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Final Fantasy: Another Tale

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, May 7, 2018.

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    Telk nodded chuckling as he burst ahead taking great bounds to close the gap between himself and the smaller kishin, this dragoon he had found himself with seemed only to be a source of more adventure along with being a well of honorable conduct, maybe he would referee one of Telk's games he was always etting fouled against. Hefting up his blitzball he let it loose by twirling in the air sending the ball on its course twoards the center of the group with his volatile kick before coming down and ready to check the first kishin that came close
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    As Aelwin finished off the dual-horned kishin, a growl would reverberate in the air around him as the pack showed themselves and began to stalk towards the injured man - though Sylph had healed him from the brink of death, his wounds would still ache. Yet before they could attack, Druskh charged into the left flank and impaled one of the two there with his lance. He was able to push the kishin a bit with his momentum, but it stayed on its feet and quickly turned, lunging at the Bangaa with gnashing teeth. He was able to barely dodge, and ready his weapon for another attack while he found himself surrounded by two of the kishin.

    Indeed, it was the same with the others. Aelwin leveled his gunblade and blasted an ice-shot at one of the two in front of him, which hit the front paw and locked one of the kishin to the ground. However, before he could capitalize on anything, the second pounced. The human spun out of the way so he wasn't pinned, but was surrounded himself.

    Telk, meanwhile, landed in the center of the final two after his ball landed and caused a crater with the explosion and knocking the two away with a shockwave. However, as Telk retrieved his ball, he would be surrounded and circled. Growls filled the air as all warriors found themselves flanked and separated from the others.

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    Ishtar laughed a little at the Zann soldier's boast and rose her sword, cutting it through his neck and causing the body to fall to the ground. She would then begin to move forwards, though a single shot rang out from the rifleman. It slammed into the shoulder which had no arm attached, and the warrior began to back up.

    Distracted by the dark warrior that had just killed one of them, the swordsman holding Athena found himself falling to the ground. He quickly recovered, but as he drew his sword the mage was already on her feet and holding Vulcan. The rifleman had attempted to shoot her, but the impact of the bullet had been right where her head was a moment ago.

    At this point, these soldiers seemed rather outmatched.​
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  3. Athena held her Vulcan to the mans head. She looked into his eyes before giving a small sigh. Her eyes then glanced at the woman she had been trying to track down for so long. Looking back at the man with slightly flushed cheeks she grabbed him by the chin. Forcing him to look in her eyes with the gun against his temple.

    “I want to know why I should spare your life when you didn’t have the decency to spare your commanders? Depending on your answer you can live or you get to choose how you die. Please remember that I am giving you a small space for mercy. Do not try anything else stupid.”

    She looked at the man still trying to hide her own face from the woman still. Yet never losing eye contact with the man. Her voice was calm even with the small blush on her face.
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    "You take care of that side. I handle these! Fight with vigor, for these monsters are relentless! Show no weakness, for they will grow bold!" The Bangaa roared, knowing that he was almost bitten rather bad, but acting stronger than he was for a multitude of reasons. Druskh wished he could utilize his second, injured hand but had to rely on his main hand to thrust the forked spear into the beasts and either kill them or hurt them enough to drive them off. It was awkward to him that they continued the fight despite a dead pack leader. How could these wild monsters be so brave within a city? What was their motivation?!

    Indeed hunting dragons was easier, for they had logic and reason, not this feral behavior. "Back to the wildlands with you!" He roared, charging with fury forward, planning to impale the closest Kishin and if he could render enough strength also toss it into the closest group of other Kishin.
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    Telk would groan as he realized he was surrounded he always found himself in this situation when he pushed too hard for the ball , defenders on all sides ready to check him out of the water. Springing up from the crater he found himself in he would backflip over one of the nearby hound like kishin throwing his ball at the other where he would land in a crouched stance ready for whatever came at him. "Ready yourselves for anything ! Time to watch your own back sadly"
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    To Ishtar, the bullet had been little more than a distraction - her armour was potent indeed, and further proof that beneath Zann's vile corruption lied a certain competence. Nevertheless, the woman turned to stare at the shooter and frowned at him, bringing her bloodied blade to a stop. "The roar of gunpowder belies a frail spirit indeed."

    Even as she spoke, the Dark Errant charged forward to lash out at the soldier. She was insensate to the girl's deeds for the moment, and entirely subsumed by the castrated vestige of blood-lust that drove her sword arm.
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    Aelwin readied his sword and looked away from one for just the moment to dash towards the one whose paw he froze, and cut his sword, slicing the entire leg off. The beast roared and tried to bite the sword, weapon and fang catching and locking them together while the second began to charge in for a claw swipe.

    Druskh charged forwards at one of the hound kishin, blades sliding through the flesh of the beast and breaking through bones, but it seemed harder to budge than he would have hoped. It didn't budge as he lifted, and it began to rumble with a low growl, which made the Bangaa's spear begin to vibrate. However there was no time to wonder about that, as the other two beasts began to charge. Thinking quickly, the dragoon was able to - rather than lift - swing the monster to the side and use it as some sort of blunt weapon, slamming one into the other. The momentum threw both off their feet and the one off his spear, sending blood flowing from the wounds.

    Meanwhile, Telk did a rather impressive backflip over one of his opponents and threw his ball at the other, explosion knocking it back as he caught the ball again and landed. His kishin were now right in front of him, staring and snarling at him. One would open its mouth farther than one would think possible with a jaw, and out came a horrifying roar, while tendrils began to shoot out and attempt to enwrap the Ronso. His right leg got wrapped up, and then there came a sudden yank, which would quite possibly cause him to fall down.

    < @BloodySoulStealer @Casavay >

    The rifleman facing Ishtar shuddered in fear as she charged and brought up his rifle to block the Dark Errant's sword, doing so - but getting the blade to cut through half the gun and cause it to be inoperable. He fell back, dropping the weapon and drawing out his sidearm short sword, brandishing it with a shaking arm. He would lunge forwards and drive the point towards Ishtar, but his weapon stabbed against her armor and broke the tip. He would back off, shudder, and drop the weapon before turning to run.

    Speaking of whom, the rifleman who had Vulcan pointed to his head, sighed. "That wasn't me, you dumb little girl. It was our second in command who killed the sergeant. You aren't a Zann, you wouldn't understand." he growled, before the swordsman that Athena seemed to have forgotten brought his blade down on Vulcan, knocking the gun-formed weapon down from his comrade's head. The swordsman would then try to draw Athena into a blade battle while the rifleman rolled backwards and readied his gun to shoot the girl, probably in the leg or something. She was still supposed to be brought in alive, despite her being so much trouble.​
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    Telk's acrobatic display would be ungracefully cut short by a unexpected fall as the kishin pulled his leg out from underneath him. Groaning as he hit the floor and observed his current predicament, at first he struggled before realizing the strength of the tendrils that the idea came to him. Turning so he was on his side the Ronso began rolling reeling himself in to the kishin the tendrils wrapping firther around his entrapped leg hoping to keep the kishin's fearsome jaws forced open he pulled himself as close as he dared before lunging and grabbing the kishin in a grip on its hind legs he would lever it up holding its under belly as a shield to the other
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  9. Athena glared at the man to knock her Vulcan away from her but then walked over to the man to back away and held out her hand. She gave a sigh and looked to him showing a bit of sadness in her eyes.
    "You may of not killed him but you still stood there and let it happen. An right now I am gonna give you a chance. Leave them and come with me. Do not follow these men and follow me. I understand you all have a mission but if he died so easily what makes you think your life is of value to these men as well?"
    She looked at him with sadness in her eyes but also slight hope as she gently tried to touch his cheek. Hoping neither men would try anything. An hopes that the man in front of her would see she did not want to fight him.
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    Druskh breathed harder, body rocking. "Do not let down! They just wait for an opening to attack!" The dragoon instructed the others, not sure how much combat experience they have. Although he had to admit, the Blitzballer was doing better than expected. Maybe because he was a Ronso, maybe he had more fights in his life than the Bangaa did assume of the pro athlete.

    He rotated his spear in his hand and grabbed it mid-way, going for close combat since he only had one arm to use. With a roar he charged forward just when the Kishin got back on their feet, going for the first one he had impaled and then trying to jump on or over the others. Hit and run would have to do until there were fewer of them.

    "Back to where you came from, monsters!" He shouted, followed by a Bangaa roar as if trying to either intimidate the monsters, or at least empower his own attack by holding not back in the slightest.
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