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Exodites RP - Fury of the Forest

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Oct 8, 2017.

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    Even as they went into the city and heard the prince spoke felrin sighed in her heart knowing that things were going to be more troublesome. Wanting to stop the prince but knowing that it would be a wasted effort the blade dancer instead chose to ignore it and just go along with the flow knowing that battle will come sooner or later. As the group was separated she followed the prince keeping close to him to protect his life when need be. Upon meeting the vaull smith and hearing his words she kept her silence not bothering with the affairs as it didn’t pertain to anything new or exciting in the martial paths
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    ~~ Journey for the Kurvan Vault, Day 3 ~~

    There wasn't more than normal conversation about the obvious. Neither the merchant or the rune trader knew of what beast could possess such claws as described. After half an hour, give or take, Nightstalker, Quanthal and Hyrandas returned from their tour through the rumor mill as the group stayed with the merchant and the runemaster.

    Hyrandas reported first. "I had a small exchange with some local farmers. They reported that occassionaly they lose some livestock. Like three a month. These occurrences started two seasons ago."

    Nightstalker reported next. "I overheard nothing but squabbles about petty things."

    Quanthal on the other hand had a victorious big grin on his face. "Weeeeell I on the other hand had quite a fruitful expedition. I found a fellow scholar, but of the animals. He says that he actually came here just two weeks ago because he heard from a friend that two Daigoras escaped their cages during transportation around this area."

    Nightstalker, Soki and Felrin would immediately recognize the species name. 9 foot tall bipedal alligators - in a nutshell. Good stalkers, patient hunters, usually living in swampy areas and using underwater caves for a nest they return to.

    Kandirath asked the question one might be wise to ask. "They were not of the same gender, were they?"

    Quanthal's smile of victory faded and he shook his head. "A breeder wanted to pay good money for them."

    Hyrandas sighed heavily and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "And considering these attacks started two seasons ago. There might be a dozen if not more of them. This will become a danger, one way or another."

    The prince nodded in agreement and put a hand on his chin thoughtfully. "We should put a hunting party together. If we all go together they might either hide or confront us as a whole. Hyrandas and I will stay here, get friendly with the locals. On the hunting party I want to see Soki, Felrin, Nightstalker, Calaiah and Rhian. Nightstalker will lead the expedition, leave your mounts here. Just go along the swamp line. They seem to be close enough to make regular raids, but far enough that nobody finds them by accident." Kandirath instructed sternly.

    The merchant and the runemaster by now smiled, glad that they had leads for the missing runes, energized by the good news and the motivating energies emitted by Calaiah, the merchant spoke up. "In the meanwhile I will look for my two companions. Perhaps some villagers might be willing to help." And walked off already to do just that.

    Nightstalker would simply inclined her head towards the prince before addressing the hunting group. "I meet you at the gates." And marched off. After all, Crone Walkers were known to be always ready for a good hunt.

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  3. Calaiah had been paying attention to everything while sending his energies around, but then something caught his attention and he looked at the prince with a little bit of confusion in his eyes. "Me? Pardon me, my prince, but you want me on this hunting expedition as well?" he asked. he wasn't that trained in combat, and he was worried that he would vey much become a burden. Unless, perhaps, he simply stayed back and waited for it to be over so he could help anyone who gets hurt heal...
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    Felrin stood silent as the others discussed the foe they would be facing soon. With no particular love at the task she deemed to be pest control the blade-dancer nodded to the rest as the prince give his command before following nightstalker.

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