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Final Fantasy: Another Tale

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, May 7, 2018.

  1. Athena looked to the men and then returned her gaze to the frozen captain. Sighing she walked over to the frozen body and looked at the man. Thinking carefully for a second before turning to the other men.

    "I would feel bad leaving him frozen here. I know I promised not to resist and all. But I can not follow you all with this guy frozen. I need to at least get him out. Would you mind giving me a bit of time to get him out before we head out?" She looked at the others while letting her rest on the frozen commander's cheek.

    Looking to other men for an answer before pushing it. Still hugging her Vulcan like a teddy bear she looked and examined the frozen man. Then gave a cute smile to the men before waiting for a response.
  2. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    "That maiden!"

    Ishtar was briefly distracted by the ingenue. She glanced over to observe as the beast composed itself, her own blade snapping back into sword form. The Dark Errant would recognise this face anywhere; this was the girl that she had saved, whom she'd given her sidearm to. Accosted by thugs! Zann thugs, no less! How bold and foolish they must be to show their faces - well, their faceless helmets - here, instead of letting their beasts do their dirty work!

    This was what Highwind admired about her countrymen. She, too, was bold and foolish.

    But before she could save her old acquaintance once more, she would have to take care of the greater good, and slay the beast once and for all. With great prejudice, she dashed forward, and thrust out the heavy triangular sword for a killing blow.
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    Telk had nodded to Druskh and readied his weaponized blitzball, standing back to back with the Bangaa as the dragoon began to charge his mana. Narrowed eyes and muscled body worked in unison to knock the ball time and time again into the Kishin, though even with flecks of blades flying off and the steps being slowed, it still took steps forwards. Heavy step after heavy step it was slowed, but still it moved forwards.

    Before it was able to reach the Ronso, however, Druskh's power reached its Zenith and lightning shot forwards, blasting into the controls and overloading them, causing the console to explode while at the same time speeding the car up to beyond the safe maximum. The gap in the rails was coming closer and closer, leaving the two of them only a few more moments to react.

    < @BloodySoulStealer >

    "Don't touch him." snarled one of the men, grabbing Athena's wrist and yanking her, dragging he back towards their transport. The other swordsman smirked a little as he walked towards the frozen sergeant. "You never were much better than me. Now I'll get the recognition I deserve." he snarled as he rose his sword and cleaved through the frozen man, shattering him into pieces. With a satisfied huff, the man turned and walked with the rest of the squad, weapons ready to subdue Athena if she resisted. Meanwhile, the soul that was released - blue, as was the case with humans - began to pulse, a beacon to hungry kishins even as it began to dematerialize.

    < @Casavay >

    The kishin was very heavily wounded, unable to use one of its arms to move or even attack. When eyes fell on Ishtar it snarled and rose onto its hind legs, raising its other arm in an attempt to bring it down and slam into her. However, the Dark Errant was fast - and the beast left itself open. Blade drove forwards and impaled the beast in the chest, blowing a hole in the flesh and causing it once more to fall backwards. This time it was dead, and the body began to melt and evaporate, leaving soon a pool of evaporating black - with the glowing red kishin soul in the middle of it all. A source of dangerous power if ingested, better to be destroyed than to fall back into Zann hands.

    As well, it seemed that the fighting nearby was finished, though one could never be sure in a time like this... and yet, right now, Athena was being taken away on the tier below her.

    < @Valonox >

    As Aelwin took the being's hand, it would disappear and flow into him, his wounds being sealed and strength returning to his body. "I am known as Sylph in your language." said a voice in his head. "One of the Guardian Forces - or Eidolons, as you are from Zann." the feminine voice continued. "You will be our vessel. The fight for Alrest is coming, and you will be the one to carry our powers into battle."

    As Aelwin would find himself able to stand up, the Kishin would snarl in disappointment, and charge once more. It would not be denied its soul! However now, Aelwin would have an odd power flowing through him, a strength he hadn't had before empowering his body. "Now, call my name." Sylph said in his mind. "Summon me, and allow me to assist you against this foe!"​
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  4. Athena stood there for a second shocked. Her plan just failed in front of her own eyes. The claiming to unfreeze a guy when she was gonna freeze the others and run now just shattered. The guy she froze being shattered had her feeling a bit scared now. This was not what she hoped for or expected.

    She looked to the men before speaking. "You all just killed the poor guy who did not deserve a death in such a way. You could of let him die honorably. An yet you all do this.... I will not follow such low life scum! You monsters will pay for this!"

    Clutching her vulcan tightly she started chanting while rushing through them and using the blade to wound or kill anyone she could. In her own frenzy she wanted to escape but taking anyone she could down would be a step up from running away. As she chanted she was doing her best to create a fire wall around them. If she could trap them in anything she was gonna kill them when she got the chance.
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    Ishtar knew she had to hurry, for the depths of depravity her countrymen were capable of were bottomless indeed. With one last, decisive strike, she brought her blade down on the Kishin soul, aiming to destroy it once and for all. Wasting no more time on so dishonourable a cur, she made haste onward, and leapt over the precipice of the tier she was standing on.

    As she slammed down on the metallic ground, the Dark Errant slowly rose from her kneeling position, and jabbed her blade forward to point at the Zann soldiers. "Foul villains! You face the Dark Errant, Ishtar Highwind! Lay down your arms and walk away changed men, or I shall part you from your hate forcefully!"
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    @BadDo9 | @bossaroo

    "And off!" Druskh roared, a grin under his helmet that the plan indeed went perfectly into place. Maybe the Ronso is more warrior than athlete after all. The Dragoon put his lance skillfully on his back in it's place and then wrapped his good arm around the Ronso. "Jump!" He suddenly yelled before leaping high into the air as if he was a winged serpent.

    He leaped high enough that they got a grand view of what was bound to happen - the transport engine taking off high into the sky before detonating in a chain of explosions mid-air. It was enough to make the wind gust about the two men. Awkwardly they started to glide slowly back to the ground, as if immune to the effects of gravity for the time being. Yet with the slightest extent of his right leg, Druskh accelerated their descent. An ancient technique that one was, but signatory to the Dragoons.

    They landed gently on the floor, but not on the train tracks. Rather pushed away from the explosion they landed on an arching passageway that led above the train tracks. It gave them a vantage point to the chaos across the whole district and Druskh was quick to look for the biggest and closest trouble. "You were good there. But I suggest you help the civilians back on the train. I in the meanwhile will carry on the battle. It was an honor to fight alongside you, Ronso." The Bangaa said, without turning his head towards the taller male, instead scanning the area.
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  7. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Aelwin feeling like a second wind rushed through his body and smiled then raised his hand out and spoke. "Sylph! I summon you to defeat this beast of a Kishin!"
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  8. < @Uriel1339 @bossaroo >

    The Ronso had been rather confused by the way that their jump acted in the presence of the dragoon, but to his credit he didn't panic and instead glided safely to the ground with the Bangaa. However at the end of it, he looked up to the passenger end of the train, which had screeched to a stop, and one of Cornelia's military transports which seemed to be offloading the civilians. "Telk stick with you. Stronger in numbers." he said as he went to Druskh's side and looked around.

    As they scanned the area, they would see on a courtyard below them, a single human facing off against a large Kishin with dual horns on it's head. And yet, there seemed to be another threat approaching him, a pack of smaller Kishin, encircling the fight unseen from below and ready to pounce on the victor.

    < @BloodySoulStealer @Casavay >

    As soon as Athena began to speak and chant, the one holding her slammed her down onto the ground face first, holding her there in a way that kept her from using her magic or weaponry. The grip on the her had been to strong for her to pull away. "You don't have a choice." he growled under his helmet "You're coming back with us whether you want to or not." he said, the two riflemen pointing their guns at her head. "Now be a good girl and-"

    He was cut off with Ishtar landing on the ground behind them, one rifleman and the other sword-user turning to face the newcomer "Dark Errant?" laughed the swordsman who had killed the sergeant. "Don't make me laugh, that's a fairy tale told in Zann to scare children. Come now,I'll teach you to meddle in our affairs.." he growled, dashing forwards and cutting his sword at Ishtar, the rifleman staying back as the other two stood Athena up once more to start pulling her to their transport.

    < @Valonox >

    "All Kishin are beasts, aren't they though?" Sylph said with a laugh as she appeared in a flash of green light and burst of wind. The dual-horned Kishin snarled at the figure and didn't break off the charge, making her sigh. "As I said." she rose her arm up sharply in a vertical fashion, sending a blade of wind forwards which sliced directly through the kishin, bisecting it and causing the two halves of the body to fall to the ground, melting and evaporating into the black puddle of blood which all Kishin corpses rotted into, and left the soul behind.

    "Now, I must rest. You won't be able to call on me for a while." Is all Sylph said before she disappeared. Aelwin would feel a small bite of pain from his wounds, now that Sylph's power was diminished. But it wasn't debilitating. Which was good, because as soon as his opponent was vanquished a pack of six other Kishin moved out from the shadows, all beginning to prowl towards Aelwin...​
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    @BadDo9 | @bossaroo

    "As you say. Just make sure to not get yourself hurt. Would be a shame if your fans would hear of a tragedy of their superstar, yes?" Druskh said, forcing a smile beneath his helmet and giving the Ronso a meaningful nod.

    He twirled his Spear with his one healthy hand, looking into the distance towards the human. The Dragoon was a man of honor and he would not intervene the duel between the human and the huge beast. "Telk. Let us stop the pack. You take the right flank. I take the left! Let the man have his duel!" Druskh instructed, pointing at the various directions along with his instructions with the spear.

    The Bangaa went right off to run at full sprint, rather than making a grand entrance with a jump he wanted to allow the human his moment of glory. But it didn't mean he wouldn't hurry. He was ready to pierce the side of the first beast on the left flank of the human and then keep holding them off and slay them with patience, considering he lacked the strength to openly fight these creatures.
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  10. Looking up to see the one person she had fought for. To get to and prove she was not that same defenseless tool she was gave her enough strength to start pulling back. Trying to break free by struggling as much as she could. She kept staring at the female that once saved her. Still in shock but now with more power to fight.

    "Let go of me you scum! I will not allow you to ruin this. I will prove myself here and now! If you do not let you will all die!"

    Trying with all strength she could muster she made a attempt to kick her foot underneath theirs and knock them off balance enough to escape the men that held her.
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