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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Marduk, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. ChaosCannibal Marduk Subordinate

    A really cool article by

    Not sure I agree with all of it but I especially agree with the last sentences.

    "Here is the basic question, which faction will be the strongest? Well, that is answered simply by the one who has their act together. The most organized factions in this game will rise to the top quickly. The ones who have guilds and powerhouse squads running around will be very hard to match up against in combat. If you are part of a faction that is unorganized and random, you will lose more often than you think."

    "Eternal Crusade will have some critical elements to the game on how the community works with each other. If you can get ten friends together to form a squad, join a really strong, large, chapter and play together regularly, you will have a serious impact on that battlefield. Hopefully we will see some powerful community tools in place to make sure people can meet up and play together!"

    We as a community should get our acts together! Mobilize! Militarize! Know your Battle-Brother as if he were your real brother! Practice on games like a mad man!

    Don't know how Organization is going to be for the Orks though.

    Besides this, I'd like to ask what your opinion on the factions and sub factions are? What will be each ones main strengths and weaknesses and what will their role be in the game?
  2. your link dont work for me :eek:
  3. Fireeye Fireeye Well-Known Member

    Space Marines. Simply because they have twice as many players as every other faction, possibly excluding the Ork F2P hordes that are incapable of teamplay.
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  4. Kaldor Draigo Kaldor-Draigo Well-Known Member

    Just saw this now! Thanks!

    He is 100% Correct though. Unless there is some glaringly obvious game imbalance then the side that is the most organised will win. Thats how it goes for all MMOs.

    I'm guessing the Orks will have some organised forces, but they will also have a lot of freelancers...which kind of matches up with the lore.

    I'm hoping Space Marines will be well organised
  5. Cappn Cappn Subordinate

    Pretty much this. SM as a faction can absorb what losses they take in an Ork style fashion; they don't have to be organized, just shoot in the targets general direction. I have small streak of fear that Orks will be near unplayable (Attempting to win) based on the force may be dominately F2P hordes.

    I keep my options between CSM and Orks, simply because I want to enjoy the game.
  6. Cyber New Member

    Hey, thanks for the link! I am still trying to learn about EC, and these types of overview articles really help :D

    I am curious to see how the F2P model will affect the Orks. I am hoping it won't be as bad as it could potentially be with all of the stray cats playing the Orks (although as someone pointed out, that almost makes sense for the Orks). I suppose it really depends on how many players purchase into the other factions.
  7. Dagda Abhean Curator

    I think numbers will be the biggest issue at the start of the game. Just for the simple fact that people (as a whole) will not understand the racial strengths and weaknesses inherent to the different races.

    Face it, most people in todays FPS or T(hird)PS assume a static balance in the game and work form there. EC is not going to have that so most people are going to want to rush headlong into the fighting without thinking. Rambos are going to be rampant in the first few weeks or at least till they see that the Eldar will not be able to win like that as they should be the opportunists within the game at launch. SM and CSM will not have the numbers that the orcs have and will get easily overtaken by numbers when they split their forces. And the orcs, even though they will have the numbers with the FTP troops if they don't learn how to focus on specific targets they should be pretty easy pickings in small groups.

    This is one thing that I really like about how this game is coming together. You as a player not only have to think about the overall goals of the army but we are going to have to work together inorder to meet those goals. If you have a crappy leadership you are going to have a crappy army, if most of your army wants to go off and do their own thing, your going to have a crappy army. If you have a crappy army you are not going to be able to get the req. points you need to supply your character with the needed equipment to do better.

    This is one of my worries about the game as a whole. Are games so focused on personal achievements that they will not focus as a team? If that is the case players will flock away from this game and it will crash. I hope that is not the case, but only time will answer it.
  8. Calistarius Calistarius Active Member

    MMM that's Intrguing Question indeed,
    Orks : will be many but largely disorganized
    CSM/SM: will be a good number but will suffer from random crybabys disrupting the plan
    Eldars : will be few but very disciplinated IMO i'll say 35%Eldars,25% Orks, 20% CSM/SM
  9. Cyber New Member

    This is a very good point/question, and I agree that only time will tell. Presumably (and hopefully) this is something that the devs are already very much considering as a possible outcome to the game mechanics and the F2P model they are proposing.
  10. GraciousEel761 Forum Beta Tester

    I wouldn't just assume that because they didn't pay for the game that they aren't as skilled as those who do. WoT has lots of F2P players that are good teamplayers.

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