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Favourite Of The 4 Announced Chapters

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Khanistrello, Oct 16, 2013.


Which is your favourite of the 4 announced chapters

  1. Space Wolves

    1,033 vote(s)
  2. Dark Angels

    931 vote(s)
  3. Blood Angels

    707 vote(s)
  4. Ultramarines

    562 vote(s)
  1. Thresh Phelan_Stonewolf Well-Known Member

    You know, I haven't read any of the Heresy books. Honestly, I've only read the first three Space Wolves novels and I think one other that were in the first run of Black Library books when they first came out. Oh, and The Fang. Have a lot of catching up to do :p
  2. Lonesamurai Lonesamurai Steam Early Access


    Brother, you must read them, they contain vital information about why we fight for the All father!
  3. FenriR Member

    Парни! У меня к вам такой вапрос: за какой орден лучше играть?
    У Кровавых Ангелов - броня крутая (красная) , они жесткие штурмовики и рукопашники (хотя я не очень люблю идти в ближний бой) , и у них не уничтожена родная планета) , у Темных Ангелов - герб классный (меч с крыльями) , они тоже мощные штурмовики , и они круты и в дальнем бою , и в ближнем. За волков я вообще нихочу идти , а у Ультрамаринов - блестящая чистая, позолоченая бронька , они всегда верны кодексу астартес , у них империя в империуме - Ультрамар , и Примарх жив (хотя и в стазисе) , планета целая. Ну так кого-же выбрать????
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  4. ME_2K11 New Member

    Ultramarines, duh
    Guilliman was good friends with Ferrus
    And of them, Manus was the key. Implacable. Unshakeable. If he was at your side, he would never break.
    Now, it seems, he is gone. Gone. Dead. Brother. Friend. Warrior. Leader. Ultramar’s most stalwart ally.
    from Know Now Fear
  5. Dark Angels, because I have all ways liked them along with honourable knights who keep mysterious secrets.
  6. Jedidiah Zeb Subordinate

    That's kinda hard for me, But I'll go with Ultramarines. Because really, who wouldn't love superpowered space romans? As an aside, I think they should have gone with some of the other chapters"or at least included imperial fists" but this is a nice lineup so far.

  7. I don't understand a single word said there.

  8. only Space Wolves save imperium
  9. Kitsunegari Kitsunegari Subordinate

    For Sanguinius, baby <3
  10. Gerhart Member

    Ultramarines, no Sons of Dorn so I'll go with the best ;) .

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