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[ F ] Bar D' Arkhona

Discussion in 'French' started by AkennovSvn, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Я не удивлюсь если вы негр с Алжира, может статься еще и свинину не едите. Хех?
    Довольно карикатурно, но француз без вина это как русский без водки, амон плезир
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  2. Nasher Nasher Firebrand

    Guys, if you can't communicate in French, please use English for mutual understanding.

    Thanks in advance.
  3. Lets. Do. It.

    Well how are you here guys. Our thread near 7000 pages, but yours looks a bit abandoned. Thats why we got an idea to visit you. Without google translate. because for last time a lot of visitors in russian forum speaks their native so any topic becomes multilanguage one.
  4. Plazm Plazm Well-Known Member

    А что, русский тоже язык международного общения наравне c испанским, китайским, арабским, французким. И ток инглиш стоит чуть выше:).
  5. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    what ? i was not aware that russian was talked a lot besides from eastern europ countries
    i am portuguese so i eat a lot of pork and i am not black sorry my slavic friend , but stay cheeki breeki
  6. I have nothing wrong to black people so dont worry.
    And pork is great. Fried above hot embers. With fresh onions and species. Oh
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  7. Просто это над британской империей никогда не заходило солнце. Вот и аукается до сих пор.
  8. Plazm Plazm Well-Known Member

    А чего заходить, на острове же)). Как и амеры. Ток зашло таки, как авиация появилась). И амеры в денежном плане выиграли войну, а коммунисты в колониях разожгли движение за освобождение от колониального гнета). Нихрена не развивали, вот и получили. А сейчас китай рвется, ибо населения как у 5 америк.
  9. CreatorOfMoon Creator Well-Known Member

    Well eh hello guys, what's bring you here ? As you see our french subsection is nearly dead, no doubt you'll find no one to speak with you here x) And even if you find someone, french who know even a little of russian are very rare ^^

    But hell, if you want to lost some time here. What do you think of this bad game which bears the name of Eternal Crusade ?
  10. Horus Firskon Subordinate

    I spent 1300 hours in this game. At first I liked the game. But after... Damn it, I tried to give her a chance, I believed that the developers will cope. But it turned out that we were deceived. The team responsible for the eternal crusade runs like rats from a sinking ship. Nathan does not stop telling lies to us. If I ever meet him, I'll catch that fat liar. Then I'll make him drink three liters of vodka. And then I'll watch him tear as he feels bad. I hope then he will understand the pain of the community.
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