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Fire Dragons are OP! kinda

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by HorNeTNesT, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. We're forgetting Slaanesh mark has a negative effect on armour regen to counter the higher EHP and ALL Eldar have Slaanesh speed without the down side.

    Oh and Fuegan's Resolve is the ONLY weapon a FD should ever take. It's the meta, get with the program! That and 2 Melta Discs.

    Oh and Laz Cannons are only safe and efficent to use if the enemy comes to you. . . and if you have someone guarding you, not a good idea to go tank hunting with this weapon.

    I'll give you that though, Banshees suck compared to not only JPA but ALL melee. Though imo Scorpion is the best mirror for JPA even though they don't have flight because of their ability to chose their fights with superior flanking tactics.

    Regardless of agile Slaanesh with higher EHP Marines with Melta Bomb + Meltagun builds FD is still the best close quarters AV in game because of the WS superior agility.

    Though Rhinos and Trukks are more fun to drive;

    ^that never gets old - lol

    My only real complaint is how bad the Fist-Klaw is at AV, it's SO SLOW in comparison to everything else that by the time you even get your first swing off more often than not someones in there using the loup holes in the Fist-Klaw sad 'rps' sytstem rendering you defenseless in close quarters. Worst AV weapon in game.

    Again it still comes back to FD being the best hands down at close quarters AV.

  2. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    well it is technically an infinite ammo weapon. I used to prefer fists on my chaos JPA for tank hunting since I didnt have to resupply between kills

    As for FD being hands down the best, yes they prolly are the best, but a small margin over the others.. but than again someones gotta be the best. and seeing how Tacs are hands down better than DAs, how Devs are hands down better than Reapers, and Banshees are hands down the worst melee in the game.. throw the elder a fukin bone and let them have a slight advantage at SOMETHING. We can't as a faction be HANDS DOWN the worst at everything because for some reason you guys cant look BEYOND AV at everything else the Eldar fail at.

    Here's another Falcon vs Predator :p not even close..
  3. Mekitoiss URIELFUKKENVENTRISS Well-Known Member

    technically all weapons have infinite ammo now
  4. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    Ammo packs don't replenish MBs, your not worried about the meltagun running out of ammo is what i really meant by infinite ammo. The fist just keeps punching away than you go find another transport with your jump pack vs having to run back and resupply or tie up a transport hunting
  5. Mekitoiss URIELFUKKENVENTRISS Well-Known Member

    or use lascannon, multimelta
  6. Konoko Konok0 Arch-Cardinal

  7. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    lol so tac with Melta+MB+plasma pistol is BEST AV.. NERF LSM

    so what now marines, your Tacs are better, your devs are better, your assault classes are better and your long and short range AV is better. now it's gotta be Eldar OP because swooping hawk right?
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  8. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Damage: 1720->3880
    -Serpents are precisely as fast as Rhinos and maneuverability does not matter in this context.
    -So a dedicated Av-team of multiple people with damaging- and disabling weapons is too good? What else is new?
    -We actually play AV=>AV OP, got it!
    -No melta-weapon is 'a fairly good Ap-weapon'. Not Fuegans Resolve, not even multi-meltas. You can literally body-shot a dragon to death by the time it scratches your health.(0.5s warmup and 80 DPS for the first 1.5 seconds vs 190 dps)

    You are literally saying that eldar AV is OP because we are using it. The rest of your points is made-up out of thin air. You want to argue about balance, fine but no argumentum ex culo plz.
    Also, your only purpose lately seems to be telling people how they are supposed to play so worse players can have more fun. I get it, a noble cause and all that but this isn't happening, nor should it.
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  9. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    ah ok, so TTK isnt the issue, it's the Wave serpent now
    -fastest no.. they all go the same speed. most maneuverable yes that is true.
    -often backed up by swooping hawks spamming haywire grenades... hmm nope I almost never seen swooping hawks doing this when I play Eldar but than again... I'm not in Myst so I play with pug Eldar when I play Eldar and this doesnt happen.. so maybe against an organized group this is true.
    -almost always fire dragons around, yeah pretty true.. I wonder why Eldar spam AV when no one else does.. the OP surmises that it's because FDs are the best.. but it was just shown that no tacticals are better than FDs.
    -Eldar is the best because they can get to the transport. Well.. 95% of the time I destroy a transport it's because I spawned on a point and blew up a tank sitting in the usual parking spots.. so.. the 15% run speed would be the major advantage here.. so than that makes slaneesh traitors with mc melta+ mb + plasma pistol still better if the speed to tank is ALL that matters.

    -your opinion on how the game should be played doesn't matter, and if it requires virtually no skill but ensures victories why dont the LSM do it? They are above such petty things but not Eldar?
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  10. So let me get this straight... Team work in a team based game is cheating... When players destroy tanks that is bad for the game... You know the mobile spawn points that it seems you want to be allowed to live all game and able to drop enemies at your doorstep whenever they want. You see destroying them as bad for the game... And you hate it more when Eldar do it because they work together to do it... Am I reading that correctly? Cause if that is honestly how you feel you should go find another game. If you want to be the solo hero that wins the day all by yourself then EC is not the game for you. Even someone with a high kill count in the 60+ range dose not always win the game for the team. This game is about one thing and one thing only at the end of the day and its working together to control the points. No one cares if you get 100 kills in a game and still lose it because you didn't focus on the important objectives of the game. And look some of you are going to say... Oh look Asheru is abusing moderator power by telling people not to play... No I am not I am simply saying if you don't care for the team play aspect of this game and you want to be a great solo warrior you can do it all you want but you are not going to enjoy the game. There are times I will just drive a tank around a map to keep it alive and I am by no means Rank 6 on all my characters. But you know what I don't care what my kill count is at the end of the game what I care about is did we do the objectives.

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