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Execution Mechanics, And A More Tactical Approach.

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by NemethR, Jul 13, 2014.


How should executions be used in the game?

  1. Just as a Finishing move

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  2. As a more Tactical tool (discuss below)

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  1. NemethR NemethR Member

    Dear Developers, fellow servants, and enemies of the Emperor,

    I would like to present my humble toughts on how executions could be integrated in the game with a bit more tactical, and risky approach, then just a normal finishing move.

    To all my information right now the execution is merely a cutscene like move, that is a "fun" way to finish off a player.
    (Now of course I might be wrong on this)

    On the other hand, my idea would make it a tactical tool, and perhaps a more fun, and risky way to use it.

    My idea is:
    Make it so, that an Execution renders the Dead player unable to be healed by a medic, or teammate.

    An execution should have a duration of 5 secs (for this example)

    After a player has been executed, he will respawn at a choosen spawn point after 30 seconds (for this example)

    If he is NOT executed, a healer can heal him, or he can choose to bleed out (duration 15 sec), and then respawn at a spawn point.

    If a character engages in an Execution, he will be locked during the animation, but can be attacked, and killed during this time. (And Executed after)
    OR if the player is attacked in melee combat during the Execution, the execution would be cancelled. This of course would involve even more tactics.

    This way, the execution becomes a more tactical tool, and not just a way to show off.

    Players will need to decide:
    - Is it needed to execute him, or just continue to the next kill.
    - Is it safe to execute the enemy, or might I be attacked?
    - Is the (in this example) additional 20sec downtime worth the extra risk? (20 second, because execution takes 5 sec+the 30 downtime (35) - the 15 sec to beed out)

    For example in a 50 vs 50 fight, it is unlikely a player will choose to Execute an enemy player, as he is more likely to be killed during the 5 secs of the execution.

    But in a situation, were playes try to capture a strategic point, executing the enemy might be a vital move, (because the extra 20sec downtime) and worth the risk.

    Or in a 1v1 fight, of course, players can just Show off.

    If a player is NOT executed, he needs to decise, if there is any chance of a medic getting to him in time, or he needs to bleed out, to get as fast back to the fight as possible.
    (Example: The nearest spawn point is 1 minute away (by running), and the bleed out takes 15 sec. but there is a medic nearby, who might be able to get to the player and heal him in only 45 secs.)
    Decisions, decisions...

    Also I had a suggestion how Dreadnought could be implemented in the game later, witch involves player death. Here
    In case of an execution, a player could NOT become a Dreadnought. (As he is not mortally wounded, but dead)

    For this to work properly, it is a MUST that, players can be attacked, and killed during execution. OR if the player is attacked in melee combat, the execution would be cancelled. This of course would involve even more tactics.

    NOTE: The times I given, are just examples, they would need to be tweaked, but the idea is, that the execution should be a risky move, but tactically worth it.

    What do you guys think?
  2. well the executions are working just like you have discriped it
    (maybe not the extra spawn time)

    and have to die for being able to spawn as dread is bad game design
    SM would be the only ones who have to do that

    make dreads simply a hero and its fine, I think ^^
  3. The only problem I have with executions, will be the sight of 500 downed marines, coughing up blood and waiting for someone to help them. I feel like it should be the usual, they are still active, but can be executed if you want to, or just shoot them, ie: They can still shoot back and run around until you press f or whatever to execute them. Like your usual god of war style fighter.

    I agree with savij too.

    I think your idea is good, but its too complicated for a game thats going to try and use only one server, time base depending on distance? No thanks, more like, you die within this time, dead.
    I think a real problem is the length of time for executions, depending of course.
  4. Kaldor Draigo Kaldor-Draigo Well-Known Member

    Wait what? I thought it was obvious that once a player has been executed he is fully dead. You don't go into a bloody downed state after having a bolt round through your skull!

    I'd suggest having a look at GW2's down state system to get a good idea. 5 seconds is absurdly long! In GW2 it took about 3.

    TLDR copy pasta the down state system of GW2 and iterate on it.
  5. Fenris Fenris Cipher

    I was going to say what Kaldor did, GW2 has a great downed system and EC should evolve from that.
  6. MikeyC MikeyC666 Active Member

    So where your health reaches 0 you're on the ground bleeding out and you can use your side-arm (or main weapon with a perk?) but if you take more damage (an extra 25/50%) you are then killed outright.

    If someone is executing you, they are both denying your use of the side-arm and if un-interrupted in the 2 or 3 seconds it takes to execute will kill you outright aswell.

    I think the speed of the execution should depend on the melee weapon (and any perks that speed up executions) used as a Thunder hammer should be able to execute in a single swing while a combat knife might require some wrestling to get a quick kill.
  7. Rasczak Rasczak Subordinate

    No thanks, I don't want a huge zerg of Spess Mahreens self-reviving like a bunch of Necrons.
  8. Well that's easy, just incorporate everything but that "Second-Wind" feature. It would fit the lore better to have horrendously injured combatants limping and crawling their way towards their friends while stopping, if able, to snap off shots and defend themselves.

    If the injured don't make it to cover in time where friends can revive them without being killed in turn, then they bleed out. If an enemy comes along and executes them, well then they have to run all the way back and the enemy gets a nifty little bonus.

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