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Favorite Non-confirmed Founding Chapter?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Commissar, Oct 18, 2013.


Who are the most awesome?

  1. Imperial Fists

  2. Salamanders

  3. Iron Hands

  4. Raven Guard

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Iron hands for me
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  2. ME_2K11 New Member

    Be As Iron, Brother :)
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  3. Imperial Fists hands Down. Although Black Templars are my favourite chapter, derived from my love for Imperial Fists. I truly hope black templars will be added to this game as a playable chapter. They embody a truly eternally crusading chapter ^^
  4. DanB24 DanB24 Subordinate

    And slightly heretical as there are rather more than the statutory 1000 of them ;)
  5. Tyranthius Tyranthius Well-Known Member

    I like the Raven Guard personally...
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  6. It is rumoured we have around 6,000 Astartes, brother. The Inquistion has cast its glances our way, only to be shown our zealous loyalty to the emperor and crusading against the enemies of the Imperium > : )
  7. Icehail Icehail Preacher

    I think it needs all the chapters and you can determine yourself which order to do

    or not?
  8. None of those listed are "First Founding Chapters", They are First Founding Legions
  9. Latorian Latorian Subordinate

    Salamanders, defending who ever when ever.
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  10. Thresh Phelan_Stonewolf Well-Known Member

    While true, the way he phrased it is still correct. They are no longer Legions even if they began as such, so they are the Chapters that were part of the original founding as Legions. Other Space Marines can claim to have been part of the first founding but their Chapters cannot as they are descendants of the core Legions.

    I'd wager quite a few Chapters loiter above the cap a bit, but not the numbers the Templars probably have.

    I'm sure many people had complete faith in Horus as well, and look where that landed us.

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