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Fallout RP Interest and OOC Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by dx144, Apr 25, 2016.

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    So I've been wanting to do a Fallout RP which focuses on a single player (For the most part) at a time and carries on from where ever the player wants to. It is the player's choice. If the player wants to sit at the Saloon in Goodsprings, the bar in Megaton or even in Freeside they can do that all game until they get kicked out for having no caps left over. You're in control of the game. Well at least your player's choices.

    Time this will take place - 2277

    Faction Background:

    The Enclave is still in Raven Rock and Adams Air Force Base waiting to strike on the Purifier to cleanse the Wasteland of Impurities.

    The East Coast Brotherhood of Steel is dealing with many problems around the Capital Wasteland with Super Mutants, Talon Company and raiders who're causing issues for everyone.

    The Brotherhood Outcasts who are continuing with their original mission of recovering technology rather than looking after the locals like Lyon's Brotherhood on the East Coast.

    The Legion has lost the battle for Hoover Dam but still is preparing for their next attack in the coming years.

    The NCR negotiate with Mr House and the Families of the Strip to have an embassy on the Strip and have a number of bases within the Mojave and send the Strip 5% of the electricity from the Dam to keep Vegas lit up bright but the other 95% can be sent back to California or anywhere else the NCR wants to send it.

    The West Coast's Mojave Chapter is crippled by the crushing defeat at Helios One where Elder Elijah made a desperate stand against the hordes of NCR troopers who came to take control of the power plant. They are now taking refuge in their Bunker complex in Hidden Valley hiding from the outside with only certain people being allowed to leave for supplies the Bunker needs.

    The Great Khans are in their prime, the NCR isn't feeling up to deal with them yet, the Khans are enjoying the spoils of lightly defended caravans and rich NCR folk coming to the Mojave. NCR will deal with them if they come into contact but no point in wasting lives chasing a nuisance. Especially with the NCR recovering from the costly victory at Hoover Dam.

    Current Factions:
    The Enclave
    East Coast Brotherhood
    East Coast Brotherhood Outcasts
    The Legion
    The New California Republic
    The Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel
    The Great Khans

    How the combat will work:

    This will be a rather simplified dice rolling.

    How it will work is if you're in combat, the attacker will describe their attack and roll.

    Then the defender will roll their own die and then describe their defence if they achieved a greater or lower score than the attacker.

    Depending upon armour and weaponry used will add a modifier to a die.

    For example:
    A Raider armed with a 10mm pistol fired a shot at the Caravan Guard in front of them aiming for their right shoulder, a Die is rolled for 53 and the defending Caravan Guard rolled a 65. The Raider missed their shot on the Caravan Guard who took the opportunity to fire back with their Caravan Shotgun at the centre Raider and a die is rolled for 83.

    The Raider rolls a defence die for 29, the 20g buckshot smacks the raider straight in the chest knocking him backwards to the ground with his overalls and straps of leather being of no defence against the shotgun's power. If the Raider survived the shotgun shell he'd be on the backfoot and defending again until they got the upper hand it dice rolling then he could counter attack.

    Now the higher the difference between the attacker and defender dice decides how much damage was done. If the dice were within 15 of each other then it'd be a grazing hit not doing much but if it was 16+ difference for the attacker then it'd be treated an on target shot/slash. If the defender is much higher they could if it was a melee for example block and strike back at the enemy in one go, not a strong blow but enough to send the enemy reeling. If someone with a baseball bat tried to hit someone with a hunting rifle and they had a great defence die they could block the baseball back with their rifle and boot the enemy in the gut.

    Rolling anything between and including 1-3 will count as a catastrophic failure with dire consequences but rolling anything between and including 98-100 will count as an exceptional success with beneficial consequences. Enemies can also attain these criticals.

    If attacked by multiple enemies and all the attackers are attacking one person then it will be X (For the number of attackers) dice rolled against the defenders.

    So say there are three raiders attacking a single Caravan Guard and the Raiders roll:
    but the Caravan Guard rolls a defence die of 93 then the Caravan Guard will have the shots fired miss or fail to penetrate their armour and would block or dodge the melee weapons that attempted to him them.

    Now as for the character creation you can be a Human, Ghoul (Non-Feral), a Super Mutant (Any Generation) and so on. If it is sentient you can play it.

    Let me know if anyone is interested and if anyone has any questions let me know and I'll work on answering it for you. I will want to check out the character before hand so someone isn't going to start out as a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin or NCR Ranger Veteran with top notch weaponry and armour.

    If there is another Faction you're interested in just ask and I'll write up about them. You could decide to just be a wastelander who decided to go travelling. I probably will not RP with an area I don't know much about in Fallout lore as I want to stick with what I know. Also if I'm doing anything wrong my apologies as this is my first RP that I'm running. =)
  2. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

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