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Feelings on patch 1.8

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Talron, Apr 5, 2018.


Do you like it?

  1. Fuck yes! This thing has changed the face of EC

  2. Not too shabby! I'm enjoying myself more now but it isn't game changing

  3. Neat but nothing more

  4. Meh, just another patch... Wait... A patch???

  5. Didn't help much and still needs tweaks.

  6. Why must you hurt me?

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  1. Screenshot (26).png Something like this would be beter.
  2. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

    Actually it is not, gaming theory and the fundamental basis behind it apply to all game types. You could also mention Planetside 2 or even diablo3 or any other game which gives you the option to choose different characters/roles but successfully establishes a need for them aswell. There is no oranges and apples behind the concept that i.e. you need a tank to hold someone or a healer to keep everyone alive. This can be easily transfered to other games like planetside 2 with a breacher class lets call it MAX and the respective Engineer or Heavy / Medic duo. Or in LoL the "tank/toplaner" and the "support-bottomlamer" or in Overwatch Tankish Frontliners and Supports. Ofc this established "two roles" model can be extended, depending on the game. Most games use the trifecta with DPS as a preset but there are outliners requesting even more specialisations. like D3 needing AOE Dps and Single target DPS. It is all about roles and niches and to include them in a gameplay to make them mandatory. People will pick this up if it is the way to victory.

    Eternal crusade in comparison (outside of the eldar faction) has very weak and redundant roles and there is no impulse for people - even if they want to, to go out of their way.
    You can win matches without a support (hello Orks) you can win matches without a JPA, without a GA, without AV (yes it will be slightly harder but not impossible, especially if the enemy team plays without solid AV aswell). You don't need a single devastator. The only thing which is the swiss army knive of EC is the tactical. Because it can cap and because it has the option to fullfill or overshadow every role with it's equipment choices.

    The tactical in EC is the selfhealing, dps Tank.
  3. [VI] Benjamin Benjamin9 Steam Early Access

    Either change the pace of the maps and make vehicles less reliant, As lady said the vehicles were designed for a different kind of game design, The vehicles are way to important, That is why the recovered Pegasus is so good vehicles aren't so important they are great for the start but once you cap A or B point and able to hold it the vehicles are not necessary to use for the rest of the match. You only need a rhino to cap C or use it as a flanking spawn. When i first played on the new Pegasus Both sides were praising it even the team that lost everyone loved the map, i was shocked that so many people loved the map and its a re skin and i like it. Carmine got more salt thrown at it because of the long run up towards C, This game needs smaller maps not bigger ones.
  4. And what this! Screenshot (27).png
  5. Damn good question. Someone did not do their Space Wolf Homework.
  6. CoLINn CoLINn Recruit

    -I guess the bolter change was good enough. It'll be interesting to see how the meta changes, though I'm not hopeful because no ranged weapons take as much skill as the bolter did, and none are as fun.
    -The new Pegasus is a nice change and a good map.
    -The necrotic chainsword nurgle lock was awesome to see. It's still extremely good, but now it's not the obvious choice for csm melee. I'm glad to see it not being spammed anymore.
    -The smart bolt pistol nerf was great, though the weapon should be removed from the game.
    -The stream of corruption buff was good but it's still not a viable spell. I'd be interested to see it's ailment increased by 50% and it's mana cost decreased by 50%.
    -The Eldar Autarch buff was good.

    -Eldar, especially the TLASC, didn't need any buffs. The TLASC needed a slight DPS decrease.
    -Melta bomb bundle still needs to be removed. Even after this AV change, Eldar are still able to destroy vehicles just as fast. The AV changes have actually negatively effected other races more than they have negatively effected Eldar.
    -Another ticket map is not needed or wanted.
    -The new Pegasus is too cramped and doesn't have good enough flanking routes or entrances into capture points. I understand this is a hard obstacle to overcome on such a small map, but I know it can be done.
    -The Sternguard's extra ammo shouldn't have been taken away. It was a bad enough weapon before because it did less DPS than the bolter at the time, and now it's completely useless unless you like the looks enough to heavily handicap yourself.

    -I was really hoping for the 5v5 map to be released.
    -I look forward to seeing what changes were made to Pro Mine. Hopefully nothing major other than spawn location improvements, more routes out of starting spawn areas, and a little more cover between capture points, because I really liked the last iteration of the map.
    -I was looking forward to smaller maps. Even just already existing maps that were cut in half and edited a little would have been nice.
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  7. NurgleBurger NurgleBurger Steam Early Access

    I main SoC on my sorc and I can't honestly tell any difference. Still a very good disruption spell and it can make an over ambitious vet poop it pants if you don't let them near you.
  8. Just wanted to chime in, better late than never, that I feel good about this patch. I certainly appreciate the fact that both the reworked pegasus station and the carmine ascent somehow load much quicker and more reliably, which is a welcome sight for my potato laptop.

    Can't say much about the tweaks, as I don't use bolters as an ork (though I'd loot one, hurhur), nor do I have a skip launcha yet, but I've noticed that muhreens engage a bit differently, but still shoot us dead, so there's that.

    I'll say that I love the amount details in the Carmine Ascent - with the thunderhawk up top of A and other bits other's have shown me, as one doesn't really have the chance to admire it all in one go with all the fighting going on, and love the feel and rooftop combat of the reworked Pegasus Station. Some people I've noticed to pour salt in buckets over Carmine Ascent, and though it is tough as an attacker, most complaining happened with imbalanced teams, given the low playerbase.

    Overall, I'm liking the patch and I await the next one.
  9. Popoolo ruititadiogo Steam Early Access

    About map size.... the problem is the times nor the map size. More time and more defence spawn and more points in that map.

    The only times i want the match to end is when im being stomped by Bro-Collin. (Joke)

    Rui M.
  10. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    Lets see TLSC vs tactical ttk - 1.02 seconds
    Stormbolter vs DA ttk - .85 seconds
    CQC Bolter vs DA ttk - 1.03 seconds

    and the TLSC needs a nerf?

    Also melta bundle = still whining.
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