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Faction Locking - Dev Response

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by BrentEllison, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Bladerunner Bladerunner777 Well-Known Member

    Yes the rules changed but I think we might need the soft Fl or CD whatever you call it, even more now, probably not so much during the founders access as there will be fewer players than post launch.
  2. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    yes it will be needed in a year or two
  3. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    Assuming the game lives that long...
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  4. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    I don't really see it, if they make a NA and a EU server people will play where they have their friends or where they have no lag... but I don't really see the point on playing just on the wining side so hey, I might be wrong.

    Also I still think a soft lock (1 hour cooldown between switching factions) should be added.
  5. SST_2_0 SST_2_0 Preacher

    I understand not wanting to be hard locked out of races, but it would be nice to see some form of commitment from players. It just seems far too casual to be able to bail between warring factions at a moments notice, when there is a talent tree and some focus on character development. Feels weird to spend time getting a character leveled up, by proxy helping the faction, to just switch over to another faction to burn down what you helped build.

    There was a time when the game was first brought up, that the talk was, Arkona is just a start, a single campaign. So I got the feeling that there was something to build up for each faction. That I wanted to invest in a faction, to me, being able to hot swap just undermines that investment, at least if there is only one server per region. Multiple servers would allow faction locking, but spread out the F2Waaagh and diminish, again, what kind of map style was being had.

    There is compromise that starts with at least some sort of campaign system, where there becomes a final end game. And have that refresh at a reasonable rate, such as how Chromehounds did it a while ago with their campaigns. Then have faction locking for the duration of said campaign. When one side wins, you can pick another faction. Can always have Orks be open, so as to boost the F2Waaagh players. Not like Orks aren't paid off to do some fighting as a third party anyway.
  6. Zaeryn Zaeryn Master

    Just because you can do something does not mean you have to. If you personally choose not to 'hot swap' then you will never be undermining the investment you put into your chosen faction, showing that you were a committed player. Commitment isn't real if it is forced.

    If I want to play on my Eldar to lulz at Orks for a while, then hop onto my Ork to eat Smurfs, then hop onto my Space Wolf to murder Heretics and Xenos, the hop onto my Traitor to show the SMs what a chainAXE can do, then hop back onto my Eldar for more trolling, I should very damn well be able to.

    I like Eldar because Eldar. I like Orks because Orks. I like Space Wolves because Viking Werewolf Space Marines. I like Chaos(World Eaters) because BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! Me being unable to swap between them as freely as I choose would be more detrimental to my fun than some guy who was in my squad hopping factions to tell his Chaos Raptors where my Banshee squad is. Let them tell. Their wings will bring them only more swiftly into death's embrace.
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  7. Bladerunner Bladerunner777 Well-Known Member

    This is called schizophrenia my friend ;).
  8. SST_2_0 SST_2_0 Preacher

    And you can still do that, just not so easily that you basically are only lining up on the winning side. You might say you do it for a good reason, but I've seen over and over, if one side is winning in that moment people change sides.

    Usually that type of gameplay also begs to be abandoned quickly if it's not always new every month (PS2). WoW asked you pick sides in a soft way and that worked out pretty well for it's number of players long term. Now WoW is losing players, because it's become a 'log in daily, do a few things on each character, log out', which feels a lot like a hot swap shooter.

    I remember when people, who used to not be players, would log into WoW and spend 8 hours on a work night just to work for gear for their single character. You had some who switched classes, but think of how hardcore that was, when it was a grind to level a character, commitment and it was usually for one faction.

    Stories still come out of EVE about Guild commitment to not just ship building but tactic formation. Studying damage readouts and doing the math to defeat a guild using an illegal mechanic. And actually overcoming that set back and beating a cheating guild.

    If you can promise that dedication from just swapping around, fixing an itch, then sure hot swap away. But, I've seen it just make people get bored unless it's in constant development, which is expensive and hard to do. And the amount of times people said "take back my pre-order" already....

    I admit I said it for one of my extra warrior packs I bought, but hey, it was reasonable gameplay complaints from my friends, that the game was just THQ: Space Marine and they wouldn't take the pack. They weren't going to be satisfied by circle strafing again, they cleared out THQ:SM multplayer (steamroll every game) in a few days and never played again.

    I just want that kind of day in day out commitment you see from a few other MMO communities and almost never in the hot swap community. That's why I personally think having some mini faction lock is at least a step towards that attitude. Where as the jump in, jump out shooter tend to be, log in, scratch, scratch, leave.
  9. Kor'El Es'Tau Ar'Kais Korel Well-Known Member

    Faction Locking is a terrible idea, and would kill this game in its infancy. :confused:

    Here's the simple reasons why:

    1. New Players: When people play the game for the first time they usually like to try out each faction out first, to see which one they actually enjoy the most. Having a Faction Lockout timer of 4+ hours makes it annoyingly difficult for them to do this.

    2. End Game: When people have played their character for days on end, they often like to start playing alts as well, so that they can experience a different style of gameplay and/or the fun learning curve of the game all over again, due to the unique Factions.

    3. Altoholics: Altoholics like myself (yes we do exist) enjoy playing different characters so that we can experience different gameplay. Faction Locking would be an Altoholics worse nightmare. Faction hopping keeps the game fresh in the long term, which will be especially the case with the unique Factions in Eternal Crusade. And I'm looking forward to trying out the New Factions that are implemented in the future (Tau first plz!). :cool:

    4. Money: bE will be making a lot of their profits from those who enjoy playing each faction and buying cosmetics for each of their characters. Plus very few people would purchase the future New Faction Expansions if they knew that they would be locked out of playing their new Faction Character or their Main Faction Character for 4+ hours.

    I myself have purchased all the items in the Rogue Trader in the belief that I will be able to play all my Characters without a stupid Faction Lock. If the Faction Lock is implemented I would sadly make the decision of which one Faction I would think i'd like to play all the time, and then ask for a refund for the items I purchased for the other 3 Factions. Plus I wouldn't purchase any future New Faction Expansions. :oops:

    Also the majority of people in their ignorance would choose the "safe" Space Marine Faction, not realizing that it's already over populated and that there is a high likelihood that they would be stuck fighting in the much less satisfying Overflow & PvE Matches, while they wait in queue for the Main Continent Matches. :(

    Plus the Free-to-Waaagh! scheme is there to encourage people to purchase the Full Game, mostly so that they can experience the other Factions. But if there's a Faction Lock they would be much more inclined to carry on playing their one free Ork character. And they will also be suffering the same issues as the over popped Space Marine Faction.

    5. Rage Quitting: When things are just not going your way and you are not having fun you often Rage Logout of the game, this then brings you to your Character Select Screen. You have the option to either Rage Exit the game entirely, leaving you with a bad taste from your negative experience, making it less likely for you to play the game ever again. Or you choose one of your other Characters on another Faction in the hope that you have a more fun experience (This is the main reason I still play Planetside 2. If there was Faction Lockout in that game I would hardly ever play that game). :mad:

    6. Missing Out On Content: Locking players into playing one Faction means that they are only experiencing a fraction of the games Content on offer. I personally don't understand the people that just choose one Faction & often one Class, and then spend their whole time playing just that. That would get boring very quickly for me. o_O

    I realize that there is the worry of Griefers Spying or Sabotaging. But a Faction Lock would be far more damaging to the game compared to a few random Griefers. And they could still Spy and Sabotage on a separate account if they really wanted to. Also we can just Report them and they will be dealt with. Plus most Guilds would kick out any Griefers in their midst.

    As Brent Ellison has stated.
    The devs are brainstorming some clever ways to Persuade players so that they Prefer to play the one Faction. Faction Locking would be a very extreme and arbitrary solution to a minor problem. And would mean that the devs are incompetent if they aren't able to come up with much better solutions.
    Unlike Planetside 2 where Alerts last for 2 hours, EC Campaigns are supposed to last for weeks, which is another reason why a 4+ hours Faction Lock would not work in regards to Fair-Weather Warriors. So maybe a good way to gain campaign rewards would be to spend a required amount of hours playing for a particular Faction for each level of campaign reward. :rolleyes:

    ^ Solutions like this would be a FAR more preferable, compared to a rage inducing Faction Lock. :)
  10. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    A 4 hour faction lock will be awfull, that's way longer than the average playtime session so I see no different between that and 24 hours... it should be something between 30 minutes and 1 hour to prevent all the casuals to play a few minutes, realize they are losing and jump to the wining faction for the rest of their playtime.
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