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Fearsome Tyranid Appearance

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Droguza, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Droguza Droguza Active Member

    To start off, I have personally NEVER felt terror looking at a Tyranid unit. Wether it be a miniature or artwork. For all their lore and special rules... There is something about their well rounded appearance that feels familiar. The kind of familiar feeling I get from a cartoon.

    When I stack them against the Aliens from... Well, the Aliens franchise ( ripely, vs. Predator etc. ) I can't help but feel they lack something. If I look at the Alien Queen from the Movie Aliens, there is something unsettling about her face, and her movement. Perhaps it's her arrangement, or coloring, of her teeth. Maybe I can't understand why she moves the way she does, BUT on some level I know it's headed towards a great killing tactic. The Hive Tyrant from DoW 2 however? I call him Jeff. I have common human names for all his pets. It goes further than videogames... The tabletop as well. When I look at models, I think it could be as simple as detail...

    Does anyone else feel Tyranids just aren't as terrifying as they could be? Could this game use the graphics required to make a darker Tyranid force? The kind you would typically need to imagine while reading their literature?
  2. Bernardus Relative Well-Known Member

    I dunno. Tyranids seem pretty scary to me.
    They will rip open your tanks and terminators with equal ease. They have numbers and speed.
    Maybe it's because they're colored like delicious snacks that make them less frightening than the lubricated black carapace of the Alien xenos.
    The Queen Alien from Aliens is basically a Carnifex in combat.
    I'm all about the bugs and stomping of them!
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  3. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

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  4. Tureilim Tureilim Prefectus

    Agreed. Seems just fine. And that's even before any details come to the light.
  5. Perhaps its that "sense of danger" that Tyranids have lacked in the tabletop & video games. Looking down at a table of minatures isnt exactly threatening, the closest "scary" tyranids have become is in space hulk, and honestly they move like robots and walk straight lines. Tyranids havnt been properly represented in any game or form of entertainment. Once your in Eternal Crusade and your fellow war buddy gets ripped into two peices by a warrior as blood sprays from his corpse, or a swarm of hormagaunts stab you repeatidly to death in a horrifying graphic execution I think the fear and panic will set in. I certainly hope theyll have special scary event music and sound effects for when the tyranids surface and attack!
  6. KillSlim KillSlim Prefectus

    I have to agree, their lore isn't fully lived up to in any sense, not in the TT by any stretch. However I think in time (unless the devs find a way to make Tyranids more than a pest) the Tyranids will just be like AI mobs that arrive in waves. People will learn to deal with them in time, unless as I said, the devs can make them adapt or unpredictable. I'd personally love to see Gargoyles realized, would be interesting to see how they're tackled in 3D space in EC.
  7. Bernardus Relative Well-Known Member

    The sounds! They need some hideous high pitch raptor screams or deep lionlike growl sound effects. Claws on metal footsteps, the impacts on armor needs to sound like a pickaxe going through a car door and then being yanked out! And the acid and furtive movement in the dark! If there are actual dungeons, keep them clever like in Space Hulk where they had rules for Lurking!
    Okay sorry. I just wanna be scared of the Nids while I Stormbolter their faces.
    Got lost in nerd emotions. :eek:
  8. I do feel that the white/purple scheme lacks a bit in the way of fearsomeness, I think that a darker shading would add to the horror factor of the nids.
  9. Well, teddy bears are one of the most common cuddly presents... yet if anyone here has actually seen a wild bear up close while its not in a friendly mood and you were unarmed.... I'm pretty damn sure you'd be running for the hills. That said... If you were to even see a neon pink polkadotted nid warrior in real life and you were unarmed... I'm pretty sure youd be damned scared too.
  10. Blood God Kaos Active Member

    Running is a bad idea, bears can run 3x faster than humans, and for 10x longer. And they can climb trees better than you, your only hope for surviving a bear encounter is to intimidate the bear into backing down and leaving you alone. Note that this will not work most of the time if it is a mother bear with a cub, in cases of mother bears with their cubs you have to exude that you are confident that you can and will kill her if she charges you, but at the same time you back off and leave her and her cubs be. I highly recommend having a s&w 500 or 600 on your person if you are out where you can run into bears.
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