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Fallen Angels Take Residence Here.

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Cypher, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Rhomen Forum Beta Tester

    Not entirely true, the only person who truly knows everything is Grand Master Azrael, next up to knowing the full truth is Ezekiel (as he is the keeper of keys and head librarian) or Master Sapphon (as he is the leader of the chaplains)

    At this point some DA fans must be WTF? Who is this Sapphon guy who should be Asmodai?!?! Yes he is the "Reclusiarch" of the Dark Angels, Asmodai is older and more capable, but Asmodai for lack of a better word is an asshole. Sapphon leads out of inspiration. Asmodai leads through an iron fist and fear. (Yes fear... even to the astartes who feel no emotion.)

    Belial and Sammael are abouts on the same page, but being captain of 1st company will earn you more knowledge on the situation which puts Belial a smidge ahead of Sammael.

    After these 2 Iconic Dark Angels, the captains are ranked in order of the company number, then falls back to the Deathwing Knights > Deathwing and then the Ravenwing Black Knights > Ravenwing to the members of the Inner Circle, then finally your regular marines and then onto the scouts who know more or less... nothing.

    If you want a good insight to the rankings of the inner-circle read "Ravenwing" by Gav Thorpe. The book is amazing and the end gives you a good insight to the inner circles workings.
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  2. Brother-Atti Atti Well-Known Member

    I have this novel on my wishlist, but I wait for a german translation. The same with the Dark Angel novel by Gav Thorpe, but this one I have in english. But i had no time until now to read it.
    I know, shame on me, but I repent every day I have no time to read with 10 whip chops.:eek:
  3. Barsabbas Active Member

    Join the Blood Gorgons and Thousand Sons crusade against the wolves and in return we shall free you're Primarch from the rock. So when El Lion wakes you can all hear from his own lips that he was on the side of chaos all along.
  4. Smaug Smaug Well-Known Member

    WOOOHOOOO! Cypher you rock!
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  5. In the Name of the Golden throne upon Terra, Dark Angels, we will hunt the chaos filth to the ends of the universe and never you chaos filth, renegades! For the Lion, For the Legio! Crush them! Purify them! bring them before ous so they can repent!
  6. Barsabbas Active Member

    I'll repeat when you can admit that it was the emperor who started this whole damn war. One day that freeze dried corpse will die and then this war will be over.
  7. Brother Bardiel Brother-Bardiel Well-Known Member

    Wich war? :b
    Chaos vs Imperium?
  8. Barsabbas Active Member

    the emperor started this whole damn war his "sons" are nothing but clones of himself. What did think would happen when everyone "son" hot his own army. Then drop kick his own damn war to go play with his chair.
  9. Brother Bardiel Brother-Bardiel Well-Known Member

    Well the Emperor leaft the Crusade in good hands if it weren't for Erebus Horus wouldn't been corrupted by Chaos and the Great Crusade would probably just keept crusading.
    The Word Bearers are responsible for the Horus Heresy but it was Horus who started it all.
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  10. Barsabbas Active Member

    Think of this.. If the emperor would have been to rule tarra and not go all Hitler on the galaxy and made the primarchs in the first place none of this would of happen. If the emperor would of stayed with his clones none of this would of happened. He started the war he should of seen it through.

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