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Exclusive Pre-order items for Founders and Early Access (and Console)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. I guess you mean the copper knife and pistols? When did you bought your founderspack?
  2. SM:

    The Liberator of Spire 23916

    The original was wielded by one Sgt. Lianties of the Deathwach during the Soltus Rebellion, so named after the genestealer magus that started it. Though he fell during the final purge of the Spire, there was no greater testament to his resolve that for the survivors ot have found hius weapon buried in the carpace of the now deceased genestealer patriarch, the weapon still warm to the touch. Subsequent models based on this design are said to bite through tyranid carapaces with remarkable speed.

    The Responder

    When asked to surrender by Alaitoc raiders, the response of the vastly outnumbered Scout Sergeant Ternn Servinnus was short, loud and directly to the point.

    Emperor's Gaze

    "None found wanting shall weather the Emperor's sight over long"


    Da Expleena

    "I haz no idea whats a spleen iz, but you use dis here fingy, and you'll finds it soon enuff"

    Boss Nargash's Suprize

    "Talk softly an shoots em in the gob, he sez"

    Dual DakkaStakka

    "kno watz betta than dakka?"

    "more dakka"


    Arkhona's Lament

    The first relic recovered by returning Eldar forces, this sword is said to hum particularly loudly when used on Imperial forces.

    The Viper

    "The mon-keigh gaze ever star-ward, never thinking to watch their surroundings; small wonder their empire lies in ruins."

    The Touch of Maugan Ra

    "There is only one gift that can be given to all, one gift even the most exalted and gifted can receive, one gift even the base beasts of the Hive Mind can comprehend. We shall bestow this gift to all before us."



    "Have a care Brother, if you have not the will to wield such a weapon, it will surely wield you in return"


    "Your wish to meet the divine will be granted, stay your movement but a moment longer..."

    Litany of the Dark Deliverance

    The thunderous chatter of this weapon is said to echo far after it has stopped firing, reminding all who still yet live their final fate in opposing scions of Chaos.
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  3. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    The names have already been decided and they are all called "Venerable [Insert Weapon]" :(
  4. Xixora Xixora Preacher

    After 3-4 months after the onset of packs
  5. Xixora Xixora Preacher

  6. Tragean Kallus Korval Arkhona Vanguard

    This probably has been answered ad nauseum, but, The Founds items are in game already? If they are, who can I contact since I seem to not have them.
  7. You mean the ones in the first post of this thread?
    No they are not in
    I guess they will come at launch
  8. Elohim Elohim First Blood!

    ok, part of a weapon for the founder is realease, but the copper bolter/heavy bolter and chainsword, when we see it? at launch?
  9. There are no other copper weapons then pistol and knife

    But if you mean the ones in the OP then yes they will come at launch I guess

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