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Feelings on patch 1.8

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Talron, Apr 5, 2018.


Do you like it?

  1. Fuck yes! This thing has changed the face of EC

  2. Not too shabby! I'm enjoying myself more now but it isn't game changing

  3. Neat but nothing more

  4. Meh, just another patch... Wait... A patch???

  5. Didn't help much and still needs tweaks.

  6. Why must you hurt me?

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  1. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    So even after reading your reasoning I still can't fathom how you think double melta is to strong when it takes 2 melta bombs and a blast from a melta gun and still takes more time to kill a rhino than a single melta bomb and melta gun on wave serpent (granted still easier to just lascannon a WS but still)

    I mean not only have we hit the point where the only class who's SPECIFIC role is to destroy armor being worse than a tactical marine, but the Fire Dragon now gets to spend 100 LP more to be inferior, if only a smidge than that tactical marine.

    And yet the marines? still whining
  2. NurgleBurger NurgleBurger Steam Early Access

    All the things I don't like about it, I cant really complain as I had more than enough opportunity to play test it before it dropped but anyway, Its a big/not too shabby patch from a very small team. Gotta give kudos for that.

    Also Nurgle got some love HUZZAH!
  3. Dharchaon81 Dharchaon81 Arkhona Vanguard

    Like the effort of the 2 remaining, many thanks for that.
    Also the interest some were showing and even returning to the battlefield of EC.

    Got my only chance on "Carmine Ascent" (dont do the UAT by myself) today and I found it awsome.
    A new fresh piece for a game-mode which is stuck between maps which can be loved & hated:p
    Felt like not the typical one direction fight from A to C (D).
    Lol about the ingame chat full of "where to go for B???" :D
    I am very interested in some thread for this map, with the communities opinion and tactics.

    Just read some positive feedback about the Sand-Pegasus, which I will take for sure with no look,
    because I liked the EC game-mod on the smaller maps like Olipsis and/or orig. Pegasus.

    For sure it is a bit sad to have such a low population, but the reasons are old and not worth to be re-written.

    Finally I would wish everyone a nice weekend and have as much fun as you gain out of this game.

    Please stay smart'n'nice at ingame chat and forums as well :oops:
  4. my only problem with carmine ascent it's that i wish it was all connected just one big massive building and that its a bit too big aside from that love it and the look
  5. Poi Poi Drill Abbott

    Da only fing AV-wise I noticed iz dat an extra strong klaw attack is needed t' krump a tank after a super stikkbomb. 'Ardly gamebreakin'. I 'aven't ran into any orange gitz yet so take dat as ya' will.
    I'z noticin' a lot more 'umiez usin' dat "Stormbolta". I kan understand da want fer more dakka.
    Da new map iz 'uge an' easy t' defend. Stormboyz and da like recommended. It'z a bit too easy t' wander into one uv da spawnz at A so dat needz t' be looked at.
    Less spiky gitz wif dat one chainsword runnin' around. 'Aven't noticed many uv dem wif da new choppa.
    I needz t' put more time into dis update. Shame I missed da rally today. Good fing I'z got some 'umie disguisez t' use.
  6. Mpak Mpak Steam Early Access

    Turn off invulnerability when rolling and shooting at grenades
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  7. KIDDIN DA KRUL Kidding3mp3ror Steam Early Access

  8. [VI] Benjamin Benjamin9 Steam Early Access

    That's one of the problems with EC is its to reliant on vehicles, any race can GG transports with an AV squad. But Eldar players countered that changed with just bringing more fire dragons which any race can do. JUST USE SOME DAMN TEAM WORK FOR ONCE. Anyway, the new bolter i like how it feels, more towards of what its suppose to be, and not a hip firing SMG. New maps are great but Carmine is hard on new players and pubs. The balance changes are great to, No more Vets getting one shotted. Keep it up guys loving it.
  9. pinky EternalPink First Blood!

    Only real difference I've noticed is the popularity of storm bolter now, yet to actually get a game for the new map
  10. I'm starting to think vehicles should need like 5 meltabomb to be destroyed. This is the only way to make them feel like tanks and not crappy paper boxes.

    And it will decrease the importance of vehicle duty, which right now counts for 60% when winning a match. Which is waaaay too much.

    Also it will force people to team up to bring down a TANK (rhinos included) without one lonely bitch winning the match for everyone.
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