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Fallen Angels Take Residence Here.

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Cypher, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Cypher Member

    Fallen Angels we most reform and stand together and prove us still loyal and the victims of terrible lies and misunderstanding. I carry Lion's Sword and I shall reforge it upon Terra and save our dammed selves from the brothers that hunt us.
  2. Arkham Skellington Drill Abbott

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  3. Cypher Member

    I shall not repent for something I have not committed.
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  4. LordRafe LordRafe Subordinate

    The Blades of Reason will find you Cypher...I will find you.
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  5. Cypher Member

    You will find nothing like you have before. I am the icon of hope amongst the Fallen still loyal to the Emperor.
  6. "The Fallen shall forever be remembered as your legion's finest."

    Always a good taunt to get a Dark Angels captain frothing at the mouth.
  7. Cypher Member

    Mentioning the Fallen alone will get any Dark Angel to drop whatever there doing to come and investigate with merciless fury.
  8. kernowstig Member

    I have a kraken bolt with your name on it heretic. For the Emperor, for the Lion and for VENGEANCE.

    - kernowstig, chief librarian, Angels of Vengeance
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  9. Hey Dark Angels, what's that thing about "Fallen" that Cypher dude keeps talking about? o_O
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  10. kernowstig Member

    Basically the Fallen are traitor Dark Angels. As with all things brother shrimp the whole story isn't quite that simple so for a short version check out warhammer wiki, for the long, and well worth the reading, version start with 'Descent of Angels' from the Horus Heresy.
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