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Favorite Warboss/warlord

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Charli3, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    totally wrong! it must be a cardboar with "humie azzazzin" write on it!
  2. DreadForce83 DreadForce83 Well-Known Member

    I know, I saw "Boreale's Adventure" with "Scout Sergeant Krom" in the lead role, but hey, diversity is a virtue. :D
  3. Uzgub Glowgob Uzgub Active Member

    Datz a rought tough decisshun dat iz hmm.....fer meh Iz would follow Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub or Mekboss Buzzgob, Iz wouldn't want ta follow da Mighty Mangler iz weird not crazy!
  4. Rickmar Rickmar Subordinate

    Meez votes for bluddflag
  5. Henribar Henribar First Blood!

    I'd like Ghazghkull 'cause h´is da prophete of da Waaagh!

    I'd like Tuska too ´cause h´is not affraid and he kill da deamons. :cool:
  6. Me like boss snikrot. Just because es sneakee. E nows ow to kut some throats.
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  7. Goregutz gotz ta be me favarit.
  8. Gromnig Segersgia Subordinate

    Wantin' ta bring back diz diskussion!

    Been reading on some bosses again. Been liking Grukk so far, but my favorite would probably be Bluddflagg! You can't beat the kunnin' dat Boss had!

    Before people say that Grukk sucks as a Boss, may I remind you that he destroyed an entire Space Marine chapter, took down a drop pod and massacred the crew inside of it, and pretty much got his title by ripping the face off his former Warboss. And to people saying that he's dead, didn't a Nob squad find his Trukk with him still breathing inside of it?
  9. Oi, we da orkz we dunt do dat necromancy crap you tellin to pull dair ya git
  10. Gromnig Segersgia Subordinate

    It ain't Nekromancy, prabably. Maybe da Boss waz bored an' took a nap!

    EDIT: still can't figure it out if he actualy is still alive. Some sources yes, other say no. I need to find the chronology of the events. The ONE TIME 40k wiki is usefull, they don't have an article about it!

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