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Exodites RP - Fury of the Forest

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Oct 8, 2017.

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    Calaiah had been riding atop his horse for the past three days, slowly putting what had been said out of his mind. He didn't want to be shaken that easily again, but even so he was young and youth would do as it is wont to do. However all doubts would leave his mind on the third day when the fellowship came to a site of an apparent robbery of a merchant.

    He was not wary of any danger as his training to heal brought him to leap off his horse - a beautiful cream-colored mare - and approach the Eldar with a smile and his staff at his side. "Friend, you are hurt?" he said with a gentle tone, his robes of Isha showing his position quite obviously. "Don't fret, I am here to help. Please, let me see your wound so I can best know how to heal you." he offered some calming psychic waves, hoping that would help the man relax and heal easier.
  2. Mr. Skitters followed close to Puru while she rode one of the four legged creatures, who all lacked horns like he was used to, as traveling such long distances was something he was used to being companion to a windtalker. It all seemed like another normal trek for Skitters, just with more of the two legged leader ones with Puru. But then the group stopped suddenly, making the little creature peer around to see why. Another one of their kind was leaning against the stone wall, clutching a wound on their chest. It could sense the blood even from where it stood, let alone see the crimson on his hand. The 'Prince' and the one called 'Calaiah' by the others, seemed to rush up to the wounded one. He wondered if they were going to eat him or something, so he moved to the stone wall and climbed up on it, to perch on top of it to have a better view and then see if it was ok for him to have some when the leaders were done. Till then, he would look around to see what else was around as well, as the tall walls had blocked his vision the whole time they were traveling here. 'Annoying.' he thought to himself, mostly while staring at the walls.
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    Soki stayed on horseback. He rode next to Calaiah and eyed the wounded man. Soki was concerned Cal would find a shiv in his ribs before a thank you, still his heart was in the right place. His eyes shifted to the wagon, the gaze lingered on it a moment before observing the environment. He leaned forward on his saddle to whisper to Thune.
    "Keep a horn out for trouble."
    Thune turned his head to look toward his master and huffed.
    "Don't look at me like that, just warn me if you sense something off."

    Soki took some distance, still on his saddle taking position near the wagon. He pulled out his bow and readied an arrow. As Soki and Thune waited vigilant, they spotted Skitters perching on the wall. Both of them stared at the creature a moment. Soki only registered Skitters' presence just now properly but soon resumed his watch.
  4. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Felrin yawned as the rest moved on their own. If it was a trap then good if it was not a trap then good as well either path worked for her. While she did not know about the others she was not here for some quest, to save or guard some prince no she came because she was told she would be able to learn new things about fighting and fight new foes. She had traveled all over this world and beyond but sadly she had to admit that her experience in the wide stars were not as expensive as she wanted it to be after all she had still some sherd of duty to this world that had been her home.

    Felrin had become a lone wanderer and traveled across the stars but she occasionally came back to see what had happened in her absence and to occasionally meet the few people who still were alive and knew her. It was one such meeting that had let her to meet the prince and join him. As she wandered about the past her right hand went to one of her swords as she sighed in her heart that even if she didn't care if this prince ling was hurt she couldn't let this journey end so easily, at least not without learning a few new things or fighting a worthy foe.
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    ~~ Journey for the Kurvan Vault, Day 3 ~~
    Soki who stepped closer to the wagon would sense no presence. He spotted a trail of marks that were from clawed feet. The size of a horse hoof. The merchant must have used some amphibian or reptilian creature - perhaps wingless dragons - as pull for his wagon. Which would make him a native to this area, one who got around the world on many adventures like the older Dorosi would be able to identify such things with ease. From the trail, it seemed they ran off along the trail. Which means they might have run off to get help from the closest settlement.

    Felrin, just like Mr. Skitters would spot something off in a section of the walls around them. A metal splinter that reflected from the bare sunlight illuminating the area. Puru noticed the same, only after watching Skitters with great interest and wondering what he was gazing on. So she got off her horse and approached the little piece of shiny. As she pulled it out and looked it about, she figured it was a very very fine sharp edged arrow. "It's made to cut. Not pierce. Not to hunt any beast or warrior..." Puru said out loud, showing the damaged arrowhead by holding it high. The windspeaker gave the little beastling a good scratching behind his 'ears' with her other hand as reward for spotting the evidence.

    Kandirath did gently move the hands of the injured man aside and smiled at him as he let him be touched. The prince put then a gentle hand on the cheek of the merchant, to allow Calaiah to do whatever he needed to. Although the merchant groaned before responding, glancing at the healer. "G-got cut... B-badly... T-thank you..." He closed his eyes, seeing the orbs of the healer as the last thing. He was still conscious and the prince kept an intent look on his subject.

    "Stay with us. Relax, but give not into the cold. Calaiah here will mend your wounds swift as the winds you rode." He encouraged the trader. Calaiah - being in his element started to perform his work and the blood started to become one with the body once more, the wound slowly fading but ever present. After all a healer was not reversing the damage - but rather he allowed the body of an Eldar to perform it's natural healing process at a faster rate.

    Hyrandas joined Soki and Thune on the front, just so that the adventurer is not alone and have some sort of vanguard established. Nightstalker remained on the rear, bow still ready. She glanced the arrowhead only for a moment, apparently recognizing it but not stating anything further - it was not her place to do so. Quanthal looked in the direction of Calaiah and Kandirath in great interest, curious how their prince is dealing with the situation at hand.

    Derin was yet looking around for the wheel, somewhere beyond the tiny wall - he disappeared somewhere into the thicker foliage, roughly sixty feet away from the group.

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    Rhian, for her part, remained mounted, and grabbed her bow from its saddle holster, nocking an arrow. For now, the trained warrior was passive but alert, not seeing an immediate threat. She stayed where she was, quiet, and listened to the wind. The loosened beasts of burden could be as much of a threat as anything else, and she was just paranoid enough to believe this all to be a plot for her Prince's life.
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  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Soki looked at Puru and her explanation of what she found. It made the wanderer frown. He exchanged looks with Hyrandas, Soki didn't like this and it was clear on his face.
    "Looks like your mounts ran off that-a-way, you don't use horses do you? From where and where to, trader?" Soki hollered back at the merchant. "You travel alone?"

    He dismounted Thune and took a closer look at the wagon and its cargo. He wanted to know what exactly was being moved.
  8. Calaiah's interest seemed to be wholly on the man that he was healing. Granted he had taken the time to check the wound and see if anything was unusual, as he always did, he was now totally focused on getting the other Eldar's body to get the wound healed. Muscle and flesh knitted, making the body whole once more. He kept still as he focused on his task until it was done.
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    Felrin walked her horse near to derins last location. Upon seeing the broken arrow she grew more and more certain that trouble would be brewing soon and so decided to take the incentive to make sure a group member couldn't be held hostage.

    "Derin,come out" she called as she prepared herself to any sudden ambushes.
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    ~~ Journey for the Kurvan Vault, Day 3 ~~

    The trader looked up to the mounted warrior, Soki. Speaking only after a grunt of pain, but relief slowly starting to come over him as the younger sibling applied his aid. "Alone, yes..." He hissed a little as his flesh mended, the wound closing.

    "I use two dragons, more adaptive... Gale and Gust. Green scales like emeralds..." He leaned back, closing his eyes, hands limp next to his body as his wound finally closed, although the pain would reside for quite some time. But this man would not die, not today. Thanks to Calaiah's treatment and enhancement of the Eldar's natural healing ability. In fact, the trader's panic subsided and serenity started to settle in, allowing his body to cure through the psychic potential all Eldar bore.

    "I was transporting specific materials to a runemaster in the nearby settlement. I brought them from Vyrn-Dem Khagul... I have no idea what startled the twins like that however. I saw nothing." He added with a soft sigh. Everyone obviously remembering the mountain city, considering that Quanthal and Derin both come from there. Calaiah who was more or less connected through the mind, but also was simply a strong empath due to his role as healer would detect no lie.

    The prince smiled satisfied and got back up on his feet, after giving the healer a hand on the shoulder. No words may be exchanged, but the facial expression was more than enough to make it clear - Kandirath was proud in his choice to invite this servant of Isha to accompany the group.

    When Soki went to check the goods, he spotted the crates - but they were pried open and raided. None of the mentioned materials having remained. Interesting enough the regular supplies such as food for his mounts and water for himself has remained. Almost as if someone knew what the trader was transporting. But the evidence suggested wild creatures - claw marks were all over the crates. Not that of a common mount or pet like even tigers. But something far more monstrous. It must had been fierce, if it scared two dragons away.

    Concerned, Nightstalker followed Felrin, as Hyrandas like a statue would remain on his position - not letting the prince out of range nor sight.

    Together the War Dancer and the Crone Walker would see a wooden wheel pop out from a bush, shortly followed by a jumping Eldar who let out a cry of victory out. "With Kurnous finding eyes I found it!" And with a wide grin he sprinted back towards the cart, only to fall face flat on the grass. He wasn't really hurt as he got up quickly again, not in real pain as he still had a grin on his face. "But yet I have to learn to run with the same grace!" He laughed and made his way back to the wagon, walking casually now. He had a few leaves on him and a branch stuck to his footwork but seemed to care little. Instead grabbing hammer and nail from his utility belt to get the wagon repaired. Though he would need help, even if he was not going to admit it.

    Puru sighed in relief, but eyed the arrowhead with suspicion. "It seems whoever did this left, perhaps for good?" She wondered, looking over to Nightstalker and Felrin. Both of them however would still feel at edge. As if something was preying on them, or simply waiting for a right moment to strike. Yet, no matter where their eyes went - they would find nothing. Perhaps it was just the paranoia of a good hunter?

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