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Final Fantasy: Another Tale

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, May 7, 2018.

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    Cornelia, the technologically advanced city-state which covers the whole center of the continent, Alrest. The lit, tall buildings and the sky-streets that spanned the entirety of the central city spread as far as the eye could see, with the aesthetic all the same even to the edge of it, where the poorer of the people lived, just inside the large walls that separated Cornelia from the other kingdoms. Indeed, Cornelia was the neutral line between Zann and Sanctuary, two opposite and opposing kingdoms. It's also where even the majority of people lived given how large and expansive the city was. It was so large that the council had split the area up into districts, each with their own councilor, rules, enforcement, and standing soldiers. There were in total nine districts: Central, north-central, north-west, north-east, etc. The central district is where the council would be found.

    However, where our story begins is in the South-Central district. As with every district, there is a hyper-tube that runs up, west, and east to the connecting districts. As well, being a central district the majority of buildings being sky-touching, with plenty of residential and commercial areas. The southern part, however, was home to plenty of industrial and warehouse areas. From there, many goods would be made and transported to the nearby districts, though the northern-central district did something quite similar for the northern half of Cornelia.

    The day started off relatively normal, but it would not end up normal. Halfway through, midday, and the skies would darken from the weaponized airships of the Zann army. There came no warning except for flashes of light before blasts of cannon-fire and elementized rounds flew down, slamming into buildings, sky-roads, anything that was in their path. Within minutes, Cornelia was attempting to rouse it's out gunships, which took to the air as troops took to the streets. It seemed that Zann was attacking with everything they had, and there was another thing that made it worse.

    Kishin. A special magic found by Zann, it promised great power to those who would accept it into their bodies. However, most would not be able to enjoy their power to the best of their abilities, as the majority of living beings implanted with Kishin are driven mad, turned into killing machines with bodies to match. The monsters, which became known as Kishin-souled, began to spill out from the sewers, buildings, taking to the streets and slaughtering anything that got in their way, be it Cornelian or Zann.

    With such a surprise attack, it would take time before any of Sanctuary's forces would be able to respond, and attempt to take the fight to Zann. In the meantime, the entirety of Cornelia - if news reports were to be believed - was fighting a desperate fight for survival.​
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    Druskh's loud snoring filled the train within the hyper tube. The tired dragoon just wanted to get on with his travels. Cornelia was far too peaceful for a man with the agenda to protect the weak. Even criminals were swiftly apprehended on a usual day and there was little justice he could perform, outside of a civil arrest or reporting them to the officials. But what else was he supposed to do while recovering from his last hunt gone bad? His right arm was wrapped in a cast and bandaged up to his shoulder. It was a nasty wound, but nothing that would be permanent.

    The Bangaa woke up when his head connected with the floor from a sudden stop. He groaned, spear in his hand and used as a support as he pushed himself back on his feet. "Ba.... Wh.... Whe.... What?" Drukh groaned in pain and confusion. The various passengers from the front train started to come rushing towards the back, conveniently the dragoon was in the middle of the train.

    Eventually he got a hold of one Mithra running past him. "What isss going on?" He asked concerned and with a stern focus, ready to act.

    "M-m-m-monsters!" She replied, before slapping Druskhs hand away and running off with the rest of passengers.

    The Bangaa has finally found his purpose of being in Cornelia! He rushed towards the front of the train, spear held high, but not enough to scrap the ceiling. The passengers swarming around and past him. And then at last when he made it to the first car, there was a horrendous creature about to eat a Taru Taru. Druskh was really bad with judging the age of a Taru Taru. They all were smaller than a baby Bangaa!

    "Evil! Fehssse me! Pick one of your sssissse!" He hissed against the ... What by Adrammelech it even might be! Druskh grabbed the spear with his left arm, the right still incapacitated and he broke out into a sprint, attempting to impale the creature like a behemoth might.
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    Telk ronso had been standing at the back of the train bouncing his blitzball around , off feet and hands and hand and even his tail for the entertainment of his fellow passengers enjoying their cheers of joy and encouragment, his teacher would've liked this , bringing joy like the bangaa had. Then the cries shifted and he felt it in his gut, looking up he would miss the upswing to keep the ball in the air as he saw the fleet of airships raining fire on the city. Seeing the onflux of people coming from the front he would but away the standard colored blitzball and pull out one almost identical. Putting his original blitzball away he rushed ahead to te front of the train

    "Telk will go to the front of the train stay safe" he would say in his usual carefree tone before rushing far ahead his tail swishing behind him arriving at the front of the train he would see the Bangaa dragoon dueling the creature "watch out for Telk's attacks friend !" He would shout shooting a sort of smile before jumping in the air kicking the ball downwards at the creature to ensure it was pinned
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    The wandering warrior had welcomed the sights and smells of southern Corneria - her favourite turns, her favourite streets. Most importantly, her favourite food. In the pursuit of justice, there was little time for rest, so every break had to be treasured. And where the foulness within her allowed the warrior of darkness to withstand the jaws of fatigue, admitting her frailties and taking care of her physical needs made her human!

    ...that's how she rationalised finding herself sitting in front of a dumpling stand, devouring one delicious treat after another from the mini-lances they were speared upon. And these weren't just tasty; Dragoon Dangos also referenced a glorious tale of mythical warriors, and were incredibly simple to eat with one hand, too. Helmet in her lap and her sword obediently leaning against the stand itself, Ishtar watched the cook clean his little cooking station diligently. Business seemed slow at the moment. She'd probably left enough money to cover an entire day by herself, but still, she worried briefly that the next time she passed through here, the stand would have to close. Of course, that was no true concern to one with her mission. She could slay any beast, but not the monster that was supply and demand.

    None of her business, really. She thrust the tiny lance - so well crafted! - into her the plate precariously balanced atop her helmet, one dumpling remaining speared within, and reached for a small cup of water at the counter behind her. But ere she could take a sip, a mighty blast of flame exploded nearby them.

    In a blur of motion, she was on her feet, sending her food, her plate, and her helmet tumbling down. But she cared not - arm spread to the side, her sole thought was shielding the cook who she was towering over, the small Mithra lady's eyes going wider than Ishtar had ever seen on their kind. But she had to smirk at the image of herself, blotting out the sun, cape dancing in the turbulence of the cannon strikes.

    "Down with you, to cover I say!", Ishtar asked - no - demanded of the girl, as she turned to assess the situation. The familiar warmth washing over her in a wave. The righteous fire. This was Zann technology. She shuddered at the pleasure she knew - and bit her tongue in dismay. The same swift motion that drove her quick turn allowed her to dislodge her blade, and in bringing it to her shoulder, she led the tip over her helmet so that it caught on one of its many spikes and flipped it up - relinquishing the weapon briefly to snatch the helm from the air and secure it over her head. Not a second later, the disgusting filth spewed forth from a weeping earth.

    The transformation was complete as her face vanished behind the black visage of the Dark Errant - pillar of hope for the downtrodden, and breaker of the Tyrant's Claw. "Kishin!", she shouted, her voice distorted by her magiteknical helmet. "Rejoice! Today you face Ishtar Highwind!" The Dark Knight spun around, her blade serrating and seperating into many smaller shards, connected by resilient Zann wire rope, lashing out at the vilekin. "Today you earn your death!"
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  5. Tracking her hero had been hard. But she knew this was the place to find her. Excitement for finding the women that saved her made her smile. Oh how she longed for this day. To travel so far after training so hard. Nothing could ruin her day.
    She walked down the streets a skip in her step and hugging the beloved Vulcan. Ignoring the weird looks she got and comments she kept going. In her head thinking over everything and what she would say or do. But before she could even get close to finding her a loud noise sounded.
    Looking around to see people screaming she sighed sadly. Giving her Vulcan a hug and soft kiss she looked to the weapon and whispered softly to it.
    “No matter what I will not give up. I will find you. An hopefully that day I can make you happy and proud. “ she spoke while looking sadly at the weapon.
    Taking a deep breath she started to look around for people that needed help. Getting people to safety was goal one. Goal two to make sure no one was left behind.
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    ~Early Morning~
    After many days but seeming weeks of traveling and killing monsters he could defeat, the forest never ended Aelwin sneaking around in the forests of Zann he seemed to find to a clearing in the forest. A large road appear in-front of him there were a few actual people using this road. He stopped one of them asked where the road lead. They looked at him and said Confused this leads to Southern Cornelia the man offer Aelwin a ride. He thanked the man for his kind gesture and travel with him. They didn't speak much upon reaching the Massive city state of Cornelia. The man recommended to head to the most central part of Cornelia if he wanted a great mass of information, Aelwin thanked him, and asked one question. "Where would be a good place to go relax and rest for the rest of the day?" The man replied. "There are some good baths in Southern Central District may you live long." Aelwin nodded and bowed. "You as well sir thank you for your hospitality." Then Aelwin looked around for a map and located the quickest route to the Southern Central Distract it would have to be a bullet train and that would be a little while but he had nothing to do so he figured he'd go there.

    ~The Invasion~
    Aelwin went on his way to the day ahead of him. He took the bullet train to Southern Central Distracthe got off the train to go look for some bath house or just take a shower somewhere. He spent an hour looking around before the skies darkened and he heard the infamous sound of the Zann Airships quickly Aelwin pulled his Gunblade and readied for Kishin to start appearing. "By the King!?" he needed a plan of escape the Zann don't care who you are if your in the way your a problem. Aelwin thought. 'I can take the bullet train if the tracks haven't been blown yet.' He started to make his way to the train station as around the corner a Dual-horn slides into front of his path blocking his way. Aelwin scoffed. "Shall we get started insolent Hornling!" Then he shot the Dual-horns front right and back left leg with Ice Dust and started to move in with a charge!
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    The kishin, this one looking quite like it was made out of metal with blades growing out of it everywhere, looked over at the Bangaa as it dashed forwards. Its left hand (complete with blade-like fingers) held onto the Taru Taru by the cuff of its shirt, holding the poor thing in the air as the tall beast growled at Druskh, showing needle-like teeth to the handicapped warrior. It swung its body around, the giant blade which made up the entirety of the creature's right arm catching in between the prongs of his lance. With a snarl it swung the blade, pushing Druskh back. It then turned it's attention to the creature in its grasp, quite ready to feed upon the soul inside by slicing through the flesh.

    However, before he could do so, an explosion slammed into the things shoulder, and it swung around once more to see Telk in the air, his blitzball heading back and easily being caught by the Ronso. With the meal being interrupted one too many times, the kishin roared and threw the Taru Taru at the airborne Ronso before charging at the Bagnaa. The two blades that stuck up from its shoulders scraped against the metal, causing gashes in the roof as it cleaved its blade towards Druksh. The dragoon was able to leap back out of the way, but more and more slashes came his way, pushing him father towards the back of the hypertube car while the poor Taru Taru impacted with Telklk

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    Ishtar's opponent, one of many kishin that were seeming to overrun the area, was a large beast, and it stood up on its hind legs, snarling and roaring a challenge in reply to Ishtar's own. At that moment, a firey shell from a Zann airship above slammed into the ground between the two, causing a crater and a burst of flame to shoot up from said crater. This would break Ishtar's vision enough that the Kishin was able to leap through and land a heavy fist into the Dark Errant's chest. The impact would send her flying backwards, crashing through chairs, tables and umbrellas. By the time she landed and got to her feet, the kishin was once more charging towards her, the beast huffing as the feet and fists left craters where they hit.

    < @BloodySoulStealer >

    Athena's view would be that of many people rushing around, trying to get away from both the monsters that were coming from seemingly everywhere as well as the bombardment from above. Shells slammed into the ground, throwing both people and Kishins around, sending rubble and smoke into the air. However, before she could do anything to help, she would hear voices coming from behind her.

    It was a number of Zann soldiers, led by a sergeant, who looked at her from under their helmets and spoke. "That'll be our target." said the red-helmed sergeant who drew a single-edged gunblade from a sheathe, whereas his underlings each pulled out a sword or an autorifle. They spread out, with three riflemen moving to flank Athena, while the sergeant and two swordsmen moved forwards, weapons at the ready. "Surrender now and we won't have to hurt you before we bring you in." said the Zann sergeant, all five of them totally focused on Athena.

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    The kishin in front of Aelwin was again a four-legged beast, with a pair of large horns protruding from the thing's head. It roared at Aelwin, the ice dust-rounds shattering against the beast's legs and sprouting into iceflowers that froze the thing to the ground. Meanwhile, Aelwin surged forwards and slashed his sword on the kishin's head, causing a large gash on the tough skin. With a loud snarl, the kishin swung it's head which stabbed Aelwin in the shoulder and caused blood to flow as it bucked it's head, throwing him behind. It then quickly shattered the ice that held it and turned to face Aelwin once more, bearing teeth as it charged, looking to impale the man even deeper this time.​
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  8. Athena looked at the men slightly shaking. Turning to look at them all then looking at the sergeant. Taking a deep breath to clear her mind she started to try and find a way out of this mess she walked into. Taking on this many men at once was a bit scary when anything she fought to train was still pretty low. She had yet to get the chance to fight anything to big. An following her hero this far she could not give up without getting to see her. Sighing as she took a step back to give some space before looking to them all.

    "I... I need to find her... If you continue I will have no other choice but to hurt you all. So... please just leave me be..." After her words she started trying to mumble a ice spell. Anything in hopes to slow them down.

    Mind racing a bit she worried if the spell would work and if she could get away. Not about to give up her journey to find the women she desperately tracked so long to show her how strong she got. But this would be a bit different. Still trying to find anything around her to use to slow them down. She was not about to fight them all at once. The Sergeant had to be separated from his group or it would not be good. As to wish for good luck she held her Vulcan close.
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    "Thank you for your aid! Get the Taru Taru to safety! I handle this goon, this is no blitzball stadium, brave Ronso" Druskh yelled over to the unknown warrior with the uncanny Blitzball. Definitely strange to have a weaponized sportsball, but the Dragoon appreciated it in the moment. But still he didn't want poor civilians to get dragged into this!

    The dragoon grunted, the beast was ferocious and it was a horrid time to be hurt like this! He saw no other possibility but having to give it all of himself - even if it meant his life. "You wish to fight for life and death, grotesque beast?! Fine by me!" The Bangaa challenged the red-black metallic creature, getting into position to take a sprint-assault at the beast.

    "THUNDER SMITE THEE!" Druskh roared on top of his lungs as he channeled the very element he announced through his spear into it's tip to impale the monster with the thunderous powers he had learned at some point. Within his mind, he hoped that the metallic structure of the beast would be a great conductor and might burn it's insides... If there was any flesh to burn that was.
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    The Dark Errant groaned as she recovered from the blow, but before she even consciously decided to move, the tendrils of corruption within her had already brought her to her feet. She watched the monster charge and found herself grinning. It was wholly focussed on her - this would be a worthy battle, and so far, it seemed like the innocent were evacuating quickly. But somehow, the knightess would have to stop the bombardments, she knew. Lives and livelihoods were at stake!

    "A good punch! A true blow! Makes my heart sing! But enough talk for now - let the revels begin!"

    She dashed to the side in an attempt to dodge the crushing blow and get a solid strike vector, to bring down her greatsword on one of the creature's weak spots.
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