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Final Fantasy: Another Tale

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, May 7, 2018.

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    Meanwhile, Ishtar let the man who attempted to kill her run - he had clearly surrendered - and turned her attention to the girl and those she was interacting with. For a second or two, she observed quietly, shouldering her sword as she did.

    Then, she called out.

    "Will you fight or will you surrender, foe?", she asked, slowly coming closer. "The girl's mercy is your life's thread, and serves as the reason why you are not yet feeding my fuller, fool."
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  2. Aelwin had to jump back so that his second opponent wasn't able to claw him in the back, though that didn't stop the attack. Indeed, the claws raked deep into the first Kishin, slicing skin and causing the black blood to spill out onto the ground. That damage, compounded with that from the lost leg, seemed enough to kill the one kishin. However, instead of the second turning to face Aelwin, it instead would walk to the other one's corpse, and it would begin to dig into the kishin soul which appeared, immense power beginning to flow through it.

    Meanwhile, Telk would find himself using one Kishin as a shield against his second, though that didn't seem to deter it in the slightest. The second kishin hound pounced atop the two and began to rip and tear into the trapped one which in turn was trapping the Ronso. Perhaps it was the smell of soul in the air, but the remaining kishin began to come into what seemed to be a frenzied state. Soon enough, Telk would find his body released from tendrils, but covered in black blood as the other Kishin wrapped the escaped soul in its own tendrils and began to pull it into its maw.

    Druskh would be having a marginally easier time against his two opponents, charging forwards and impaling the one unfortunate to be stabbed twice in a row. With a flip, he would land on his feet and watch the wounded Kishin stagger, dripping black blood from wounds. It wasn't dead yet, however, and would stood out tendrils, wrapping around the Dragoon's torso while the other charged forwards and whipped it's tail at his feet, knocking him over. The Bangaa was soon begin dragged towards the wounded maw, but one thing they neglected to wrap up was his spear-wielding arm.
    The man would recoil from Athena as she reached out to touch his cheek, having seen what happened the last time. He didn't much want to be frozen, it sounded unpleasant. His sword was still raised as he thought, but then the rifleman who seemed to have been forgotten jumped into action. He fired his gun, the round blasting through Athena's calf and causing her to fall to one knee. In surprise, the swordsman seemed unable to decide what to do, while the rifleman dashed forwards, away from Ishtar and grabbing the wounded girl by the collar in an attempt to pull her back to their transport. "Come on!" he called to his comrade, who still stood their dumbfounded.

    At the same time, Ishtar would feel, deep in her core, a sensation that had been dormant for a while. One that meant grave danger to them and everyone else around.
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    Druskh was being dragged in like the beast was a mix of serpent and frog. He welcomed the pull as he managed somehow to keep his hand strong like mythril around his weapon with the useful arm. Once close enough he would muster whatever strength he still had in his body and thrust it through chin, tongue, head and all. It was a do or die moment. But not the first, and certainly not the last if the Bangaa had a say in it!
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  4. Athena yelped out in pain at the sudden shot. Her wound was bad enough but having a guy grab her she was getting annoyed. Struggling to get free she reached for the swordsman's hand. Trying anything she could to just grab his hand. Looking at him with pleading eyes.
    "Please, this does not have to be the path you choose. Help me and stop this man. I promise your safe with me but if I go then I will be in danger. Can you sit by and watch a woman be hurt? Or would you prefer to help me? I can help you if you help me. Just please trust me."
    She gave a soft smile to the man hoping for help. Giving him still a sad and pleading look while hoping he would find something in his heart to change.
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    Telk could only watch on in horror as the kishin devoured its packmate , disgust and fear finally showing on his face throughout this whole affair as for once he did not see how to escape this situation. Pinned and Coated in foul black blood the ronso was struggling to find a way to escape the hungry jaws when he found it. The kishin was devouring the soul of its pack member , reaching up with both arms he grabbed both jaws of the creatures mouth and began to pull wide. "If your appetite is so great, you'll need a bigger mouth" he said chuckling nervously
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    Ishtar registered that the girl had been shot - somewhere in her mind. But she couldn't help but look to the side, staring holes in the air as another sense entirely was made aware of... something bad. She lowered her sword, but her grip around the handle tightened. The Dark Errant ground her teeth.

    It was her ward's continued pleading that eventually wrest back her attention to the situation at hand. This time, she had no quip and no boast to her righteous indignation, only dashing forward to strike at the shooter with her sword - thrusting the blade forward, and hopefully past the girl.
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    Vaelwin stood and watched for a moment before springing into action, propelled by a scolding from Sylph. He swung his sword as he dashed, the blade burning with red fire. He was too late to stop the Kishin from devouring the soul, though his blade slashed the beast's side and stabbed in deep through the heart. With a growl, the beast bit deep into Vaelwin's shoulder, causing a deep wound as it began to burn from the inside.

    Druskh's stab forwards impaled straight through the beast's head, the Bangaa thrusting his weapon forwards as soon as he was close enough. He pierced straight through to the Kishin's core, the tendrils quickly beginning to loosen as the main body melted and dissipated as was the norm. The red kishin soul appeared in place of the body, and the second one which had been accosting the Bangaa dashed forwards in an attempt to eat it.

    Telk's hands would get a few teeth stabbing into them as the Ronso grabbed the jaws, but his strength would keep them open as him and the Kishin began an arm-wrestling type contest. The kishin began to shudder as spines erupted from its back. It began to grow in all ways, including in strength. Though the tendrils around him melted away, so now the rest of his body could move.

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    As Ishtar dashed forwards, her shoulder bashed into the swordsman - who had moved to draw his sword and yet was staggered by the Dark Errant's movements. He rolled a little and stood up, just in time to see Ishtar run the rifleman straight through the heart with her sword. The swordsman recoiled and pulled off his helmet, revealing a sandy blonde young man with sweat all over his face and fear in his eyes. "For the power source of a super weapon... you're really not what I expected.." he said with a small smile to Athena. "I-I'm sorry for earlier. Would you.. like some help with your wound?" he asked, acting rather unlike a Zannian soldier.

    Meanwhile, Ishtar would feel that same presence getting closer and closer - it wasn't that close, but close enough she could feel it.​
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    Druskh gritted his teeth, seeing the Kishin move too fast for himself and deciding to go for a risky move. One that would hopefully reward him, and if not - well, then he would have to improvise. Not for the first time as a hero of his magnitude would be constantly challenged with. But then again this whole invasion was under all the wrong circumstances for the experienced Bangaa Dragoon.

    He mustered the strength of his current weapon arm and took a few steps, raising the forked weapon before throwing it at the creature, roaring while doing so. It was a crude and dangerous move to throw ones weapon like that, but the sprint of the Kishin would make the impalement hopefully worse, if not straight out fatal. But another close combat duel with one of these wild beasts would be too dangerous.

    If the toss would miss, Druskh would do whatever he could to retrieve another weapon nearby. As sadly he used his remaining mana in the fight before, leaving him incapable of using the powers of Thunder.
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  9. Athena looked to the man dying and tears started falling from her eyes. She felt bad that one life still had to go. Leaning into the other mans chest she nodded to him while still showing the pain she felt for the man that had to die.
    "I would appreciate it. An thank you for not following the same path. I shall protect you from here on out. My name is Athena though. Ishtar are you alright though?"
    Athena looked to the woman she had been following for so long. The look of worry showing on her face and even the look of happiness that she was okay. But her eyes were showing the pain she was feeling. The pain of seeing a mans life end and even seeing the woman she followed for so long being put in danger because of her once again.
    She finally could not hold herself up any longer and fell to her knees trying to hold back the tears. As she tried to calm herself she hoped that she had not failed the woman she looked up to and even followed for so long. All she wanted for so long was to find her and even stay by her side. But she could not help but worry if she would be accepted or if she was to weak still.
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