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Female Characters

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Zx Hero xZ, Dec 30, 2013.

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  1. God God Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry? Your logic is that SM is exactly like GoW because it was a 3rd person shooter with dodging and that is exactly what Max Payne was while ignoring that SM and GoW played really differently

    Of course, just because games share mechanics don't make them rip-offs but you don't seem to get that
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  2. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    It would be great if a mod would just close this thread. It's been done a million time and the OP is being openly hostile toward everything, and this is gone way too far off topic.
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  3. Zx Hero xZ Active Member

    Do you really want me to individually list every instance on how they are a carbon copy? I'm guessing a lot of people are arguing this point with me because they never have played GoW. But thats me guessing.
  4. Zx Hero xZ Active Member

    Just as hostile as you are to not having females in the universe because it upsets lore. You can easily just leave the thread if it upsets you.
  5. Zx Hero xZ Active Member

    But I agree lets end this for now. We all have our defining points and wont back down from.

    I apologize as coming off insulting or hostile. I just feel very passionate about this game and the topic. As do you all as well.
  6. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    The devs have said they want to stick with lore and probably won't implement them. You said the game would die specifically because of this. We've tried to be calm about it but everything we say is met with more accusation or condemnation.
  7. Kappa Kappa Prefectus

    They are different games with similar features based in different universes. Also on a different engine. They are not carbon copies. Edit: I agree either this thread should get back on topic or be closed
  8. God God Well-Known Member

    GoW was about taking cover and shooting at the enemy. The cover system was the only new thing GoW brought to the genre. SM was about wading into a group of 20 orks and beating them to pulp with a hammer

    They did not play the same
  9. I've played the first 3 gears of war (Havnt played judgement yet). SM is not an exact copy, it was most likley BASED on GoW but it is not stolen/ripped off/copied or whatever other excuse you may try to make. Just because games are similar does not make them copies. Copies are identical to the letter, do you see orks in GoW? Nope. How about Space marines fighting Cog soldiers? (if only) but no.
  10. As with Joram, I am washing my hands of this thread. It's been stated what actually is going to happen in regards to gender (this will not change), and I'm fairly certain that BeHavior realizes this will alienate a select few people who disagree, I'm sure this has been calculated into the games success and has been thought of deeply. BeHavior is a massive and successful company and didn't get there from doing things half-assed.

    It is clear this has devolved to being an issue of where a vocal minority disagrees with the majority, both in theory and in mechanics for success. Normally I would agree with Hero on this topic on 95% of other cases, but I think this is part of the 5% that I feel is an exception to the equality rule.

    As a parting comment:
    To name a few games whose success was not infringed upon by not including the other gender were, Gears of War, Halo (there was no sex customization for either elites or spartans, it's clear you were playing a male for all intents and purposes up until reach), God of War (there was blatant chauvinism here and plenty of women play third person action games, but the quality is good enough to where it was supremely successful regardless, I know it's a different genre but the principal still applies), Call of Duty, Killzone, Tribes: Ascend. There are infinitely more from this list, but the principal is the same, women are not as predominant in shooters regardless of if it's an MMO shooter and if they are I don't know of a single shooter that has ever failed from their absence.

    I'm going to start a thread to have everyone who comes by it post their gender, for the purposes of informing the EC community and educating all of us or confirming what most of us believe is the case already, Hero tell your lady and her friends to sign up if they want to play the game and let their voices be heard! :D

    CRIMSON SENTRY signing out of the thread

    Post Edit:
    1. Correction to the Gears of War comments, Gears of war was one of the most renowned TPS's to ever be created, therefore to model a game after their mechanics doesn't make it a copy. It just means they are following a successful model and expanding upon it, it's no different than Medal of Honor vs Call of Duty (<- they are both almost the same thing, don't even go there; they are minutely different). Scores of games are modeled after successful predecessors, making a game following a particular model is the evolution of a genre.

    2. The thread asking whether you are a Male or Female is in the "General Discussion" section and is called "Are you Male or Female?".
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