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Fire Dragons are OP! kinda

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by HorNeTNesT, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Close Quarters AV comparison;

    Melta Bomb + Inferior Agility + Superior EHP + Melta Burst = Dead Vehicle

    Melta Disc x2 + Superior Agility + Inferor EHP + Melta Burst = Dead Vehicle

    Of the above two factions I can get similar results on both but I'd trade EHP for Agility every time.

    Melta Shroom + Rokkit Launcha sucks
    Melta Shroom + Klaw sucks
    Melta Shroom + Burny Choppa + Pocket Trukk for more Shrooms = Only good close quarters Ork AV
  2. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    Right but its still damn near the same, you have a preference for the agility. My gripe is the constant this is easy mode, this is to easy when looking at damn near the same TTKs but Eldar are paying an extra 60 LP + 45 EHP + capture key to achieve a 15% faster run and .5-1 second TTK advantage like that's not a fair to excessive trade for it.

    edit: I mean hell if we're just gonna be like this is easy mode than what about slaneeshi marine with MC Melta + MB + armor trinket? All the speed, all the EHP and same damn TTK, shits gotta be broken! but.. wheres the complaints?

    and are we just not suppose to talk about how the Lascannon/MC lascannon kills WS 2-4 seconds faster than a RL will kill a rhino? cause everyone just seems to conveniently forget that. or like how you can smack a WS weakspot with that weapon from almost any angle due to those wonderful front weakness? Seems like marines get more than their fair share of advantages over Eldar in AV

    one of the reasons this topic gets me so heated is that frankly most Eldar options pale in comparison to what Marines have, DA's suck compared to Tacs, Dark Reapers suck compared to Devastators, Banshees suck compared to JPAs. striking scorps and shield bros are about on par albeit in different roles, same with apoths and warlocks (buffs + offense vs straight support). The fact that our close range av is barely better at it's job than the marine equivalent and demanding nerfs on it puts me off
  3. Mekitoiss URIELFUKKENVENTRISS Well-Known Member

    fuegan resolve is OP with no doubt
  4. Mekitoiss URIELFUKKENVENTRISS Well-Known Member

    and fd definitely not op
  5. Mekitoiss URIELFUKKENVENTRISS Well-Known Member

    fire dragoons have 120 armour by default. and slaanesh traitor with meltagun and bomb cant reach even 130 armour:oops:
  6. What is so OP about it then?
  7. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    oh noes.. FD with 150 HP, 115 armor vs Slaneesh traitor with 200 HP and 100 armor. a negative 35 HP gap for the FD. those poor slaneeshi traitors..

    lemme just get my slaneeshi mark, my MC melta and melta bomb and use the +30 armor wargear to get to 200, 130 with 50 LP for trinkets/medpak.
  8. Mekitoiss URIELFUKKENVENTRISS Well-Known Member

    small hitbox=50 hp
  9. LucianNostra Well-Known Member


    The constant moving goal posts of marines.

    FD's are faster, you can go the same speed with mark of slaneesh
    but FDs have more armor! but you'll always have more EHP
    But FDs are smaller! sigh..
  10. Mekitoiss URIELFUKKENVENTRISS Well-Known Member

    ok, i'm retard. you was right.
    gg izi

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