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Exodites RP - Fury of the Forest

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Hmm, worrying." Soki mumbled and ran his hand over a claw mark, pensive look on his face. "These claw marks don't look friendly."
    "Made any enemies recently?" Soki asked of the trader idly not really waiting for an answer. He mounted Thune again and turned to face the tracks. "I'll go see about Gale and Gust if I can find them. Always liked dragons anyway."

    He started Thune to a trot and hollered back to the group.
    "I'll try my best not to get mauled or robbed!" He laughed.
    Soki followed the tracks and trail, hoping he wouldn't/would get assaulted by whatever attacked the cart. He was curious as to what it really was. Most likely the culprit was long gone already.
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  2. Calaiah sighed in relief as he watched the wound finish healing, backing away a little and taking breaths as he slowly left the mind of the merchant. That was when Soki decided to go trotting off on Thune, and Cal gripped his staff a bit tighter. "S-soki! Don't go alone!" he said, starting to walk after the more adventurous brother but pausing and looking at the Merchant. He sighed and then looked to the rest of the group. "I need to stay here.. can someone please go with my brother?"
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  3. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    Felrin took a weary glance around her surroundings before giving a slight nod to Nightstalker. Trotting her sited back to the main group she commented.
    " We should move on before whatever attacked the wagon comes back to see if there's any food left or if the wounded driver is dead. No doubt we can handle such beasts but its a delay we can not afford"
    With her piece said the war-dancer unslung her naginata from her back.
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  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ Journey for the Kurvan Vault, Day 3 ~~

    "Puru, if you would be so kind to follow Soki?" Kandirath called over. The woman nodded with stern purpose, giving Mr. Skitters a hand up on her mount, him settling behind the Eldar and holding onto her as she followed Thune and his owner.

    Eventually she caught up, only because Soki had to stop for a moment. The tracks stopped in a little stream, perhaps being twenty feet wide, but not much deeper than a foot. The tracks come in from one side and end at the other. "Perhaps they travelled through the stream?" Puru suggested, closing in at the side of Soki. There was no sign of battle. And if they did travel through the water and along the rest of the path, then there would be wet foot prints. Unless they dried already, of course.

    Quanthal sighed as everyone else was busy and approached Derin, helping him with the wheel. After several minutes the wheel was attached back on the wagon nice and tight, thanks to Derin's bag full of tools and spare nuts, bolts and nails.

    The merchant got slowly up, with the support of both Kandirath and Calaiah. "Let's get you into the city. Then we find out who did this. I'm sure the person who was waiting for the goods is concerned about your well-being." The prince said and led him to the back of the cart.

    "Derin. You control the cart. Take Calaiahs and your horse and get it to the city. Calaiah, you will ride in the back with the merchant. Hyrandas, Nightstalker and Felrin you are the vanguard. Quanthal and Rhian ride with me as the rear guard. Let us be off as swift as Faolchu!" The prince said with a sense of order and authority. The merchant was humbled by all that has been done for him that not a single word escaped him. A tear of joy from all the kindness shown to him escaped his eye, but it was quickly wiped away.

    Hyrandas looked over at Nightstalker and Felrin. "It seems our lord has taken your advice to heart. Yet, I have the feeling that we will not escape the raiding predator this easily. Someone came for the runes and jewels. And we are basically dressed in them." The royal guard tended to be pessimistic, because it was his duty to question everything and ensure that the prince, who appeared naive at times, was not going to fall for a simple ruse or setup.

    The execution of what was ordered would take a few minutes and Kandirath oversaw every moment of it with a smile on his face. Slowly, the group got on their way - Soki, Thune, Puru Puru and Skitters not being in sight as they were quite ahead.

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  5. Calaiah sighed in some relief at someone going on with his brother and then nodded, patting his horse's flank for a moment before helping the merchant to the back of the wagon. He helped the other man up and then would sit down beside him, staff across his lap. He had noticed the tear but said nothing about it, just smiling to the merchant and then looking out the back. He was still unsure how much help he might be if this did come down to a fight, but he was happy that he had already been able to help someone.
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  6. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    As they moved onward s she did as the prince asked and took the vanguard with nightstalker. With a vigilant watch she made sure she would have some modicum of warning when things went sour, some may call her a pessimist but her long years and her experience from many battles had taught her that things always went bad. Upon hearing Hyrandas speak to her and the nightstalker felrin gave a low chuckle before replying

    "The goal is not escape, if we truly wanted to do that then while i don't know about nightstalker here i know i would have had us move to another path and leave the merchant. Battle will come one way or another so the goal is to have it occur on favorable terms or delay it as long as possible."
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  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Soki looked toward where the stream led, thinking on some unrelated errant thought.
    "What you think, Thune?" Soki asked, the unicorn was busy playing with the water by splashing his hoof at it.
    "I know, right?" He urged Thune to cross and dismounted at the other side, looking for tracks or anything to give him a lead.

    "See anything on that side that catches your eye, Puru?" He chuckled a bit after he said the name, finding it amusing.
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  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ Journey for the Kurvan Vault, Day 3 ~~

    "Nothing here." Puru responded, shaking her head, looking around. Her own beast-companion was not much better and sliced at the water like he often did. It put a smile on Puru's face. Just as Soki finished his search that left no trail to pursue where the lizards might have gone, the wagon from the distance was heard rolling.

    "It would be reckless to leave the merchant alone. We at least should see that he is with friendly kin." Hyrandas said as pragmatic as a Royal Guard could be.

    Nightstalker on the other hand had other thoughts, agreeing with the fierce warrior, but did not bother to start the fire of an argument. So she just moved on and remained at the ready.

    The prince in the meanwhile in the rear with the remainder of the delegation would not notice any followers or any new hints that would point at the assailants.

    The merchant would just look over his body and inspect all the lost goods, occasionally smiling to the healer that rode with him.

    Soon enough the group caught up with Soki, Puru and Skitters on the other side of the stream. The prince broke off the formation and everyone gathered around the back of the wagon so they could plan their next step, except for Derin who remained in charge of the horses.

    "Since there is no track of the assailants, I say we go for the city and gather some information and make sure that his trading partner." The prince gestured at the merchant. "Knows that he is up and well. We cannot stay for too long, so if we have not solved the mystery of the attackers by tomorrow sunset, we must move on. As much as I want to help the simple folk, our quest might decide the fate of our world." Kandirath said with the same determination he always had.

    And so without much room to dispute, the group marched on into the small bordertown of the swamp. It was nothing grand or much of a popular place. But it was a necessary stop for everyone in or out of the bog. And so it had three guest houses for different budgets, a general store filled with all sorts of travelling goods. Some stables, a tiny town hall and local service providers that each town relied on to function on a day-to-day base like carpenters.

    Kandirath settled with the least expensive inn and had sent Puru to arrange the accommodation, just to save funds and in trust of the local hospitality. In the meanwhile, Derin would get the mounts checked in at the stables and get the wagon stored, too.

    Nightstalker, Quanthal and Hyrandas were sent on recon of the local rumors. Kandirath took the rest of the group, including the merchant to meet the man who was to receive the promised goods that were all but lost in the mysterious assault. They met outside one of the other guest houses in a miniature garden with a round table. Quickly the runemaster was brought up to speed of the events that unfolded along with introductions of the group individuals.

    "Well met. I'm Varn. Runemaster of Vaul. I have heard of no attacks, but then again I just arrived this morning. I thank you for saving my friend and business partner's life, alas I got none of my services to offer without the runes I ordered. And I only sought this place out because I'm on my path to the north-east, an astronomer-colleague spoke of a beautiful meteor shower we are to expect, and I intend not to miss it. Up in the Copper Hills. I must leave by dawn tomorrow, so if you do not find my runes by then I simply must assume they are lost forever." He put a consolidating hand on the merchant who was quite upset, and traumatized from an almost death.

    Kandirath looked over his delegation. "Ask what you will, then let us track down the yellow-bellied robbers."

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  9. Calaiah looked around at the group as he sat where he was, focused mostly on trying to help the merchant calm down on the way to the village. Once they arrived he would give the other a pat on the shoulder and nod to him before getting out and helping him down.

    He would stand by with his staff supporting him as they spoke with the runemaster, looking down at the ground in thought as he hummed some. He couldn't do much to help, and he was still unsure of his use in combat. But he looked around at the group, evaluating how they were all feeling, and sending calming energies about just to help everyone stay in top shape. Especially the merchant.
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  10. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Soki dusted off his coat and adjusted a vambrace better, standing close to his brother.
    "Well, at least we get to see the creature who did all those claw marks. If I had a wall I could mount it's head on it and with luck there's a lead for our quest in it!"
    He was quiet a moment thinking on something. Then he leaned to speak at a lower voice to Calaiah.
    "Do I still have a room back home?"
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