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Final Fantasy: Another Tale

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, May 7, 2018.

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    (@Uriel1339 )
    Telk grunted as the Taru Taru impacted into his large form in the air , the two spiralling through the air before roughly impacting against the wall of the hypertube car, The Ronso taking the brunt of the impact. Falling out of the telk shaped dent in the wall cradling the Taru Taru he let the frightened little fellow goz "go go ! Warn others ! Dont cause chaos, Bangaa will make sure Telk and you arent followed" he says rushing them out the door as he stands up groaning. "Telk will be back ! Stay alive !" He called out to the dragoon before rushing through to the next car "MOVE TO LAST CAR, STAY AWAY FROM FRONT ! MOVE !!" He bellowed with all of his strength, his tail swishing violently as he waved the crowds away from the duel going on.
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    Taking a heavy hit from the Kishin Aelwin got more defensive his gunblade readied Earth Dust and got ready to dodge the charging Kishin, and run it into a wall where it would get stuck. Hoping this would work he stabbed his blade into the ground where stone spikes erupted on the rights side of the Kishin hopefully impaling it in place.
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  3. < @Uriel1339 @bossaroo >

    The few who had nod fled looked at the Ronso yelling at them and took off running, presumably gathering up any other stragglers and all running to the back of the train. When Telk turned around and ran back into the front car, he would hear a 'chunck' as the front car disengaged and began to speed away from the rest of the train.

    Moments before, Druskh charged forwards with his lance and stabbed it forwards into the kishin, and indeed the body was a great conductor for the lightning. However, it began to arc around the engineer car and some of the plasma arced to the front controls, causing the front car to disengage while also speeding up. The kishin roared and slashed it's blade-arm towards the Bangaa, who was just able to leap back. But there was getting to be less and less room to fight.

    < @Casavay >

    The beast returned Ishtar's victorious words with a snarl of its own as it charged towards her and rose up a fist as it got closer. When it reached the Dark Errant, the fist slammed down and crashed through the floor where she had been standing just moments before. The blade was raised and brought down, cutting into the skin of the beast. However, with how though the hide was she could only cut a few inches deep before the blade couldn't be pushed down any more. It roared again and swung a fist towards her, the back of the hand slamming against her and knocking her back into a wall, crashing her through it. Thankfully, her blade was still in her hand.

    < @BloodySoulStealer >

    "Don't say we didn't warn you." the sergeant growled as he reached out to try and yank Vulcan from Athena's grip. And it may have been the anger at that action but her magic blasted out and froze him, blasting his front and enwrapping him with ice. The rest of his men snarled under their helmets and charged. Athena started to back up and the two riflemen had to reposition, but the swordsmen simply charged forwards and cut at Athena in an attempt to disable, not kill.

    < @Valonox >

    The kishin charged forwards and skid to a stop as Aelwin dodged, turning and skidding to a halt, but not before it smashed into the wall of a nearby building. It shook its head in attempt to clear from the impact, though its eyes did see the man near him once more. Spires of earth shot up from the place that Aelwin stabbed, impaling under one of the legs and sending black blood splashing down on the ground. With a heavy roar, it broke through the spires and charged, impaling Aelwin's chest and then throwing him off, blood trailing as he flew through the air and impacted the ground behind.​
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    @BadDo9 | @bossaroo

    Drusk growled beneath his breath. This wouldn't do. If he could just muster the strength of both his hands. And then there was the issue of the moving cart. The Dragoon squinted his eyes at the target, knowing his back was turned towards the rails. He wished right now that he did not send the Ronso away. Fate truly wanted to push him to his limits.

    "You are tougher than you look, grotesque monster!" He shouted, not sure how to go from here. Should he focus on disabling the vehicle, or leave it be so he might use it's momentum to kill the monster? Just then he leaped over a low-blow attack at his knees, after landing he quickly tried to run around the beast and then slam his spear in a wide swoop against him to knock him off the train. and onto the rails.
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  5. Shocked by the sudden attack she tried to back away slipping and falling backwards. Holding her vulcan to her chest shaking. Looking up at the men she held her hand out.
    "I am sorry to freeze your commander. I really do not wish to fight you all. But please could I get help up and if allowed to keep my vulcan I will not fight back anymore. You do not understand how much this means to me. So please do not take it and I will be peaceful." She gave a soft smile and looked to them hoping they would be kind.

    Thinking about the situation she wondered if anyone would actually take her hand and help her up, let alone if they would be kind enough to not attack her. She held the vulcan to her chest and nuzzled it gently like a teddy bear.
    Her hand held out she gave a small sad look at them all. Almost pleading to help her up.
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    Ishtar's spine felt terrible by the time she got caught by a wall tough enough to catch her, collapsing in a heap when the kinetic forces turning her into a Dark Errant shpaed projectile subsided. But her quest was not yet over, and the battle was not yet lost, so she drove the blade of her weapon into the ground, and used it to prop herself up. She grinned, despite the trickle of small blood running down the corner of her mouth. "Resilient soul! I salute you!"

    Slowly, Highwind worked herself into a standing position and used the stability the earth granted her weapon to punch its blade, rupturing open her hand and causing the blood to be sucked into the greedy Magitek Simulacrum of the weapon every Dark Knight hoped to obtain. "Mine obsidian blade shall split atwain the threads of thy future! And my crimson fuller shall shall channel the lifeblood of thy past!" Not clearly impeded by the self-inflicted damage, she retrieved her blade and charged forward once more with renewed vigour, the blade splitting again into a lashing whip, and its razor components pulsing with the scarlet power of Darkness.
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    Aelwin feeling crippled from the beast but picked up his gun-blade and rose to a weakened stance, Loading Air Dust into all chambers the gun-blade and waited seemingly this looked like he could win this he would need to stun the Kishin and run if he could create a giant gust of wind to evade. In the back of his mind. 'Not here not yet. I've only just got started. I wish I could be only have an aptitude for magic.' Aelwin sighed and focused his vision on the Kishin waiting for him to make its move.
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  8. < @Uriel1339 @bossaroo >

    Telk, seeing how the train had come disjointed, took a deep breath and leapt into the air, propelling himself from the main train - which began to slow - and landed right behind Druskh before he made his maneuver. He had to react quickly, slipping to the side as the Bangaa made a trip attack and stumbled the beast. It snarled, getting knocked towards the back of the car. Telk slipped forwards as the beast caught itself, blades just keeping it from falling out of the car.

    In front of them, on the rails, one of the many shells raining from the Zann airships above slammed into the track, crashing through the metal. At its current speed, the engine car would fall off no matter what, but it seemed at least that the train full of civilians was slowing enough that they would be safe. Stranded, but safe. The kishin then started to advance once more, heedless of the imminent danger.

    < @BloodySoulStealer >

    The soldiers looked between one another, seeming slightly confused at how this woman could be the core component of one of their most devastating weapons. However, she had just froze their commander and was telling them not to take her weapon. Yet she was also promising she wouldn't resist. So, while the two riflemen kept their weapons trained on Athena, one swordsman reached down and took her hand. He yanked her up, jerking on her arm to make her stand up. "Come with us." he snarled, the other swordsman ready to knock her out if she did resist.

    < @Casavay >

    As the Dark Errant launched herself out from the ruins of the building, the Kishin once more saw her and it roared, charging forwards as blade transformed into whip. It threw its fist forwards, aiming to once more slam Ishtar back. However, her instincts had honed in on how this Kishin fought, and she easily slid out of the way of the fist, whip wrapping around the outstretched arm and darkness-infused shards ripping into the flesh, tearing what wasn't cut before and causing black blood to spray all around, dripping to the floor. It snarled in pain and turned, having trouble standing now with one of it's front legs as torn up as it was. It wasn't about to give up, though it's capabilities to fight were greatly reduced.

    And yet, through the corner of her eye, she saw - on a lower tier of the courtyard in which she was fighting - there was a very familiar-looking young woman surrounded by Zann soldiers. It seemed that she was about to be captured once more, so it was up to Ishtar to decide what to do.

    < @Valonox >

    The Kishin snarled and charged forwards once more, faster than one would think possible. It smelled blood, and wanted another soul in order to gain power. Such was what kishin wanted, to kill and devour souls to increase their own power. It was said that a kishin never died of old age, and if one was able to live long enough, eat enough souls, they would be able to challenge even the most powerful beings in the land: The Guardian Forces.

    One would think this didn't matter in the moment, however Aelwin soon found himself impaled once more on the horn of the kishin. Blood poured from his wounds, and he would cough, spattering blood over the top of the thing's head. It pulled back and let his body drop to the floor, waiting for him to expire.

    "Is this how it ends for you?" came a voice from inside the man's gunblade, where the wind dust rounds were loaded. "Or are you going to keep fighting?" the voice continued. In Aelwin's blurring vision, out flowed a being made of wind, feet touching on the ground and featureless face looking down at the mortally wounded Zann Prince. "You have a power that is needed, now more than ever. But you must embrace it if you are to survive." she reached down, hand outstretched. "Take my hand if you desire to go on."​
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    Aelwin was reeling in pain vision blurry and red came across his vision all he could do is breathe and all he could hear was the thumping of his blood leaving his body then saw a creature of wind coming from his gunblade. Hearing every word of the creature of wind he saw an outstretched hand. "I.. will fight!" He screamed using the last bit of his strength in his body had and reached for the creature. While his vision was fading into darkness.
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    @BadDo9 | @bossaroo

    "I will give the cart one more boost. Keep it busy and then get ready to jump off, brave Ronso!" Druskh yelled over, seeing that the righteous giant blitzballer could not stand idle and watch the chaos unfold. A warrior's soul stuck in that of a sports player. So much untapped potential!

    The Dragoon threw those thoughts out as his body rocked. The fight was tiring, especially in his current status. He took a deep breath and readied his body, charging the remaining mana in his body, while focusing just enough to evade the incoming attacks of the dark beast. But the Ronso earned the Bangaas trust, so there was no hesitation in utilizing his plan.

    Druskh spun the spear around with a single hand, making it come to a halt after spinning it about his head and in front of him, the half-length of it stuck at the side of his body, readying it like firing a grenade launcher with a single hand. His legs did spread and his eyes narrowed on the engine with it's attached controls. In anticipation he ground his teeth against each other, making a noise only he could hear over the noise of fight, explosions and the wind in the air they pierced.

    "RAMUH! LEND ME YOUR THUNDER AND LIGHTNING!" He roared to the wisest of Guardian Forces, seeing the spark of lightning at the forked tips of his spear, preparing for it to launch forwards into the engine.
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