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First Founding -- Chaos Strike Force

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Tallisar, Oct 20, 2013.

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    The galaxy is in flames. The Emperor’s glorious vision for humanity is in ruins a thousand times over. His favoured son, Horus, has turned from his father’s light and embraced Chaos. A war followed this betrayal that broke worlds and divided a race in half, snuffing out the lights of untold millions of souls every minute. For some, these events are but mythological stories that they do not believe. For others, this war never ended. It consumes their souls ten thousand years later.

    Horus is dead, his body defiled and cloned and burned. His army is shattered, a mere shadow of the force that laid siege to the Gates of Terra. The Traitor Primarchs lurk in the Eye of Terror, brooding over their defeat and plotting their next assault on the Imperium. But the sons of Chaos still fight, feeding the fires of war lit by Horus so long ago. We are the First Founding, a band of soldiers who came under the banner of Chaos by betrayal, brought to each other by necessity in the twilight of defeat, and held together by oaths we dare not break.
    Q: What is the First Founding?
    A: We are a PC-based Warhammer 40k gaming community, formed in anticipation of the release of “Eternal Crusade”. When it releases, we will be playing as Chaos.
    Q: What games do you guys play?
    A: We play Warhammer 40k: Space Marine for the PC, but we also play Planetside 2 for practice in large field operations. When it releases we will primarily play Eternal Crusade, but as a community you will no doubt have some other game that you could play with another person.
    Q: What regular activities does the First Founding have?
    A: Every Saturday afternoon we gather to play Planetside 2 or Space Marine. But once we become more of a force to be reckoned with, we will move on to having Friday night ops in PS2, saving the Saturday event purely for Warhammer 40k games.
    Q: How serious do you guys plan to be with Eternal Crusade?
    A: Scroll down a bit and take a look at our charter to get an idea of what we have planned.

    Q: I am not an ordained fluff priest/I do not have a Master’s in military theory/I prefer to paint my mdels over the actual wargame, do I still belong?
    A: Yes. The only prerequisite for joining is that you are willing to put yourself forward into making the First Founding a name to be feared and respected.

    Q: How do I join?
    A: Here is our website: The third slot of the top bar says “Join the Legion”. Click there to fill out an application!
    We accept 18+ PC gamers with an interest in Warhammer 40k and the forces of Chaos, and a commitment to be best you can be. Please message The Blighted on Enjin with any questions, as Valco is on extended leave at the moment.
    First Founding is to be an elite, Organized, and the most proficient strike-force in “Eternal Crusade”
    A strike-force whose members follow directives from officers and can conduct operations better than any other organized community.
    The strike-force will only have committed and trustworthy members who are loyal to one another.
    The strike-force will have no “trolls or rejects.”
    Whenever the strike-force goes it will be apparent that it is the best.
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    NOTE: There was an issue with the site that didn't allow anyone to put in an application. This issue has been resolved, applications are open!

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