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Female Characters

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Zx Hero xZ, Dec 30, 2013.

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  1. Zx Hero xZ Active Member

    First off this isn't a thread asking for female SM or CSMs. We are merely trying to find out lore logical ways to implement them into all sides minus Orcs.

    So, if you came to rant about how females can't be SMs. No need to. Please be constructive.
  2. God God Well-Known Member

    I made a thread about female chaos marines once and it got 20 pages of hate lol. I doubt it. For now only Eldar will have a female option at launch
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  3. Brother-Atti Atti Well-Known Member

    Chaos have their Demonetts, maybe they will be available later.
    Pesonaly, I don't need a female option, but I'm male and play as Space Marine.
    Maybe the Sisters of Battle comes later too.
  4. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    No its lore specific, only Eldar will have females out of the 4 races introduced.

    Sisters of battle if they are added will have them, the name is a dead give away.

    Imperial guard yes and no it depends, got to discuss that one a bit into lengths.

    Dark Eldar will have them.

    And hmmm yes tau has them as well, but their distinction between male and female is pretty darn slim, Games workshop did not touch on the subject that much except give it a "yea there are female taus.

    So to summarize, we have. SM,CSM,SOB,IG,NECRON,DE,ELDAR,TAU,TYRANID,ORK so 10 races to check up on.

    Tyranids? = nope due to NPC, so we can just scratch it off the table and even if they were playable, its just alien beasts. 1.

    Space Marines? = nope due to a certain aspect that only males have lore specific, some sort of enzyme or chromosome, so another nope. 2.

    Ork?= nope, they are fungus no females recorded.3.

    Necron?= nope, reason is even if there were females everyone was introduced into one type of living steel body, they are organically no more...well rather said they are organic with their steel bodies, but not biological.4.

    Chaos Space Marines?= Nope due to sharing the same issues as Space Marines as well as mutated which makes gene seed re-usage frankly not possible to harvest, they are harder to reproduce in comparison to space marines.5.


    Now eldar, and dark eldar are from the same breed, both have male and female warriors but lets just say different aspect of life.

    so +2 for females in races.

    Sisters of battle are close to pure female only military of the ecclessiarchy, certain male warriors are allowed, but they are ranked officers more of then grunts and the like, so +3.

    And then we have Imperial guard, that is more of a community / Bhvr studios decision, lore supports them as part of the Imperial guard as a whole but they are not seen much of though.

    Tau fall in the same rank as IG regarding this, the subject is not touched on as much but in accordance to it all, they have added commander ShadowSun as a female commander though, but i dont think they did much to make the tau different in looks to compare with female or male of which is which, so its community once again and if Games workshop will allow them to modify the female aspect a bit so one can see a somewhat distinction.

    So 5 out of 10 races are a NO due to lore, 3 are YES due to lore, and 2 are wishy washy depends on how one wants to proceed because lore says yea they are there but its not seen or gone in depth, either in looks and difference or actions taken in battlefields.

    And lastly we got as one would say the approved but forgotten, i do not know how far it stretches, this is warhammer 40k lore...there is just so much lore to go through and fluff.

    For example for Chaos space marines they have a warband more or less, composed of fallen sisters of battle who were converted into chaos and now are lead by a former SoB who choose to seek out chaos in the first place

    Its not female chaos space marines but its one way to add females to the chaos faction.

    These type of "I allow it" by-passes exist a bit here and there if one is willing to dig deep enough and try to find it.
    So if all races are included, then you should stay clear from sisters of battle due to being mostly female only.

    Hope it helps.
  5. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    I honestly wouldnt like to see SM/CSM in the opposite sex. Theres just something off about it, its not sexism i just dont how to explain. There will indeed be Sisters of Battle later on from what the devs spoke, heck even Demons are said to be a post launch race.

    But id leave the current races as they are.
  6. God God Well-Known Member

    Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau, Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle and Daemons of chaos would have female characters, but all of this except eldar is far in the future

    Technically Necrons would also have women since they were an entire civilization turned into robots but you wouldn't be able to really tell
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  7. Kor'Phax KorethPhaxim Active Member

    The lore is the lore, and it is the fundamental part that makes Warhammer be what it is.

    I want to clarify something before I go ahead and write my opinion about this:

    Do not read the following text in an aggresive tone. I do not mean it like that. It is just an opinion.

    Warhammer 40k is the way it is. Only males as Astartes, a lot of races being "male only", or "maleish", like the orks, that even If genderless, are like manly green apes...

    This is Warhammer40k. And If you want it changed, you have a simple problem: You don't like Warhammer 40k.

    Because games are about that, about having a setting, an atmosphere, and "rules" within it. If those rules, If that fluff, If that "lore" is raped and changed constantly to make everyone happy, then it loses it's charm, it's uniqueness, it would become a boring, mixed, not true to itself bad game, bad background. (Like Warcraft turned to be, recycling and raping their heroes and main characters over and over and over, milking them till they did not have a drop of charm EVER ANYMORE, turning them into Loot Droppers.)

    It's like intending the "Sisters of Battle" to have also "Brothers of Battle" within the Holy Order just for marketing purposes. The Lore says NO, and it has it's reasons, it's sense.

    And that's the Lore. And that's the fluff. And it's what makes Warhammer 40k what it is, and the sisters of battle be what they are. It's yet another interesting and rich detail in their Lore.

    Warhammer 40k is like that. Take it, or leave it.

    To me, this is the order of priority that the companies, artists, etc, should focus on the things.

    Good quality product -> People Likes it ->Money
    Not like this
    Low quality product -> so a lot of people likes it -> Money

    If they worried more about the money, they WOULD make Female Space Marines to attract basically, and potentially, half the population of the world of players into their game, and you know what? It may backfire. It may ruin them because the loyal players would suddenly not recognise the game. They would not like the new changes, that were motivated for money, and their lore and fluff would be no more, probably losing a big chunk of their customers. They would lose me, at least.

    About the Imperial Guard having females, they do, and they are not even a real minority. Most of the Imperial Guard are people who are forced into the ranks because the grinding warmachine that is the IG needs of EVERY ABLE BODIED person who can wield and shoot mindlessly his or her lasrifle in massive numbers... women are perfectly capable of that, I am sure no one has any doubt of this. Women appear in novels and even in some games as Inquisitors. In the Imperial Guard there is NO gender restriction, so it could be a good faction to permit female players to feel more comfortable with their characters If they want to play also female characters.

    The TAU do have females, of course, and there are illustrated ones, although very few, probably just one, for now.

    I am the one to think that there should be more female apparitions in the races that do have female as a normalized part of their army. I would like to see more female Lady Generals (Instead of Lord General), or so forth, altho we have seen Planetary Governors (Dawn of War 2 series), but I also agree with the... let's say... apparent restrictive show of female characters in the official lore, because there are so many monkeys "in heat", that would just play or choose such things out of perversion, not as a nice part of the lore. We would have entire squads of perverts playing with females "to look at their ass", corrupting the atmosphere of a game by alienating the immersion with their lowly and childlish perversions. You all know this to be true.
  8. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    First of great post.



    Just kidding i just could not resist.
  9. Imperial guard have females :p
    they take everyone they can get thanks to those pesky commissars always executing everyone for morale boosters. There are also female members of the inquisition. In any event, chaos has all those crazy female things like the eldar that I can recall I forget what their called but they are there and their cray-cray!
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  10. Zx Hero xZ Active Member

    Korphax I understand where you are coming from. You don't want lore to be ruined and game integrity corrupted. Thia however is still an issue I love SM. Its who I've always been able to identify with them the most.
    That being said. I don't think its fair to alienate women into playing tau or eldar only to be a female. A compromise would be adding sisters right off the bat for the female counterpart. Chaos I'm still up in the air.

    failing to add basic stuff like this can cause a game to flop. SWTOR is a game that should be a lesson to future games failure to add basic options causes potential players to not be interested.

    Catering to only hardcore players is just as bad as catering to casuals solely. Balance is required.
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