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Fallen Angels Take Residence Here.

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Cypher, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Unglory Unglory Subordinate

    Psst! Cypher! Looks like your serveing the Greater Good, we're down for that. Why dont you come over here, its safe in Tau land!
    The Tau will help you nice Imperium folk with finding this bad guy named Cypher! Here, just put this nice helmet on, its really just so we can talk to each other! No, Really it is!
  2. Cypher Member

    I am still a loyal Servant of the God Emperor, I'd rather be forced to kill more of my Ex-Battle Brothers then join your "Greater Good".
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  3. Unglory Unglory Subordinate

    Forgive the Water-Caste, they must not have translated into this primative, i mean different language properly! You do not have to "join" anyone, we mearly offer a nice, safe place to rest, where no one will try to harm you or make you wear some kind of mind control helmet.
    Continue to worship your God Emperor, the Tau do not discourage you Friend! Many a loyal and helpful friend of the Greater Good (we call them Gue'vesa) continue to worship the God Emperor of your race.
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  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    MY GOD EMPORER what did you do to thoses guardsmen xeno! you will pay for there deaths/hersay
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  5. Listen not to the blue Xenos brothers, their lies will damn you for all time, for to help a xenos is to betray the Imperium and the Emperor was well! Believe not their heresy, listen not to their lies, stay strong in your faith in the Imperial truth and PURGE THE ENEMY WITHOUT!

    Now where was that Fenrisian Ale?
  6. CurlyStew New Member

    "Never forgive, never forget, The Fallen MUST repent!"

    Repent now so that your retribution may be swift. Otherwise I can not promise that my brothers and I shall not hunt you down for your treachery.
  7. Gideon S3dition Preacher

    So... DA take the crown. Between loyalist and renegade, we're the most popular. And to think that GW made us share a codex way back in 2nd ed. Who's wearing the egg now, GW? HMM? Who's wearing it now?
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  8. Unglory Unglory Subordinate

    We gave them a part to play in the Greater Good! If they die then they die of their own free will and for your God-Emperor and the Greater Good! There is no hersey, only a gentle sterlization process to make them... clean. *looks to the side, "clean...? Think they will believe that? Okay, lets try clean". Looks back* Yes, Clean! Nice and clean with brand new (not mind controlling) helmets!

    Im sorry you feel that way my aggressive new friend from the Imperium. If only i had some place to put all this Fenrisian Ale. I guess we shall give it to the Gue'vesa... Unless someone friendly to the Tau Empire would like some? Maybe? Hmmm? Comes with this new helmet.... helmet has the Vespid stamp of approval!
  9. tastes bad??! blasphemer! we'll have a new crusade over this >:u
  10. Aint Aint Subordinate

    We shall hunt the fallen to the end! Even if it means putting some Space Wolfs in Dreadnought armor!
    No one can opose the first legion!

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