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First Ork Model Released

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Wolffe, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. I agree and you are correct that it is very early. I think most realize this fact and are simply expressing their impressions and concerns. We wont know for sure until we see a fully colored ork, with tusk/teeth, and weapons in hand.

    On the other hand, your "I hope you leave soon" comment was uncalled for. I'd like to think as a whole our community welcomes open discussion, as well as the sharing of ideas and concerns about the game. Putting out that kind of "dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out" type vibe is counterproductive to building and maintaining a solid community.
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  2. I would like to second the opinion about the Ork looks, Ha Ork looks.. we don't look, we smell :confused:
    The overall Ork look af DoW and THQ's spacemarine, is spot on imo. The movement and control from Warhammer online worked really well for da ork, but thats kinda hard to try out now ;)
    The presented model looks good, u need to make it ugly, make it Ork, and it will Work.
  3. Really? Am I the only one around here who thought that the Orks' arms looked too scrawny in Space Marine compared to the rest of the body?
  4. Appledrink Appledrink First Blood!

    It's not the right kind of ugly though. It's that face, it doesn't feel like a genuine 40k ork.
  5. Tyranos Tyranos Menial

    I love the body, the arms, the legs look really good to me...the only criticism I have is that ....He doesnt have a neck.

    If you gave him a thick muscled neck and moved his head up a bit so it doesnt look like a feature of his chest I think you'd have an excellent Ork. By move his head I mean seems to me as if his head sticks straight forward out of his chest, while a humans head sticks straight up. Now Personal opinion of course but if you had it more diagonal, half way between either extreme something that looks like it could come out with a curved or hunched spinal cord you'd have nailed a great lookin Ork.

    Cant wait to see a more complete finalized version...really excited for the direction ya'll are headin.
  6. You might be right, the neck area seems a bit off to me as well. Still, as an early model it looks pretty cool to me.
    I must say that the neck area is frickin hard to get right, anatomy is so weird in there (something I noticed as I'm sculpting an Ork right now :p).

    Excited to see finished models as well.
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  7. Hello!

    First of all thanks for all that great feedback!
    I am surprised by the amount of positive comments we get for a first shot on a character... not that we are not confident on our model - we are actually pretty happy with where we're going - but people base their visions of orks on the miniatures and, as I've read on this thread, different people liked or not the translation of the miniatures into given other medias based on how they imagine real life versions of the beloved greenies in their head. Since this is a new interpretation, it is something new and therefore not what you might expect by default... so I am thrilled the overall feeling is good. As I've said before, we will never be able to please everyone, it's not going to happen, but we will aim at trying to be true to the IP and what we believe the characters should look like while keeping our ears open to all those about to Waaagh! have to say. There will be choices that some people won't agree with and I sincerly apologise to them for it. So please bear with us, we're there for you!

    To clarify on what this turnaround video is:
    It's the first showing of what will be used as our base ork model in the game. We've discussed it at lenght, art and animation together, to come up with something that we felt would be an interesting take on the miniature, borrowing ideas from previous translations, trying to make sure they would not look like green hunched humans, and making sure they would move interestingly. One thing that came out very clearly from a discussion with John Blanche and other people at Games Workshop when I joined the project was that Orks did not walk like men. They were not shaped like them and therefore should not act like them. Someone was even very dubious about the concept that we could use Mocap for them. Miguel had that crazy idea at some point that we could use a gorilla for the mocap session because he knew someone who had a gorilla (this is not a joke). Luckily, it did not materialise, and David Tardif, our animation director is presently working on something that should make it possible to have interesting and original results. Stay posted.... the point of this long disgression was to point out that I wanted to tell you we havent animated the Orks in any way yet. The purpose of the model you saw is to test our theories, to make it happen. So, is this the model that you'll get in the final version of the game? Definitely not. We are going to try him. We are possibly going to fail. We are going to hit it (and again, if need be) and we are going to make it work. But it is defnitely the direction we are heading in. He's not going to transform himself in something totally different but down the road he will look better.

    To answer or comment on some of what's been said:
    Yes, the Ork is missing his teeth. He will of course have them in the game... in fact, the reason why they were not there in the video is that they are a separate piece which will be attached to the model. We want to offer you the opportunity to choose your own teeth set as part of our customisation effort, as we want you to be able to choose your head and also your ears... but those you saw on the model as they havent been chopped off yet ;)
    For your information, once fully functional, the naked Ork body will be cut in 15 to 20 pieces but customisation and dismemberment purposes.
    So where we're at now is the testing of this model in animation. We'll soon go in mocap for the basic Orks moves and as soon as we get them, we are going to test them on our model and see what happens. From there, we'll modify him to fit better our needs. This is where all your comments come in handy. All this feedback is free art direction. Of course, I say it again, we wont be able to satisfy everybody but anything that is relevant to the direction we're heading to, is artistically and technically feasible and will work with our animation constraints we would be fools to ignore.
    Also, expect him to be textured at some point ;)
    And get a wardrobe, and props, and a choppa, and a... you get the idea.

    Before I go, one other point:
    Right now, our ork is barechested. We actually dont know this is something we want to offer in the game. They've known to appear that way now and then in miniatures, but from a gameplay standpoint we've been having discussions on wether or not it was relevant. There is a definite advantage to having armour, it protects you (although it might take points away from you that you might have put elsewhere... on a bigger gun, who knows...) but there is also a value in showing off skin covered with warpaint, tatoos or whatnot, so anybody who has an opinion on the matter is welcome to share it with us.
    Another sharing point, when it comes to customisation sky is the limit regarding what we can offer from a lore standpoint, but from a production point of view, well, there is only so much time before launch, so dont hesitate to tell us about the customisation items that would make you an happy ork, it does not mean it will necessarily happen but it definitely help us narrow down trends and prioritise.

    Again, thank you for the great feedback!

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  8. I think orks should be wearing armor (or some cloth shirts) at the least, the warpaint can be used for plenty of other spots such as face, arms, and maybe even put warpaint on the armor itself.;)
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  9. Evening! Not a whole lot to add, would just like to reiterate that I think this model is off to a good start and say that it's great to hear where you're planning on taking our favorite fungi from here!

    On a personal note, I would especially like to say that I appreciate how beefy his arms are. As I mentioned in one of the other threads where people kept referencing the Ork models from Space Marine, I always thought they were a bit off, but it was only very recently that I could put my finger on why: they mostly looked right, in terms of proportion, but their arms were kinda scrawny for the body they were growing out of. Thank you for avoiding that direction. At the present moment, I like your model much more (but still can't wait to see it developed further and improved).

  10. SST_2_0 SST_2_0 Preacher

    You and I sir, have a very different understanding of the words luck, lucky or luckily, because yes, yes to anything about a gorrilla. That said, bring running shoes to that recording.

    That said, so what does an Ork walk like? Has any other done it right that GW is willing to admit?
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