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First time as Chaos after playing Space Marines

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by thesyndrome, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. thesyndrome New Member

    this is ridiculous, it felt like I was playing on easy mode as a sorceror
    space marine apothecaries need to have both he and his target stand still for just over a second in order to heal, not to mention the radius is SO SMALL that more often than not you just end up using the item on yourself, because you have to be ludicrously close for it to register that you want to heal someone else instead
    meanwhile on chaos, you can channel health into people from a good 6 feet away, even when they have been downed; I had a situation where a autocannon chaos marine was putting down fire, and I was around a corner checking on him, if he went down, I could channel from COMPLETE SAFETY and bring him back up; whereas if I'd been on space marines in that scenario, I would have had to run out to where he was to pick him up and probably get killed in the process (because the game desperately thinks I want to heal myself in front of my crawling teammate, just to piss him off)

    also the autocannon is amazing and is outright better than anything the space marines have, there is absolutely no equivalent on the loyalist side

    it feels like chaos has all the weapons the loyalists do and more and their survivability is very high because of sorcs (which in turn enables the rest of the classes on a team to thrive)
    maybe this is fine from a lore perspective, but it's really messed up the balance of this game
    do the devs just hate space marines or something?
  2. Exactly

    LSM are like the CSM's retarded younger brother right now
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  3. GreyNight ArtemK Arkhona Vanguard

    i am amazed with this comment despite its original intention.
  4. Thank you for letting me enhance your life
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  5. Beskern Beskern Recruit

    chaos are better at range than LSM because of the auto cannon, LSM are a pain to deal with in melee because of shields. Mark of Nurgle<Storm Shield.
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  6. Durandal Bridgeru Steam Early Access

    Apocs are able to pre-buff allies with vials that last for 20 secs (IIRC) and have various abilities like HoTs, Protection, and melee enhancement.

    Sorcs aren't perfect. Their limited in their mana, they have to focus on costly God Marks for their goodies (God Mark + God Heal + God Attack will be your entire 1000 points, no chance of T2/3 armor unless Elite), Foul Regen (Undivided) is a single-target heal, Slaanesh Heal is really mana consuming, Tzeentch heal is an aoe around the sorc (so has to be in the fight), and Nurgle's is similar to Tzeentch but also over time (so slow and needs to be near people). Also I've found their reticle to be too small too.

    Play to your strengths as an Apoc. Buff everyone *before* the targets arrive, or the attack begins. Use your healing grenades. You have a bolter option to keep you defended from range. Your short cast can instantly heal someone who's downed. You have the option of wearing the heavier armor. Apocs have a lot going for them, provided you realise their flaws and work to your advantage.

    Everyone sees their main faction as being underpowered. Space Marines are called "OP" because of their Rites of Fire, Storm Shield, and Imperial Justice. Eldar are able to exploit vehicles into cap points. Orks have a unique Waaagh! mechanic. I honestly think there's a lot of people with rose-tinted monitors in EC when they look at the other factions.
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  7. Alexandrix Alexandrix Arkhona Vanguard

    I have an apo and a sorc at almost rank 5(and a wolf priest @ 3).
    I enjoy both.
    But their really is no comparison between the apo and sorc.
    The sorc is just leagues better as a support/ isn't even a contest.

    The sorc has several different options on how he wants to heal or do damage.
    4 different ranged heals that are unique and offer a different flavor/playstyle:
    Foul regen - good range,easy to target and apply,can be used from cover
    Flesh circle - large aoe around the caster that also grants +15 toughness!!
    Hysterical frenzy - multi target heal that also debuffs enemies in the area!!
    Boon of change - AoE HoT that continues to heal for a good time after the cast

    5 different offensive spells that offer a different flavor/playstyle:
    Warp instability - debuffs enemy damage resistance
    Stream of corruption - poison dot,excellent range and auto targetting
    Lash of slaneesh - short range but decent damage and debuffs enemy
    Flickering fire - mediocre damage,but fast RoF and applies fire DoT
    Deaomombolt - it's basically a wire guided charged plasma shot

    Oh,don't forget sorcs get force/power swords/axes,which puts the chainsword to shame.

    What does the apo get?
    A shitty healing mechanic that can be applied at hugging range only,with janky ass targetting which will get interrupted if your target moves a centimeter.
    2 different vials(+melee dmg,+mitigation)that add pretty lack luster boons to the of which is bugged,last time i checked,and actually makes your target do LESS damage in melee.
    A healing beacon that is limited supply,takes up your grenade slot,and can be destroyed by an errant explosion or bullet.
    The choice between a bolter or chainsword.pretty much the bottom of the barrel in primary weapon choices for anti infantry work.

    Now,to reiterate,i enjoy both classes.I play them both daily,well as much as i can anyways.

    But anyone who thinks the sorc and apo are even remotely comparable as healing/support classes is simply....wrong.

    The warlock and the sorc are comparable.

    The ork painboy and apo are comparable,to an extent.

    The sorc/lock and apo are not.

    The sorc and lock are simply in a whole other league.
  8. Bloodbolt Bloodbolt Arkhona Vanguard

    It's defined like this in the WH40k universe and therefore cant be changed by Behaviour
    the Eldar warlock can also heal from range btw
    I do however agree that a bit bigger range would be very useful for Apothecary and Painboyz specially if you started the procedure and the healed one as to evade
  9. Tarot NeonWeaver Steam Early Access

    They said at the last streaming that they're going to improve the apothecary with new toys.

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