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Female Characters

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Zx Hero xZ, Dec 30, 2013.

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  1. 45% of a MMO playerbase? Or 45% of the Warhammer 40k:Eternal crusade playerbase....?
  2. Zx Hero xZ Active Member

    Are they not MMOs? they are. Good. So that means they are competing against each other.
  3. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    Not all women are like your wife or the other gamers you know. I know plenty of female MMO players who couldn't care less about it if it's a good game. Just calm down, man. You're making this far too dramatic. I'm sorry you can't play the game with your wife until SoB are implemented.

    I don't think anyone here cares about competing. We just want a solid game that gives a great version of Warhammer 40k. That's what the devs want and the community agrees.
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  4. Did I ever say I was fine with excluding around half the playerbase? I said that I didn't think it was that big of a barrier to have only male characters for some factions. Let's calm down, and try not to be rude. Also, what happened to 38%? Why is it 45% now?
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  5. Zx Hero xZ Active Member

    45% of the total gaming community.
  6. Zx Hero xZ Active Member

    38% was in 2012 I found the 2013 ESA and it was up to 45%.
  7. Kappa Kappa Prefectus

    Wasn't it 38% Anyway, a female option will be present for the Eldar, it is also possible with the SoB, Tau and the IG if they are implemented. Its not like this game will have no female option. The game isn't sexist and I don't think because only one faction has female characters at launch for lore specific reasons, these female players will just not play this game if they are 40k fans.
  8. Zx Hero xZ Active Member

    This game is very racist in nature. But I think the term you are looking for is sexist
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  9. Kappa Kappa Prefectus

    You got me there.
  10. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    Wait a second... you know this is not a action bar MMORPG right? you are mentioning 2 really different kind of games and i don't think those games share a common player base, of course some people will decide between them because time is limited but still... it's like if i say i won't be playing EC because i want to play CS:GO or The Witcher 3.

    Now i understand why you see so many female gamers, go to CS:GO or Arma and tell me :D
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