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Exodites RP - Fury of the Forest

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Oct 8, 2017.

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    The events that lead to today started with the High King proclaiming that the World Seers all share the same prophecy and glance of the future, the great evil is coming to Dur Anthal. Alone they will stand no chance, not even with all the blessings of Kurnous and the other gods would they be capable. But there is hope, ancient tradition and legend speaks of The Warhammer, a weapon that was gifted to the Eldar of Dur Anthal as a symbol of a pact between those living above and those below the ground. With only a handful of hints, the information of the Warhammer was spread near and far, with whomever was to return it to Kyr-Seril being rewarded in land, riches and even a seat in the high council.

    However, this was during the season of spring, now already summer is about to pass. Many settlements have sent out their best warriors in groups on this epic quest for the weapon of legends. But none returned alive. None, but one. It was a group of young adventurers, assisted by a Cursed of Kurnous, a man who has become half hawk, half Eldar. His head and chest covered in feathers and features of a hawk, even wings coming out of his back. But his lower body being all Eldar. He had reported that it is in the clutches of an Ork Waaghboss, far out in the wastelands, marching towards the forests of Dur Anthal. His name was to be known amongst all Ork kind 'Hellskorcha'. The Eldar yet had to learn why his name was that, but the current belief is because every Ork tribe that resists him is left to die in the heat of the wastelands - or join him.

    Due to this horrid revelation, Prince Kandirath made it his personal mission to talk to the various settlements loyal to the High King and warn them. Of course that is the only thing what he told his parents. But the truth was that he wandered from settlement to settlement to find the finest of men and women amidst his kin to join him in a quest to slay Hellskorcha, retrieve the Warhammer and meet these old allies so they can prepare for the creatures of the nether realms.

    And so within two weeks, Kandirath visited many big but also small settlements and recruited his small retinue from the Sapphire Birch Settlement, Danan, Vyrn-Dem Khagul and of course his own home, Kyr-Seril. Of course he did not bring all of them back and kept them in tow, no. He merely told them to meet in front of the Royal Halls at the peak of the full moon. Each of them were given a token of the royal family which would allow them passage to the crowns of Kyr-Seril. After his recruitment came to an end, he was now to give report to his parents, and more importantly, gain the High Kings blessing.

    The halls had been closed from dawn to dusk, communing with nobody else but his father and mother. He told them all about the dire situation across their world. How many settlements gathered their finest warriors and had them ride out against the Ork dangers, ever since their Waaghboss was spotted. How extreme the threat is and that more and more settlements wish for independence or more protection from the crown. Fear was winning their hearts of the forest dwellers, and all three of them knew that something had to be done. That is when Kandirath stepped forth and drew the sheathed dusk blade, holding it high. The universal language of a soldier ready to march to war. "You have Kurnous' blessing, my son." He said from on top of his throne and some of the vines wrapping sheath and blade together shrank until they were no more. Yet there were plenty more left. The blessings of Vaul and Morai-Heg were yet to be earned.

    The prince nodded. "I shall return with The Warhammer and nothing will stop me. The Pantheon be my witness." He said with determination. Not that of a naive child with ambitions bigger than himself, but as a man with a plan.

    As he marched out of the hall and saw the full moon bright and strong glowing above his head, he knew. His retinue, his fellowship, the citizens of Dur Anthal who would save their world would be here. He hurried, but kept his elegant walk, down the stairs. Hyrandas 'Stone Eye' Tremetendras, royal guard and watcher over the prince since he escaped Isha's womb, fell into line, both moving down the stairs. He also had the prince accompanied on his world voyage. "Your chosen are waiting in the banquet hall, milord."

    Immediately after coming down the stairs, both made a sharp turn, marching with purpose into the banquet hall, which Kandirath dramatically threw wide open to see his chosen indeed all seated around a single long table, feasting before the travel.

    "I see you have come as you promised you would!" He cheerfully bellowed, moving to the head of the table where he seated himself. "I hope that your travels were safe and that you enjoy your food and drinks. Take as much as you want, because it will be a long march to the Swamps of Kurvan. And don't give me those looks, I know it is a dangerous place. But it is the first of many ancient sites we must visit before we stand a chance against the Orks. One of my mothers stories she used to tell me describe it as a vault of miraculous items. A place where the sun never shines. The home of the venomous Swamp Dragon Machataia. In the center of the Twin Towers, during the autumn equinox, the entrance will be shown."

    The prince spoke with excitement to finally move onto this quest with such fine people as those that sat with him. The only non-people being Soki Dorosi's mount and the unique beast companion of Puru Puru, who also both had their respective food bowls either on or next to the table. After all Kurnous taught them to live in unison and what better way than allow them to share a table with those living around them?

    "Now talk, eat, drink and let us be off at the first ray of sunshine! To the Pantheon and their blessings!" He rose his golden goblet filled with the finest red wine, the very same beverage the others could drink of if they were inclined to drink red over white, alcohol over refreshing non-intoxicating drinks.

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    Soki had been thoroughly pleased and amused that Thune was eating at the same table. It had also been a while since he had seen his brother, so the wanderer was in more than a good mood, despite the grim prophecies.
    For now tho, he was busy enjoying the good food he didn't get to have so often, having mostly been living his life on the road.
    Once Kandirath raised his drink, so did Soki, this felt like a joyous occasion for him at least.
    Midst of his feasting, after the Prince's speech he leaned over to Calaiah and gently poked him in the side with his elbow.
    "You know, you may be sitting in a chair which a royal behind has graced." He cut large piece of meat and stuffed it in his mouth. He grabbed an apple and held it for Thune, whom gladly ate it braying satisfaction quietly. Soki held his the eye contact with Calaiah at the same time.
    "Dorosis', we are going down in history. Mark my words, little brother." He spoke with a mouth full of food and pat his brother on the back sharply, washing it all down with a heavy swig of wine.
  3. Perched on a chair that his red headed leader had pointed out to sit on, the grayish and black thing known as Mr. Skitters seemed to have been watching and listening to what Prince Kandirath was saying to all those gathered here. But, whether or not he was able to understand it and the implications of what they were going to do was a completely different question that only Puru would probably be able to answer. The only answer it gave was a strange gurgling purr as the tendrils on his face wiggled excitedly before wrapping around the bits of meat that filled the bowl that sat in front of it and convey it to the fang filled maw hidden underneath those tendrils. Chewing on the morsel it had in its mouth, it looked at the red headed windwhisperer with a tilted head as it thought some words for her to hear. 'You. Swamp. Before?' the words echoed in his mind, the creature's way of asking if his friend has ever been in the swamps that were mentioned by the Prince.
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    + @BadDo9

    "Dorosi. Not a name that is familiar to me just yet. But I suppose that luck might change for all of us, mh? My name is Quanthal by the way. Humble chronicler from the mountains, Vyrn-Dem Khagul to be specific. There are not many steeds such as yourself, and it is even more interesting to see how two brothers are so different, almost like... Ah! Nevermind, just some of my rambling, picked it up from my teacher." He offered a warm smile and continued to drink and eat, especially having fallen in love with the seasoned and garlic buttered bread, it seems.

    "No, I have not been to the swamps, my little rascal." Puru offered as reply, always speaking out loud when he interacted with her telepathically. She gave him a gentle rub on the head for behaving so well. "Yeah, who is a good behaving little-big guy? Yes, you are." Puru added enthusiastically, rubbing him a bit more intensively and giving him a few encouraging pats, along with the occasional scratch between his chitin plates on the back and shoulders. There were a few curious glances at what Skittles was from some of the present people, but all had the courtesy to not ask. Only Kandirath back then when he recruited Puru Puru had the desire, perhaps drive to know what this 'Mr Skittles' was about. Only to be disappointed in not even his handler knowing what he was.
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  5. < @Uriel1339 @Wata >

    Calaiah had been very much surprised quite a few times this past few days. Firstly, a young and simple servant of Isha working under the Sapphire Birch being called to the house of the king. Second, sitting at a dining table with a group of many others, including his brother who had been out in his wanderings. And third, he was now in the presence of the prince. He didn't know how long he was going to be gone - but with news of the quest for the Warhammer still circulating, he had given a tender farewell to his betrothed, thinking back on it fondly...

    he was snapped away from his thoughts from his brother slapping him on the back, thankfully he hadn't any food or drink in him or he would have spat it out. "It's good to see you too, Soki. And you, Thune." he bowed his head to them both, smiling as he took a small sip of water and gingerly cut some meat.

    Though he was then spoken to by the chronicler. He smiled a little and bowed his head, his hair flowing with the motion, himself in simple clothes - his robes and staff set somewhere so as to not get stained by his brother's enthusiastic eating, nor the staff to bother anyone nearby. "I am Calaiah Dorosi, Servant of Isha from the Sapphire Birch. It is a pleasure to meet you, Quanthal."
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    Rhian had taken a long, drawn-out sip from her goblet of wine and reclined, letting her silver eyes wander. The Prince had gathered many noteworthy children of Isha, it seemed, and only seem it yet did, given that the Forest Guard was not familiar with any of them or the two beasts that were apparently heroic enough to join them in their feast. She smirked at the sight, and swirled her wine around, rotating the golden cup in a circular fashion, basking in the chattering around her.

    The room was alive with the sounds of life.

    Calaiah and Soki's conversation going on beside her did not escape the warrior, and she leaned slightly into the bright-haired youngling's direction out of an unconscious habit, taking another sip as she did.
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  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "'Course it is good! It's absolutely fantastic!"
    Soki answered to Calaiah and ruffled his hair with a laugh. Then the lady opposite of him addressed them. Soki listened politely and swallowed his food halfway through her speech. After Thune got his apple down, the rider wiped his hand on his pants and sipped some more wine. Thune with his muzzle knocked down a bowl of fruit on the table, sending them rolling about, most in the unicorn's direction. Soki stopped an apple's roll and took a bite out of it.
    "I am Soki, fair lady of ramble named Quanthal, pleasure to meet you. This magnificence here is Thune." Soki pat the unicorn's neck and scratched it. "And you stopped yourself before finishing your sentence, either it is inappropriate or you're a tease too."

    He had a friendly, amused smile on his face all the while.
  8. Mr. Skitter's eyes closed as he enjoys the head patting attention he was getting from Puru as some itchy spots went away thanks to her. "Me? Meee!" it said happily in its thought voice as he leaned into the scratching. When she was done, he would grab another bit to eat and looked at the large four legged creature that eat the red orbs it spilled from its bowl. It even had a horn on its head, no doubt for defense. He'd seen others like it, but with no horns or as dark of fur as it while walking the vast distances with Puru. It seemed to follow one of the other bipeds that looked like, but not, Puru. "Horn thing. Food? Friend?" He asked, wanting to be sure of its purpose. He remembered before when he assumed something, and thing got scolded for 'attacking someones dog'. He didn't know that was a bad thing to do, it just looked delicious to him. Puru did try to show him what was and not acceptable food, but it didn't always stick.
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  9. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    Felrin looked at the others around the table before turning her attention back to her meal. Unlike some of the others her plate had no meat, only vegetables and fruits. She made no attempt to socialize opting to just listen to the conversation of the others and eat her meal.
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    The prince observed the group with great interest as he ate in pace, exercising full self-control and not giving into his hunger, but instead enjoying the complex flavors of his meal and beverage. Hyrandas stood next to him like a statue, his head occasionally glancing towards the windows as if to search for a potential assassin or just curious soul who wants to view the royalty and his expedition.

    Puru stopped eventually scratching Skittles and gave him a pat on the head. "He is no food. He is a majestic mount to an Eldar. How about you go to him and see if you can talk to him? He might just surprise you." The young Eldar woman encouraged him, trusting her friendly companion rather much.

    Nightstalker glanced across the table to the silent woman, it was one of the rare occasions her hood was thrown back and her face mask removed. Not just so she could eat, but to the honor of the Crown Prince. As the Walker ate with her gloved hands rather than fork and knife, her eyes remained focused on the Blade Dancer. Long Bow was still strapped to her, so was her Quiver sideways on her back, one of her class was always ready for combat.

    @Casavay , @Wata & @BadDo9
    "Just something that.. Well. Is not exactly appropriate for a feast like this. Nor is it really knowledge you could care about. Just some ancient history theory that cannot even be proven. But enough of that. So you come from the Sapphire Birch after all. Let me ask you this. Did it truly form from Ishas' tear, or is that just folklore? What is it really made out of? Surely there must be gem caverns and crystals in rich amounts beneath?" The Chronicler asked in great interest, causing Derin next to her to sigh deeply and roll his eyes.

    The blacksmith just shook his head idly from such ridicule claims and continued his food, his left hand moving the food from his fork into his mouth, while the right drummed on the table in the same pace a hammer would beat a sword into perfection. His finger even would trace the shape of the scimitar weapon he was imagining to create right now.

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