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First Ork Model Released

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Wolffe, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Nice to see such a lengthy response from an Art Director! You, Ghislain, you the real MVP!
    I think Miguel had a great idea with bringing a gorilla for mocap. Do it! :p What could go wrong...

    Really excited about seeing armor and texture on this guy. And a finished space marine model as well. :p

    P.S. It's gotta be freakin' awesome working on models for 40K. I'm insanely jealous of everyone on your art team. If only I had the chance to work for such a company.. I'd literally devote my entire being to it lol
  2. Benny Benny Master

    I think the model is off to a good start, but I hope to see some reiterations.

    Edit: Re-read your post & the bolded portion sounds promising

    "Yes, the Ork is missing his teeth. He will of course have them in the game... in fact, the reason why they were not there in the video is that they are a separate piece which will be attached to the model. We want to offer you the opportunity to choose your own teeth set as part of our customisation effort, as we want you to be able to choose your head and also your ears... but those you saw on the model as they havent been chopped off yet ;)
    For your information, once fully functional, the naked Ork body will be cut in 15 to 20 pieces but customisation and dismemberment purposes."

    As long as Ork players have lots of additional facial/body type customization options available I think most of the community will be satisfied. Hopefully the Ork model showcased in the media that is currently available is 1 of several body types that will be available as Orks come in numerous shapes & body types.
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  3. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    You do realize in lore orks can go days without their head until another ork points out the fact they are dead but if their head is gone entirely they can't hear meaning the won't die unless you kill them normally so basically

    Wild ork boy appeared !!!

    Eldar ranger used Headshot

    It's not very effective.....

    But yea I love the ears and nose they look very nice though the ears are a bit too long only a tad though too big and you have jar jar binks orks which is disgusting ( not devs design just the jar jar ork fusion ) anywho yea I like the model though it's a bit too reminiscent of dakr millennium which I'm not a huge fan of I preferred thq orks but these work.
  4. Appledrink Appledrink First Blood!

    Only real issue I have with the ork is that face, teeth disregarded. The body looks fine in my opinion, I like the silly gut he has.
    Most orks have clothes on and atleast some slab of metal on their gut(Regular choppa/shoota boyz get a 6+ armor save in tabletop, 'ard boyz get a 4+). The only orks I've seen running around shirtless are ferals and fantasy orcs. Please put those tanktops on them.
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  5. Appledrink Appledrink First Blood!

    You mean relic orks. THQ published both dark millenium and the dawn of war series.
  6. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    You know what I mean
  7. Bare-chested should definitely be an option. There's a lot of boys like that.

    Fun things - looted gear is cool. So are squigs - hairsquigs have a thread, and one that sits on your shoulder would be cool, even if most squigs would have game mechanics that require more than aesthetics. But, they should actually look like squigs so not like the "squig armor".
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  8. Appledrink Appledrink First Blood!

    They live in the woods.
  9. Kaazid GarySharp Well-Known Member

    People keep saying they want the Ork model from Space Marine?!?

    From what I've seen those Ork models look nothing like Orkz, they're too human shaped, not enough muscle, not enough chin, they look more like big goblins/gretchin.

    An Ork should be muscle bound, big head, large chin, knuckle dragging and no neck.

    In every single instance from boy to boss, from all editions, each TT model, each piece of artwork etc has represented Orkz with their shoulder higher than their heads.

    My only issue with the model is the potbelly.
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  10. The Space Marine models are more muscly than a lot of the tabletop models.
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