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Fire Dragons Role In Game

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Guirlos, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Guirlos Guirlos Member


    This is my first thread, and after thinking a lot about the race and class I've choosen Eldar. I've read a few threads in this forum about the Eldar and even when the quantity of classes are trying to match the versatility of roles of the other Factions, I have a lot of trouble understanding two things about the Fire Dragons.

    The first thing is their role as Anti-Tank units, since in the Livestream seems to me that a havok or a devastator with a heavy bolter can dish out tanks with ease. Then, I can asume that the Dark Reaper will have the same ability to dish them out, and with the advantage of doing it form far away. So the Fire Dragon will be of no use to the army, since there is another class that can do the same more quickly and safely.

    The second thing is in the same subject, but regarding the role in itself. Since we haven't any information about how many vehicles will be present in a battle the Fire Dragon role could be almost ingnored, if Dark Reapers or Swooping Hawks can destroy vehicles, and also hurt infantry, then, why we should be worried about having a class that only do one of those things?

    As far as I can think about this, I think I have made my point more or less clear. I apologize if I don't express myself very clear, but english isn't my mother tongue. Even when this isn't a strong excuse.

    Have a nice day.
  2. Anshar Anshar Master

    Dark Reapers can probably lightly damage tanks, but not as quick as a Fire Dragon popping out of a corner and unloading on it. Also FD's may get flamers as well as the axes with their heavy armor, so they will most likely be able to hold their own.
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  3. DJPenguin DJPenguin Cardinal

    Fire Dragons carry what is essentially meltaguns and pops tanks in seconds. How that transitions in game is yet to be seen obviously. You mentioned Devestators. They'll have the weapons to deal with both infantry and vehicles evenly whereas Eldar's counterpart is split up amongst two aspects. Dark Reapers anti-vehicle capabilities will be meager compared to Fire Dragons but they'll have great medium-long range heavy AI weaponry.
  4. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    I understand that, but as I've said before it seems that Devastators can with dish out tanks with the heavy bolter, an anti infantry weapon. So being Dark Reapers the counter part of Devastators as an anti infantry class, we can asume that they will be able to dish out vehicles with the same ease. Thus making my question valid, of what use will be the Fire Dragons if there is another class that will do the same in long rage and safer?
  5. Terry OBrien MacLeod Prefectus

    i'm kinda hoping they open up Reapers weapon choices by offering Eldar Missile Launchers and/or Bright Lances as well as Reaper Launchers, for significantly increased Req. points, of course.

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  6. DJPenguin DJPenguin Cardinal

    I can almost guarantee that won't happen. At the very most Heavy Bolters will deal minimal damage to the rear of tanks and do moderately well against bikes/skimmers ala table top.
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  7. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    First of all, WOW DJPenguin has answered my thread (I've heard all your questions in the Livestream and they are great). Secondly, my question didn't came from the table top game system, but from the Eternal Crusade's one. In the Livestream the heavy bolter does a lot of damage to tanks, not only light vehicles (let's say Rhino). That's the reason of my concern. Maybe I'm seeing a problem in the pre-Alpha, and the damage system cannot be taken seriously. I hope that Behaviour will talk about the damage system soon.
  8. DJPenguin DJPenguin Cardinal

  9. not sure what this meme means...but i like it.

    there are just so many damn ways to interpret it.
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  10. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    Lol. Hope your interpretation means something nice.
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