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Exclusive Pre-order items for Founders and Early Access (and Console)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Nether Nether Master

    I firmly believe that those that pony up the greenbacks for a game to get started deserve a little extra thanks. It sucks when you can't be there after the fact to get them but when you invest makes a huge difference, otherwise there is very little incentive to support a game in early development.

    I missed out in Warframe, though there I missed mechanical stats which sux, but I still firmly believe those founders deserved the rewards given.

    Oh and your not just missing the copper weapons, but as well as the 8 Relic Weapons that were limited supply and ran out a long time ago.
  2. Ogi-Wan Ogi-Wan New Member

    Sorry if this is not for here but when we'll get BETA test access ?
  3. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    Well, the beta will start when everything is in, so I guess it will be a week or two before launch next month.
  4. Angelcy Angelcy Preacher

    I got the game through steam on the 14th of February 2016 but I don't see them in my inventory. Am I eligible to get them or not?
  5. Ogi-Wan Ogi-Wan New Member

    Thank you.
    Because I would like to try the game before I buy it.
  6. Nimrock Nimrock Well-Known Member

    This is even worse couse they will have even less time for content. 2 patches for it at best...
    This looks like this:
    Thin, pale guy is standing in front of 140kgs barbells in championship competition and saying "Don`t worry coach... I can make it, I can make it".
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  7. SnaGon Recruit

    Eternal Crusade will be released on 23 September. On my birthday:) Sorry if it is offtop.
  8. Nimrock Nimrock Well-Known Member

    Sounds like completely missed present.
    But happy birthday man.
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  9. SnaGon Recruit

    Thanks. But it will on 23 september.
  10. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    Everyone with who brought/buy the game during Founder's Access or Steam Early Access should get the gifts, they just aren't ingame yet.
    Though the models (at least for the Eldar ones) are already done, they are just waiting for the ingame "slot" or something like that.

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