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Fate Of Yriel

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Dec 20, 2014.

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    OOC: This 'RP' is more of collaborative story writing between @Casavay and myself. So joining will be rather impossible as we do it in a similar style as @Banshee & @Jorimel with 'The Song Of Kythramil' if you are though very good with chaos and still interested, please PM the both of us and we shall discuss. Please bare in mind that the RP will continue as we have time and desire.

    A group of cultists were gathered in a circle, together with the leader they were nine. He held a book, it looked old with the symbol of Tzeentch on it's cover. The name read 'Sorceress Yriel'. "Today, my dear scholars. I will read you the story of Yriel. Someone who was chosen at a seemingly random encounter by a Lord Sorcerer who had served even back during the Great Heresy under Magnus The Red, and created Yriel from a once regular human being who believed in the God-Emperor. But we, those that know the truth of Tzeentch, we know that nothing is random." The leader said, the cultists nodding in quiet agreement, them being mixed male and female mortals, all in their early twenties whereas the leader was around eighty, if not far older. Hair has naturally fallen out, wrinkles covering the face completely, the eyes always tired.

    He opened the book slowly, starting to read.

    ~~ Several Years Ago ~~

    "Arani has left on his own quest, my little flower." Lykus informed his student. "We had been long in the warp and I believe it is time for us to leave once more. The book we recovered back on Kaireth describes a place of wisdom. Not the Black Library which Ahriman hunts so dearly, but .... A repository, forgotten in time. Would you like to go there, Yriel?" As usual he wore his mask and robes, staff holstered on his back, bolt pistol in a holster beneath his robes, along with books in the inside pockets, a pouch of runes and other items. His power armor gauntlet stroking the cheek of the young Sorceress, who has learned so much since they left Kaireth, gently. She was as beautiful in her own right, a rose in a field, and he was her thorns.

    The place around them was anything but a paradise, at least for the regular eye. They were in the middle of a wasteland, the three had traveled here upon Arani Sufaldis request. The thunderhawk engines still glowing in the distant, the Alpha Legion emblems not visible anymore. It only appeared like a sun moving further and further away through the distant flames the engines spat into air. Not even Lykus would know where his former student and Daemonology expert would be taken. But he knew that Sufaldi had enough experience with Tzeentch that living among the master-liars of all legions would feel quite a natural habitat.
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