fun at all, and it's everyone on every team. It's far too easy to die. What I expect, and any fan should expect are some intense gun fight or melee battles. Every so often there's a good melee battle of swords locking but never will it finish to the sole victor because guess what, the guy's teammate just shot you once in the back of the head and it's over. Combat needs to be long, drawn out, and a lot more tactical for that epic feeling there is of playing any character from the W40k universe. The only thing that needs to be done to balance this is longer respawn timers along with the much larger health pools.

    At first I thought maybe playing the medic role will change these issues, not at all. You find yourself wasting time trying to heal people that just die in one hit to MANY different attacks in this game. A healing class serves no purpose in a game that has no real health pools. Also, the revive animation/timer needs to be lowered significantly in the current system. It's not possible to revive someone in the heat of battle even under cover, you're just going to end up getting yourself killed. Same thing goes with the executions. Why on earth would anyone ever even think of using executions with how long they take? That's 5+ seconds of you being completely stunned with no benefit whatsoever to doing it when you can just shoot or hack away at their body and not leave yourself vulnerable.

    Anyways, that's my rant. Sorry if I offended anyone out there that lives and breathes this game for whatever reason. Trust me, I want it to be good and I want it to have the best expectations from every W40k fan but in it's current state, I don't see the game surviving more than several months after launch until it goes completely dead from people's frustration and boredom.
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  2. Kyral Kyral Arkhona Vanguard

    Personally I saw both sides of this fence...

    Sometimes people die too fast, on other times they die too slow!

    I once shredded someone in less then a second as he ran into my fire... on another occasion some other guy ate a whole boltgun clip and was still standing.

    I also stopped using bolt pistols, as I don't find it fun to empty 3 clips into another Marine and he still runs around like nothing had happened... (or was this some kind of lag? I don't know..)
    I personally would like to see some weapons do more damage and some others do less.

    On one hand, we have all this tactical stuff, like a cover system or suppression... but how good are those if everyone simply runs around arena shoote style and blasts each other as no one really is concerend about getting shot at?
    On the other hand, how good is being a healer, when everyone quickly dies?

    I think some balancing should be done, but not everyone having 500% more HP... then no one would die anymore.
  3. its early stages alpha, its not closed beta 5 days before release, calm down guys
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  4. Kyral Kyral Arkhona Vanguard

    Oh... sorry if I seemed not calm. 'Just thought I answere his post with some thoughts of my own...

    You are right of course, many things will still change.
  5. Shas'ui yen'shi Zatoichi Active Member

    Issues you've got seem to be all quite lag related guys, this is the very reason why I've been refunded asap : not because I was lacking fps or the game was not fun, but for obvious heavy lag issues leading to the game being barely playable.

    I've read you need 9 bolts I think to down a normal marines (not plague marine) thus you can down a marine with only one clip of the bolt pistol.

    Thing is with lag there are :
    - hit registration issues
    - movement issues (blocked by a friendly/structure you don't see) as positionning issues
    - enough latency leading you to not being even aware you're shot at before being actually down.

    Devs stated localized servers will not be considered before closed beta state.
  6. Gutts Recruit

    Maybe 500% was just a too excessive example lol, but you get the picture. The health pools need a significant increase. Lag? Not at all, I've only been playing a few days but I haven't experienced any latency issues at all.
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  7. Planetside 2 has similar TTKs, still live nearly 2.5 years later.
  8. Zhull Zhull Well-Known Member

    TTK dramatically increases after some time into the game.
    Play differently, maybe different tactics, get a feel for a certain class, see how yuo do then.
    I'm lasting much longer now than I did the first 10 hours into the game.
  9. I also think Eldar and Orks really need to be in the game before TTK can be fairly judged. I mean if Eldar turn out to be so squishy that they explode just from being looked at then the Space Marines will start to feel pretty tough by comparison. But at the moment we have nothing to compare with. In my mind the SM do feel a little soft for SM but I am happy to wait and see how things pan out before i get too worried.
  10. Gutts Recruit

    I wouldn't exactly consider Planetside 2 being "still live" after 2.5 years. If you've tried logging in recently, you'd notice it's a barren wasteland and takes forever to even find any real action going on. Planetside 1 was more successful than that for a very long time.

    I'm not ignoring the fact that this is still early Alpha, that's the reason I made the post. I'm hoping enough people at least somewhat share my opinion of how squishy everyone seems to be. Maybe it's just what people are used to these days in games, or maybe it's just my own opinion on the matter. But I much more enjoy a game where you've got a tough well coordinated squad that's going toe to toe with another equally matched squad where tactics, cover, healing and suppression actually matter. Currently, it's just who ever gets the first grenade in wins lol. I forgot to bring that up...I think the grenades damage needs to be toned down especially. If anything, it should be more of a disorienting device rather than a guaranteed squad kill. Or at least severely tone down frag grenade damage and give the option of concussion grenades which will allow melee to have time and the advantage to get in melee range.

    I'll certainly continue to pop in and out of the game over time and give as much feedback as possible. Honestly, about 6+ years ago I said to myself if they made a W40k game similar to the gameplay of Planetside that i'd be sold for life. So here it is, I just hope it's done right.

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