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Feed back or BUG in PvE

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by ut40kgeodav, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. ok just started playing and the biggest bug going is there

    trying to have a game but 1 guy has started so when i login in we can't go any thougher due to this 1 guy who is afk and blocking everyone else

    can't people be disconnected after 5 mins

    chatted with a few others who was trying to play and this one guy has been blocking the game for over an hour !!!!
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  2. Meatball Meatball Steam Early Access

    Aye, this happens quite frequently actually, i submitted a suggestion a while ago, however, this case might be actual afk and not alt tabbing and doing other stuff.
    Here it is if you want to drop by and take a look.
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  3. Votekick, there you go :D
  4. ok been away for a week , comeback want to play and the SAME F***ING IDIOT is still blocking one of the game modes, don't you people check anything !!!!!!
  5. Dan3D Member

    Good thing that I am deaf.... :p

    Everyone, I had been AFK while in PVE lobby with full team.. my baby son cry and I had to grab him then try my best to get back to pc without my wife notices and quit PVE before game start ( 5 sec left from 120 sec ) feel guilt to leave but I unable to play Eternal Crusade with my baby on my arm and my wife burn a holes in back of my head.

    Maybe there are other person who have same or similar story as mine. And unable to leave the Lobby ( they might gone to buy a milk)
  6. Does this happen as often when the queue times are short? Just curious.
  7. Selke Selke Member

    the pve is nice but total BUGY. The eturneal endlesspawn of up to 40 Eenemys suck the Amo like wather.
    The to the lousy programmed spawn Delta and Beta are allmost unbeatebal with an newkommer team or a new caracter. It is no wonder that les than 10% of the Player play Pve because it is just a broken pice of crap in ther eyes.
    I like the idea behint the PvE model, but the developer team got no Expirinece how to handel the PvE. First you must understand how player think about PvE.

    1) PvE must be rewording 4k for normal is ok but so shod gife allso boni for Warriorkilles or speed.
    2) Normalmode must be handbal as newcomern or newcaracter
    3) Hardmode must be a chalange.
    4) balacing of Amo and Tyranide is a must hawe!

    So i tell you how in my eyes the layers can be mash mor interesting.
    1) First stop the endelsspawn in the crayphases limit the Tyranides in a section to an max a respawns
    2) in normalmode many newcaracter with NO wargear are in so skip the lilit of resupise my do not know how to bild a pve setup
    3) Balace the Warriors in Normalmod to the max amo and firepower of beginners. 30 Bolt from 5 Player shod kill the beast that is a basic damage of 5*30*30 with a armorpirsing 80 so so the beast shod not take mor than 4500 damage including it´s damagreduktion. in the moment the Warior got allmost no damage form an Bolter or chaimswort. so may be it´s taffins is mash to high for beginners
    4) in a hold the position to activate mission an endlisspawn is ok but remamber the Player got 30 Bolts and must reload or resuply so the time betwin 2 spawns must be acurat. Its not good if tyranides die instand respawon or worst just spawon all 10 sekens up to 40 or more oponents. So lilit the beasts numbers and spawntimer in a handebeal wey. an exsampel maid be that
    5) the Spawns in Gama pat 2 are ok like thay are so do not thash tham thay are total perfect like it is.

    Now to the Hardversion.
    1) Limit the resuplais to 1 for eash player/Box
    2) Let the warriors like thay are now
    3) Set the timer up and place in all Part 1-2 Warrior
    4) Ingrise the Xp up 8k basic to a layer + Boni for Warriorkilles and Speed.
    5) Endles respwan ok but max all 15 Sekens and max 3 Tyranides per player

    Hoppe you see that i trayed a lot of mathe in matixes befor i was writhing the staff hire.
    Rigth now the Eldar are the Worst PvE.Faction. there tankunit is missing and the reaper/lounsher and firedragons are no big help by killing the Trashmops but a musthawe to kill warriors rigth now.

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