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Fire dragon. May be a nerf or not.

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by The-Forge-Dragon, Jun 28, 2017.


Should fire dragon melta bombs be a single cooldown grenade instead of a charge based pack?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  3. Make them cooldown but keep the pack.

  4. Have cooldown based single bombs, and a charge based two pack.

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  1. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

    The fire dragon double melta debacle has been going on for a long time. To that end I wanted to ask something.

    Should fire dragons be given a cooldown based single melta bomb rather than a charge based pack?

    A possible benefit of the cooldown version could be giving players a reason to take single bombs rather than the pack so they could use fuegans resolve.
  2. If they're on cooldown, what would be the difference between single and dual bombs exactly? :confused:
  3. Having mained eldar for almost all my time on EC up until now I was thinking Fire Dragons are too OP and when OBST plays as a guild I often tell players not to run Fire Dragons at least for the start of the match.

    But having now played the other factions a bit the problem is less Fire Dragons is more the other races not using the tools given to them, I could drive up to abandoned transports with a cap class with a melta bomb and place two in just a little bit more time than it would with a FD.

    Playing against Eldar you do lose your transports quicker but that's something players need to adapt to not nerf a class that is soley based on anti vehicle. Against eldar you need to guard your vehicles.

    Also for Chaos and LSM a melta bomb does over half health against eldar vehicles and not to mention you have multi meltas too which are absolutely deadly.

    Also Lascannons and Zzap guns are really good. FD is fine in the grand scheme of things because it's our only option for AV apart from star shot missiles which are nowhere near as good for anti vehicle.

    I feel the only OP thing on eldar that needs sorting out is the grav tanks road killing and that is being worked on I believe.

    TLDR Fire Dragons are fine
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  4. FD is only thing why eldar win against retards who leave their transoprts and FD cant do anything with rhino that move around. Without coordination with Hawk that requires a coordinationf of a guild level.

    Eldar cant simply sit on point with becaons and skulls and heal themselves AFK while shooting everyone with 30% bonus damage of muh Boltar.

    Im okay with doing something with FD only if other eldar units get buffed for exchange. because if you simply nerf FD all eldar classes will became inferior to opposites. Note - all. For now only FD shines and get victories. Others is utter crap that cant deal with waves of running marines spawned on rhino.
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  5. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    Problem is EC's asymmetrically balanced approach.

    LSM, csm, Ork runs up to a trukk or rhino, drops melta uses 2 bursts from melta said vehicle dies, all is good.

    Same player gets into a game against eldar. Eldar player runs up drops 2 bombs vehicle blows up. WTF?!?! Op right? No..

    None of the fire dragon complainers look any farther than that. None of them will look at how quickly they dispose of wave serpents in return.

    Oooh suicide orangutans! Yeah cuse they don't do the same to our serpents? Fire dragons survive long enough to drop 2 bombs but an ork/marine doesn't live long enough to drop a bomb and get off a love tap with his melta?

    I've seen very few good suggestions about the dual bomb "problem" most of them are just straight eldar anti vehicle nerfs while still allowing Orks/marines to insta gib our transports.

    Meltabomb setup times are a terrible idea, cooldown between bombs is a terrible idea (anything over whatever the wind up time of a melta is again a straight nerf to eldar, anything less than 10 seconds will still leave people complaining about the bundle)

    Your choices are to massively buff eldar vehicle hp than reduce us to one bomb (perhaps making the old bundle a auto refresh item) or to buff the eldar meltabomb to do 7200 damage while the marine/Ork one still does 4000 so both vehicles will be left with 800 hp thus requiring melta burn time.

    Or or ooooor maybe just freaking maybe bE could show vehicle hp so players can see Eldar vehicles have waaay less HP while pointing out SOMEWHERE that Eldar vehicles also take full damage when shot in the cockpits. I mean my Lord it's 3 lascannon shots to blow up a wave serpent from any angle it's so damn easy it had become my preferred method for playing against eldar since sometimes we actually man our transports and chasing them is a pain vs the marines n orks just forming parking lots (come on guys at least park the rhinos apart from each other)

    I think the major point is people either don't know they need to change it up a bit vs eldar or simply refuse to change it up. Tell em to use a lascannon instead of meltabombs if they get run over to much and they complain about ttk n never realize they can cover 2 points at once with a lascannon for extended periods of time (don't have to run to a supply crate every kill so I have more uptime) and the ttk is still damn fast vs lascannoning a rhino.
  6. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Just don't fuck it up, I use single bomb and fuegans and I consider the AV it provides fair, I don't want rushed and shitty changes added that nerfs my playstyle because some people like to jihad with double bombs and the enemy doesn't use the common sense to counter such a tactic
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  7. Ryan Gosling RyanG Steam Early Access

    dual melta is sometimes the only defense to a never ending torrent of transports from the space marine horde.
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  8. SakitPerut Steam Early Access

    If so, will need the equivalent of Multi-melta.
  9. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Fire pike ? SOON tm
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  10. Kageshira Kageshira Active Member

    , dunno what to tell you, I've been both in the dealing and the receiving end, I played taxi driver in LSM a lot, never stopping, always on the move, ending game with low as f*ck points, I still got killed by FD a lot, is piss easy to pin me with a Falcon against a wall or an obstacle and takes literally 1 second to jump off Falcon, drop two bombs, drop in and leave. I've done the same as a FD to the point of boredom. It's funny when you hear "don't leave rhino alone!", the fact, is that it doesn't matter, if the dragon has a Falcon, your rhino is done.

    I can't however do the same in a Rhino, we need to be at least two dudes, one with grav, one with melta and bomb to perform the same job a single FD does. How to fix this? I don't really know, is not as easy as saying "remove double bundle" or "add double bundle to other factions", isn't really that easy.

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