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FAQ, New to the game? Read this!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Elector, Nov 28, 2016.

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    Field manual for new recruits

    aka “The Eternal Infantrymans Uplifting Primer”


    EC’s melee system works like Rock, Paper, Scissors.

    There is light attack (Rmb once), Dbash (parry+stun, Click RMB+LMB) and Heavy attack(hold Rmb).

    Light attacks counter Heavy attacks, Dbash counters light attacks and Heavy attacks counter Dbash. Use them wisely and read your opponent.

    Melee friendly fire is deactivated however it does stagger friendly's.


    Using two attacks of the same type will result in a “clang”.

    E.g. if you and your enemy both use a light attack, your weapons will “clang” as a result of you both “parrying” each others hit.

    Clanging (and dbashing in general) will reduce your melee weapons durability. If your durability gets reduced to zero, you will get stunned.

    With the upcoming patch, you will get a big warning before you reach zero durability, granting you one free hit. After that, your weapon breaks and you are not able to swing or use that weapon anymore until it has regenerated (see weapon regeneration in the Weapon Stats).


    EC’s ranged is fairly simple, use CTRL or Middle Mouse Button to aim and left mouse button to shoot.

    All classes in the game currently have an option for a ranged weapon, whether it's a bolter, a pistol or flickering fire magic.

    You can fire on the move too, without aiming, with greater spread and less accuracy, of course.

    Ranged weapons can not be used during Sprinting.

    Some weapons do come with alternative fire modes like the Bolter (X to change mode) from full auto to 3 round burst fire.

    Unlike Melee ranged weapons do hurt your allies as friendly fire is enabled.

    There is only one type of ranged weapons that can lock-on (aka “auto-aim) to enemies like melee, called Smart Pistols, they do trade that lockon for damage.

    Heavy Weapons like the Heavy Bolter e.g. also have a setup time before firing, you can cancel this one out by aiming before firing.

    Any ranged weapon can be braced against/on low cover, greatly increasing accuracy and reducing spread/recoil. To brace, just walk up to a cover and hit the middle mouse button (the game will prompt you to brace, when you are close to a permitted cover).

    Skill Trees:

    Gaining XP (Experience Points) ingame will earn you Advancement Points (AP) that you can use in the advancement tree to unlock new skills (spells), equipment or make equipment have reduced LP costs.

    Remember though that certain unlocks are required to have a minimum Rank to unlock. The game currently features 6 ranks, each gained by a certain amount of XP.

    The rate of XP to AP is 333 XP to 1 AP.

    You gain 15% more EXP when near Squad Leader Marks. So stick to your squad!


    Boxes can be found in the store and hold a large quantity of Weapons, Skins for Weapons and attachments for them.

    Boxes can be bought with Requisition (see below).

    Remember to buy boxes in order, starting with the boxes that cost 1k and working your way up. Eventually a box will no longer be buyable even if you try, that means you already own all of the items inside of it and the game will notify you of that.
    EDIT: Supply Box rewards no longer overlap across boxes, allowing players to directly target items from each tier. You shouldn’t be getting the same rewards if you already have them; if you are, this is a bug and needs to be reported!
    Thank you @Barkteef for adding this!


    Standard Ingame currency. Is earned through regular Play at the same rate as EXP(experience points) and is used to buy equipment/boxes in the ingame Store.

    This currency is marked Purple.


    Rogue Trader Coins/Credits/Currency: ingame currency that can be bought with reallife money or earned through campaigns, 2500 for a victory and 1500 for a loss.

    RTC are used for Cosmetic-only Items, like armor pieces or unique weapon skins.

    With the exception of one Weapon (Abaddons Grace), all weapons are on par with the normal weapon you get ingame. They are all master crafted tier.

    You are buying Cosmetics only and no p2w.

    (Abaddons Grace is slightly better than a normal mastercrafted Autocannon due mods for Autocannons not being implemented yet).

    This currency is marked Golden.


    Loadout Points: Each class has a maximum allotment of 1000 LP (exception: Veteran Classes with 1400 LP).

    Weapons, Armor and equipment in general do cost a certain amount of LP, e.g. a Bolter costs 300 LP, the second Tier Armor for Chaos costs 250 LP.
    You are able to edit your loadout and equip your character to your playstyle with above mentioned limitations. You are able to reduce the LP cost of your standard weaponry via the advancement system (the skill tree).

    Objectives: PTFO

    In every missions so far, there are up to 4 objectives that are supposed to be captured.

    For each time you capture an objective for the very first time in that match, you (or your enemy, if it is the enemy's job is to capture them while you have to defend) will gain an additional amount of minutes to play on that map, giving you more time to win.

    The amount of time gained depends on the map (7 minutes on Fortress Maps / 5 min on Capture the Flag Maps /3 min on Chain Capture Maps).

    It is therefore highly important for the attacking team to focus on getting each objective at least once a game to maximize the time/chance to win a match.

    You can see your matches progress in the top, showing a little bar. When the bar reaches full, the game is won for the attackers. If the time runs out before the bar has been filled up, the defenders win. On fortress maps the attackers also win when the defenders are out of lives and the last defender dies.

    Fortress Maps do have a slightly different approach as attackers still have to capture points and gain game-time, but defenders are limited to a set amount of tickets/lives per match, which is shared amongst the whole team.
    Each death deducts one life of those tickets and if the tickets reach zero, defenders won’t be able to respawn.

    EDIT: If the defenders tickets run out and the last defender dies, the match is lost and the attackers dont have to wait for a capture timer.
    Credit goes to @BrotherDamnatus and @Cegorach for confirming.


    As with any team-based game, communication IS the key for a successful game.
    Make sure to announce enemy technicals/vehicles via the chat (ingame voice will be implemented soon again).

    Report enemy attacks on points, advice friends of heavy weapon encampments and try to work together.
    Remember to mark targets by press “q” short while aiming at the target or hold “q” to set a temporary waypoint (permanent for Squad Leaders).

    Waypoints set by Squad Leaders will grant each squad member fighting or staying close 15% bonus xp. Squad leaders get exp when squad members complete objectives they mark.

    Stay and work together as a squad.

    Squad Leaders also carry Banners giving buffs depending on the chosen banner, to squad members close-by.


    Each faction has 3 different vehicles, one Heavy tank (used to destroy gates on fortress maps) one Light tank (used to destroy transports or anti infantry) and one transport vehicle (Rhino, Trukk or Wave serpent).

    The transport vehicles work like sunderers from Planetside 2, they are movable spawnpoints for your squad, place them strategically and keep them alive as they are vital to winning a match and you only get a few of them.

    Spawn a Heavy tank on a fortress map and go ham on the gates! It takes a couple of seconds to charge up the shot but it can one hit turrets and all infantry.

    Light tank, for example the predator has a smaller blast radius on its shots and requires a team to control, one driver one main gunner and 2 secondary gunners. When used correct it can be very effective at hunting transports and hostile infantry.

    A cooldown prevents mass spawning of vehicles and only a limited amount of vehicles is available any given time after which they have to go through a cooldown.


    The game hosts a specific system to know how many hits you can take before you go down.

    For a very well detailed explanation, watch here:
    Credits go to @Arteek for the amazing video!

    For those not having the time:

    Toughness governs how much damage you take from a damage source, while Penetration makes sure that high toughness targets don’t take reduced damage.

    E.g. If you have 140 Toughness you take reduced damage from a Bolter (Penetration 100) but you will take normal damage from any Power or Plasma Weapon (Penetration 140)


    Eternal Crusade features a multitude of different weapons, each of them fit for specific roles.

    Make sure to get to know most, if not all of them, to be aware of which weapons is best for the job that needs to be done.

    Melta/Fusion Weapons: those weapons excel at destroying tanks. Make sure to also equip Melta Bombs if possible if you want to go tank hunting (Melta Bombs cant be thrown very far but stick to vehicles!). They can be used against infantry too, but lack range for medium to large engagements.

    Plasma /Power Weapons: Those weapons are excellent against heavy armored infantry targets as they have superior penetration. While Power Weapons are melee weapons, Plasma Weapons are ranged weapons and can be shot in short bursts or charged for AoE damage. These weapons can also damage Vehicles.


    The game offers some additional damage sources, that applies either a DoT (damage over time) effect on the target or a debuff. For DoT’s there is an initial damage effect and a maximized damage effect. For maximized damage effect, the target has to be hit several times (at least twice) to apply the full effect. The target can see its ailment status on the bottom right as a bar.

    Heat: The targets suffer additional fire damage over time. Ignores Armour and applies directly to health. Can be stacked for greater effect. Works against vehicles.

    Poison: The targets suffer additional poison damage over time. Ignores Armour and applies directly to health. Can be stacked for greater effect. Getting healed also reduces current stacks of Poison at a higher rate. Does not work against vehicles.

    Gravity: Grav weapons work like fusion or melta weaponry, only that they slow the enemy and suppress but do not apply a strong DoT like the melta does. Grav Weapons are Loyalist Space Marine exclusive.

    If you are having trouble facing melee you should try the Grav weaponry, as the enemy will have a harder time reaching you or closing the gap due to being slowed.


    You can modify most weapons to your liking, with increasing damage, penetration, durability, accuracy, ammo, range or reducing recoil/spread.

    The bolter e.g. has the highest amount of mods with bigger magazines or sniper barrels.

    You can turn the bolter into many roles to support your playstyle: Long distance engagements or close quarters combat? It is all up to you!

    Credits go to:

    @phantagor for bringing the Heresy back into this awesome piece of Infantrymans Pride!

    @Kang for adding his Commissarial approval seal to declare this as essential for every man on the field.

    This was a project we did together thanks to everyone who participated!
    EDIT: Requesting stickie @KatieFleming @Asheru
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  3. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

  4. guess that needs a sticky
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  5. Dorfus Dorfus Steam Early Access


    wait wait where will I get my 30+ kill streaks from now?! crap!
  6. phantagor phantagor Eternal Battles Moderator

    The discussion was also to add pictures to help explain things.

    Are those needed or is the text itself good enough?
  7. Barkteef Barkteef Steam Early Access

    Very nicely done! Sure wish I had this back when I first picked up the game. :)

    Also, two small things you may want to change.
    First regarding boxes, this is straight from the patch notes of content update one.

    -Supply Box rewards no longer overlap across boxes, allowing players to directly target items from each tier. You shouldn’t be getting the same rewards if you already have them; if you are, this is a bug and needs to be reported!

    Now we can skip straight to the 30k boxes without purchasing all the previous boxes.

    Next are ailments. Heat =/= Ablaze
    Heat is an ailment unique to melta type weaponry it does affect vehicles and I don't think this one ignores armor but I may be wrong.

    Ablaze is the ailment caused by flickering fire, abbadon's grace, burny choppa, etc... does not affect vehicles and does not ignore armor.
  8. Gods please! Our New Friends of all factions have been trying to say the least over the last few days, it's not their fault though they just need a little guidance.

    10/10 post OP kudos to you and and all involved creating it.
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  9. phantagor phantagor Eternal Battles Moderator

    Now you can point any new player to this immediatly and let them read through it before having to explain everything to every single new person :)

    Question still stands: do we need pictures to explain things (like a picture of the ailment bar or the like)?

    As for barkteef: we have to check about ablaze/heat and add it to the FAQ definitly. But afaik Abaddons Grace also shows "Heat: 15" or so in the status menu of the weapon, as the ailment.
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  10. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    The Superior Master Race have color coded Elite Warriors:
    • Blue: "Tactical" Soldier carrying superior Eldar Weaponry.
    • Orange: Dedicated Anti-Vehicle Soldier, known for turning Vindicators into molten slag in mere split seconds.
    • White: Elite Melee Warriors, known for their mind shattering scream and ability to decimate entire squads in the blink of an eye.
    • Green: Elite Melee Bruiser/Assassin, near impenetrable armour and stealth capabilities. If you see an Eldar clad in green armour on the battlefield, it means that you are dead.
    • Black: Elite Ranged Fire Support carrying weaponry far more advance than anything the mon-keigh could ever hope to dream of.
    • Sky Blue: Airborne Elite Units, known for their insane speed and ability to send even the most stalwart squads into disorder.
    • Yellow/Black/Purple/Red/Green Robe: Elite Psykers and Melee Warriors combined into one overpowering unit. They are also capable of raising their Allies and turn unsuspecting foes into charcoal in a matter a milliseconds.
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