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Europan Conflicts: The Majhorn Incident IC Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by CommissarGaunt, Nov 29, 2016.

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    Light drizzle splashed against the deck as another large wave broke against the bow of the mercantile vessel Dystopia as it neared their final destination. Up ahead through the foggy gloom, pinpointed by small slivers of light generated by light poles on the docks piers was the port island city of Mayoral. Nestled in the craggy, steeped cliff sides of the Majhorn Isles chain, the north-western most section of the Kingdom of Archaea. Lightning flared overhead as the tempest storm rapidly continued its transition through the area, an unfortunate event seeing as how the winter months were just setting in and the summer temperatures had already begun dying off a few days before hand. Standing at the helm, an old grizzled captain, his weather poncho slicked with the salty spray of the ocean fought at the steering wheel even as deck hands got into position to grab the lines that would secure them to the docks.

    A large booming sound reverberated through the ships hull as another wave sent it reeling into a buoy causing the already rambling bell in its housing to reverberate rapidly as it bobbed back and forth in the water. Seconds passed as the ship veered ever closer before finally coming into view. Shadowy shapes on the stone piers were jostling back and forth with poles and thick rope to secure the vessel as the angry sea fought to send it crashing into the docks yet the captains grip held firm as it nestled itself snugly between the two concrete slabs, its sides covered in thick rubber tubing to cushion any vessel within.

    Shouts went back and forth as the crew and port officials rapidly secured lines between the vessel and piers and within minutes its aggressive motions were mostly arrested. A long wooden gang plank was wheeled up along the pier to the side of the ship even as its cargo bay opened up and cranes swiveled into position to begin off loading the supplies. Having landed relatively safety, the passengers on board the vessel began to quickly disembark carrying their belongings and moving towards the sheltered coverings along the piers length moving towards the main customs building at the far end.

    Bright working lights illuminated the area in industrial white and yellow hues and work trucks continuously trudged up and down the piers length next to the covered walkway eager to load up on the supplies being lowered into them one by one to return to the larger mercantile section of the island known as Port Ironside. Walking in a relatively spread out group getting in line with the other passengers but keeping an eye on their surroundings and each other, the infiltration team waited for their turn as the customs officials went through each person in turn.

    Being in the lead, Elizabeth readied her documentation as she eyed the person in front at the buildings gated entrance. A young gentlemen in a white and blue police uniform, his chest bearing the port authority emblem was busy checking the papers of the person in front looking at the black and white photograph and comparing it to the person in front of him. The officer asked a few questions before, being satisfied, stamped the passport and handed back the documentation before pointing to the side of the building where a guarded gate led to the main road and outside of the small ports main compound.

    With his last person finished, the man looked towards her and spoke in a calm, mannered voice. "Next! Passport or immigration papers please." Leaning out of view for a moment as he picked up a pen that he dropped, he straightened his cap and looked towards her, hand out waiting for her documents. "What is your business here mam?"
  2. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Producing her documentation then placing them in the man's hand, Lucy Shaw or rather 'Julia Windthorn', her persona for the infiltration replied "Employment with a warehouse maintenance company, as an in-house Earth Alchemist."
    Needless to say, she hadn't been expecting something as cloak and dagger to become a mission, but she straightened her glasses (a prop for deceiving others about her sight) out of habit, and simply hoped that probing questions didn't occur. Or failing that, the probing questions were ones she had prepared for.

    However, the officer's interest seemed to have been raised by her mentioning the fact she is an Alchemist, leading him to reply after a double take "We don't see many alchemists here, not since the end of the war. By chance are you here to work at the Vonn Hoffenheims factory?"
    Seranos took a quick glance around, and given the factory's proximity and the Hoffenhim sigil on most of the cargo, she was sure it was just simple curiosity on his part. So she replied "No, I'm not employed by the Vonn Hoffenheims factory."

    Course, denying working at the factory was to avoid creating holes in her cover. Despite the man having an issue with something on the passport as he held it up and looked between her and it, Lucy soon had a blue-black ink stamp marked with the Hoffenheim family crest with "Port Ironside" written underneath stamped upon her documentation which he handed back to the woman, before he gestured for her to go to the gatehouse allowing her to move on.

    That left her to start walking along a well lit passage way to the gatehouse that lied between her and out of the grip of scrutiny of the authorities, passing dock workers who's chatter held nothing of note for her. However, two guards in khaki fatigues and light body armour and armed with sidearms at the gatehouse served as another barrier to getting through.

    The first guard lifted his scarred hand for her papers, which 'Julia' gave and after a brief check, she was allowed through the gatehouse, after being told by the guard with a gesture towards a relatively old and worn down structure which had a paved road instead of tracks: "Station to the main island is over there. The next bus into town should be here in about twenty minutes. Stay out of trouble while you're here." Suffice to say, she nodded in acknowledgement even if the mission could class as trouble-making.

    Still, the Knight in disguised headed to the station, but decided to wait by the entrance for everyone else to make their way through the hoops before they all got moving together away from this place. Needless to say, she kept within sight of the checkpoint should trouble develop there should one of the team manage to fail at that hurdle. She sincerely hoped that wouldn't be the case.
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    The man next in line steps forward plastering a half smile onto his face as he walks over to the man "Giocondo Saccone just a man looking to ply his trade" Gio laughs lightly as he hands the man his papers. Gio eyed the man as he did and internally berating himself, ply his trade ? He could do better than that . He bit the inside of his cheek

    Looking at him with a slight raise of an eyebrow, the customs official takes the papers and begins to shift through them. Noting the Principalities seal, he seems far more relaxed and stamps it without asking any questions before pointing towards the exit around the building. Handing back the documents. Giocndo sighed internally glad he hadnt made a rookie mistake he walked ahead but kept behind his cohort 2 meters away not far enough to be useless in case of trouble but not close enough to arouse suspicion up until he hits a second checkpoint one of the guards asks him for his papers which he hands to the men

    The man who asked you for the documents grabs them looking it over. Handing it back, he continues holding it as you reach for it asking a question, "You look familar, I haven't met you before?" Gio shakes his head lightly and goes to speak before he can respond , the guard grabs his wrist and says very clearly. "Yes...I do know you. You're a member of the Mafia that blew up the docks two months ago." Turning to his fellow, "Stay here, I got this one..." Dragging him into a nearby building with no windows, searchlights adorning the top, and having a sign that says "Restricted Area: No Trespassing." knocking twice on a steel door which opens to let both of you in. As he enters, he's placed into a small wooden chair on the opposite side of an oak table. A sodium bulb lamp shines brightly into his face preventing him from seeing anything else as the lights turn off .A figure sitting opposite of him puffs lightly from a lit cigar causing the end to flare briefly with a red glow as a chain of smoke blows into his face. Leaning forward so that half of his face is visible, you recognize a member of the Barsi Mafia the Dons Third Lieutenant.

    "I told my men to look for you, word travels by fairly quickly that you've been helping these...'Nationalists' here...this is bad news. Bad for the family, bad for business....and you know what this means to the Don." Stepping up and walking around him he places his thick fat fingers adorned with countless rings on Giocondo's shoulders ."Now, I think we can reach an see I'm a very GENEROUS man, I might overlook these 'infractions' if you do something for me. It's not like you have much of a choice anyway." Giocondo nods quickly swearing internally . The Don knows he's working for his country he's been doing it only to make sure those bastuchi's disnt ruin any of the Don's stuff hell he even made sure an Officer took a nose dive off the docks and never came back up for them ! He hated the lieutenants those arrogant shmucks. He nods again befor esaying "of course id never do anything against the Don's interests and i'll make sure you hear from me sir" Gio grimaces as the Lieutenant has the bought guard toss Gio out and he stumbles as he follows his comrades on the mission further
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  4. Eva stepped up next as the man had motioned her to do so, papers in hand and with a gentle smile, before handing them over for inspection. "Sasha Wolff, alchemist healer." she stated simply to the man, keeping it short and sweet for now. She wore just normal civilian clothing, keeping her pendent hidden and just looking like just another person traveling abroad.

    This time the official was really puzzled, looking up at her as he accepted the documents saying, "You don't say...there seems to be a lot of you lately." Flipping through the pages, he stops as he looks at the picture and back at her. However instead of stamping it like he had done previously for the other people in line, he looks at her directly asking, "What is your business here. We don't get any healers around here not even at the hospital and there's no shrines or rare materials here."

    "That's the point my good man. I wish to go where I am needed, not where there's already an abundance of others around, and help where I can. Especially after all that happened after the war." She explained to the customs officer. It was actually more true than one would think. There's not many around here with Alchemy to help people, just more focused on war and offense. Though in truth her help comes in a very different form, and hopefully not needed.Nodding along, the man stamps her passport and hands it back pointing towards the exit.

    "True enough mam. Enjoy your stay." Looking behind her, he waives forward the last member to step forward.
    As you round the corner to the gatehouse, the two guards are standing there, unlike the others, they let you on through without incident as they appear busy conversing about something.

    "Thanks." she smiled and gave a quick wave of goodbye before leaving the counter and heading out to the exit. As she started to walk past the guards, she keeps going but tries to catch at least a snippet of what they're speaking of. They were hear on an undercover information mission, might as well give it a shot. As she passes by, she hears a heated, relatively whisper level conversation as the two guards talk about a murder from last nights watch. Apparently two dock hands were found in pieces, their corpses mostly eaten away as if by an animal. Despite the strict patrols, whatever got them went undetected and the bodies were moved to the general hospital in the central district only a few hours before hand. To say she felt a chill go up her spine was an understatement. It would seem like she would be needed after all on this mission. What she had heard sounded too much like what she was to be on the look out for if her teachings were anything to go by. She would have to go over this with everyone else once they find somewhere to hole up later. She meet up with Lucy and Gio
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  5. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Stepping forward Craig produces his documents. Craig Dobson his fake persona for this op. "The weather always like this around here?" He shook his coat lightly to get some of the rain off of it while the official went through his passport.

    Taking the proffered documents, the official shrugs flipping through them. "Business or Pleasure?" he asks as he lifts up the passport to compare it with his face.

    "Business I guess. Looking for some work, anywhere in particular I should be looking? I'm an engineer by trade, so pretty much anything mechanical will work." He attempted to wipe the excess water away from his face waiting for his reply.

    Perking up a little bit, the official smiles and stamps the passport. "We're always looking for more skilled engineers here. Speak to Alfonso, he's the manager for these docks. Right now he's offduty but you should probably find him at the 'Four Fingers' bar in town. Can't miss it, it's the most popular one in the city just outside the central district." Handing back the documents, he gestures for you to continue around the building to the main gate.

    Taking the documents back he motions with them as if he's tilting a hat. "Thank you! I'll look for Alfonso." Leaving the desk he needs to hurry to catch the bus. He quickly jogs over and climbs on board. "Well that was easy enough."
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  6. As the last member of them jogs towards the bus, it begins to take off even as he grabs onto the railings clambering on barely keeping his grasp. Elizabeth, extending her arm out catches him by the arm pulling him in as the relatively large, old but serviceable engine begins to pick up speed towards the main section of the city. Travelling along the lone road which extends along the thinnest section of the isle, they get a pretty open view of the tormented sea smashing against the rocky approaches of the island. Almost every section is a sheer drop hundreds of meters high as they wind up the roadway towards the primary section built atop the mountainous outcroppings.

    Up ahead, a bristling city of warehouses and slums builds on top of itself towards the central district at its apex atop what was once an active volcano. Additional docks for the rich, military, and privileged are built into the base of the towering cliff sides most likely with access to deep depots and storage houses inside the granite confines even as the surface and cliff side is bristling with rusted catwalks and structures bolted to the side as the city makes use of every available surface. Needless to say, it's unlike most other city's one would come across or even like many seen in the Principalities.

    While most towns and ports follow an open, relatively planned construction with separate districts clearly marked, Port Ironside has lost most semblance of a planned construction. Warehouses jut out randomly taking up the most room as sagging rows of poorly constructed houses blossom out between them and around swallowing up the desperately needed space. As the bus comes closer to the main entrance, they pass underneath a deep underground tunnel reaching an elevator which lifts them up to the islands upper levels. Rumbling up through the five story deep elevator, they get a look at several passageways and levels that branch off within the underground sections of the city.

    Many appear to lead to industrial compounds or private military sectors based off the countless labels and signs saying restricted access for one unrecognized company or another and the two or so heavily guarded entrances bristling with gun emplacements and barbed wire. Most of the soldiers look bored, not expecting any trouble but never the less, there is a very sizable garrison from the looks of it already on the island of the Principality.

    Finally reaching the top level as the gears grind to a shuddering halt, the bus begins to move once more coming out onto a busy street filled with pedestrians, bicycles, and other vehicles. The sound of people cursing at each other in dozens of language, conversing at cafe tables, markets that brush up alongside the roads, and just generally people going about their business is overwhelming. Forcing its way into the mass, the bus driver honks angrily as he cuts off a open backed cargo truck with a group of soldiers on it who rise up out of the rear passenger bay and begin shaking their fists and hurling insults right back before being lost in the crowd.

    It takes over an hour just to get through the first area, roughly half a mile but as soon as you pass through one of the inner walls leading towards the central districts, traffic dies out as you pass through into a seemingly other world. The slums and lower class citizenry which inhabit the outer levels are replaced with upper class joints and spacious homes. Expensive shops line the roadways and the sidewalks are covered with stained glass which causes the light drizzle to create dancing patterns underneath. Police officers are a sudden sight as they appear in large numbers patrolling and keeping the peace where before you were lucky to see even one.

    Whatever the case, it is clear there is a strict difference between the two sections and the closer you get to the government quarters, the more the class divide begins to show. With barely any vehicles on the road to slow the driver down, your pace picks up and within a few dozen minutes you find yourself dropped off at the central government quarters. On either side of the road, ambassador offices of the American Federation, the Europan Alliance, Principalities, and Confederation stand side by side opposite of a towering construction of marble and gold which serves as the parliament and the President of the islands residence.

    Soldiers of each nation stand guard side by side and while none seem too happy about it, at least they aren't splattering each others guts out like they had been doing in the war that was non too distant in the past. Remembering your orders, you are supposed to meet an operative at a high status parlor on the other side of the Parliamentary building but you made good time reaching the island and the meet isn't for another six hours. With plenty of time to walk around, the choice is yours to see where you should go.
  7. kanila kanila Subordinate

    "Well seeing as we have some time to kill I'm heading over to the Four Fingers bar. I was told the dock manager Alfonso is there. Be a good idea to have atleast one of us working there, can see the coming and going of stuff. Plus we might be able to get stuff through as well." Plus a stiff drink could help take the edge off he thought. Craig looked to each member of the group, "So what is everyone else doing? And I think it would probably be best to meet back here about half an hour before the meeting. If not everyone makes it back just head straight there." He wasn't in charge, and honestly didn't want to be, but logic had to remain the priority here. After all even if one was caught the group could still succeed.

    Seeing as the group was separating to spend their 'free time' in different ways, Craig began his own hunt for the Four Fingers bar. With any luck he would find it and Alfonso easily and have plenty of time for a few drinks.

    Hearing Sasha call after him to stop, Craig stops and turns back around. "Well hurry up then young pup! It should be over this way." He turned back and continued walking as he waived her to follow.

    As they enter through the red oaken doors lined in gold filligree underneath a relatively well lit, neon sign that flashes the name Four Fingers and a hand that shows a five handed palm with one finger missing, the surrounding fingers around the middle finger flash off and on flipping off the establishment opposite known as the "Carcade" you walk into a relatively different atmosphere. The establishment is multi-floored opening out into different sections for private guests, partys and other ranks of society. Walking down the crimson carpeted stairway into a wide open lobby, you can see gambling tables set up overseen by "enforcers" of the establishment who make sure people pay their debts.

    Elbowing his companion, "Now this is a bar! Time to get a drink. Come on." Craig makes his way to the bar and attempts to flag the bartender down. He looks around trying to get a scope of the different clientele as well as security.

    As Craig advanced towards the bar table, a relatively young looking man with a white towel over his shoulder walks over to you hand drying a glass and nods towards you. He has thick black hair with a handlebar mustache and a thick Italian accent as he opens his mouth to speak, "What can I do for you?" Taking an open stool at the bar, "Scotch for me and whatever she's having." He gestures to his 'shadow' a short distance behind him. "Just got into port, I was told to ask for Alfonso. The customs agent said he was looking for an engineer. You happen to know where I can find him?" Craig looked around the bar hoping the dock manager would just appear out of thin air before turning back to the bar keep. Nodding slightly as if thinking, he looks at the two of you for a moment and dissapears coming back with your drink orders. Leaning forward he smiles widely and says, "I don't quite remember this 'Alfonso' you speak of, my minds a bit hazy these days but..." as he looks toward you gesturing with his hand for some coin "I might recall it if you catch my meaning." "Hey, if you know where he is, that means work for me. Which means more business for you. A new regular that tips well is better than quick coin now isn't it?" He gives him a sly grin as he lays a larger than average tip on the bar for the scotch and other drink.

    Nodding as if in agreement, he takes the tip (subtracting 10 Guilders from your wealth) and whistles loudly as another bar tender comes up. Looking at the two of you and then back at the other man, he sighs and motions for you to follow him. Leading you around the perimeter towards a wall panel that you thought was a solid wall until you get closer, you notice a stair way leading down and a bouncer at the base of the stairs. He stops you momentarily looking you over before grunting and standing aside letting you into a basement sublevel. As you enter, you're immediately greeted with a high scale gambling den. At one of the tables at the far end laughing rather obnoxiously is what you can assume is Alfonso as he is the only man in the room standing in the company of several scantily clad women with drink in hand and a firm cheeck in the other. Leading you around the cushioned seats and vacant tables, the waiter tells you kindly to wait as he goes up and whispers into Alfonsos ear. Taking a sip from the crystal decanter, he turns nodding briefly to look at the both of you before giving the woman a loud slap on the ass and says with a broad smile. "Gentleman! Lady! I hear you have proposition for me yes!? I think there is much work we can discuss. Come, come sit here!" motioning you over with a wide sweep of his arm.

    Walking across the room, Craig takes one of the offered seats. Leaving Sasha a seat if she chose to take it. "I'm Craig and this is Sasha. If I would have know I would have worn something nicer." He gave a short chuckle and a warm grin. "I don't want to take a lot of your time from your off duty time. I'm an engineer and new to town. Heard you might be looking for a good engineer." He continued to drink his scotch as he pulled a pack of cigarettes out, offering one to Alfonso. He briefly looked around the room, what other hidden goodies did this bar hold he wondered?

    Laughing as if you made a joke, he slams his hand down hard on the table causing the crystal decanter to shake violently, almost toppling over. "You funny man! I like this...yes I am in need of additional engineers, there has been a shortage of workers lately...and replacements hard to come may fit well being an outsider...and your lady friend, she is one too?" he says with the thick accent flowing over the jaw, the entire time he is eyeing Sasha as if he was able to undress her and he enjoyed what he saw. Taking the proffered cigarette he lights it finding it not to his taste and instead takes out a cigar of fine tobacco, more expensive than what you would expect a man of his posting to be able to easily afford and offers you one.

    Taking the offered cigar, "No she's not, met her on the boat ride over. She's a healer on some mission or something." He puffed the cigar to life, Alfonso was living well beyond his means with these. He HAD to work the docks and find out why. "This is a fantastic cigar! Well I'll gladly fill one of your vacancies!" Drinking the scotch and enjoying the cigar he leaned back. "If I would have know about this place I would have made the move sooner." He paid attention to Alfonso trying to glean anything that could hint at his connections, while trying to keep it low key. Shouldn't be too hard seeing as he was eyeballing Sasha the whole time. From the surroundings in the den and based off the way he's dressed. You can assume he has deep connections with some organization or even many but who they are you have no idea as nothing rings a bell from what you remember in the briefings. Slapping you hard on the back, he seems very happy. "Good, good! I like men who are quick thinkers. You and I, this partnership I see being very fruitfull. Meet my man, O'brian at the docks in the eastern warehouse district. He will get you acquainted with the work. The next shift starts in ten hours, it is graveyard shift but pay is good. No need to sign papers, I take care of everything. Do svidaniya!" Turning his gaze from Sasha to shake your hand and then waiving you off as the females approach once more having already forgotten about her as the two of you leave. Roughly two hours of passed since you left the group and it will take about twenty minutes to get back. "Thank you! I'll be there." Obviously his attention was now elsewhere so he left the hidden gambling den, sitting back where the original bar tender was. "Another scotch." He sat another 10 guilders on the bar with a nod to his new favorite bar keeper. "So what next Sasha?"
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  8. "Certainly better than most places I've seen." Eva said, rather impressed. She guessed the whole talk about it being the best bar on the island had merit. After a nudge and word from Craig, she followed the old engineer to the counter. Ordering herself just a beer for now, she let him deal with the bartender since it seemed he know how to talk in the guy's language. After a nice 'tip' and getting lead to what they thought was a wall, they found themselves in a secluded room with Alfonso enjoying drink and the company of girls who should have picked a better living. After sitting there enduring getting stared for awhile, the beer she was nursing helping ease some nerves, it seemed like Craig got the job easily enough and it was at the Docks too. Seems luck was staying on their side for awhile yet. "I might just tag along to the docks with ya later, there's something we need to discuss later. Let's see if we can't get directions to the hospital here in central, there's something I want to check there if we can. " She said, recalling what she heard earlier easedropping on the pair of guards.
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  9. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Lucy, deciding to check out her persona's place of work soon headed off in the direction of the south eastern warehouse district. It took her an hour to the outer area of the High-rise district, and when she had finally passed into the warehouse district: The sight of a sea corrugated iron roof littered with cranes and rusting iron catwalks greeted her eyes, with thick stone-topped roadways intersecting like veins throughout the compound.

    However, Seranos hadn't got the foggiest clue where the Shaw Chemical company house within the wild expanse of industry, so 15 minutes later, she had walked down to an intersection to try and help herself get her bearings. Only this one was busy, and not for a good reason. Suffice to say, clapping eyes on her men being the victim of a fight between them and another company's workers was not a good sight for her, even moreso thanks to the crowd of on lookers

    Her first attempt to get past the crowd was rebuffed, due to her being pulled away by Gio from prying ears of spectators before he said to her spell:" I know these guys so I think they can help us, lets just wait to see which way this fight swings and if things go sour for the Shaws we can help." Course, she then replied "Really? Just going to stand by and let those thug hammer away at m- Shaw's men?" while trying not to show the anger in her voice at this turn of events (that'd ruin her persona). Turning to the fight, then back to Gio, she then said "I'm going to help out my men, can't let those guys get away with it." With that said, she went back to try and force her way through the ring of spectators.

    However, she ended up stumbling inwards due to an sudden unexpected lack of resistance to her shoving, with Gio cursing away as he followed her into the crowd. This was only to find herself, and Gio being face to face with a towering goliath of muscle roughly two and a half meters tall and covered in tattoos. The brute had a pair of knuckle dusters and he had just finished off nailing one of the Shaw employees straight in the gut, a mortal blow that sent him reeling over as a large spray of blood erupts from his mouth.

    With such a mortal wound being struck, Shaw went first with a rather under hand move. Suffice to say, everyone could hear that one of the man's.... Family jewels had been crushed. He let loose a howl of rage and pain, bending over onto the ground, only to stay there. That proved to be a horrible mistake when Gio then slammed his boot twice, bone crunching and blood spraying from the wound. Alas, the Dock hands were inspired.... But failed miserably on the offensive.

    With two thugs attacking Gio, Lucy was unfortunate enough to be stabbed in the shoulder by the thrid, getting a few muscles torn in the process. She then attempted to wrestle the blade from her attacker's hand, and it was a struggle.... That ended with her being knocked in the head. Course, that was then compounded by being ganged up by two of the other thugs. One missed, but the other made her cry out in pain with a blow to the kneecap. At least, she couldn't feel it dislocate or break.

    Seeing red, the Knight charged into one of the thugs by the side, sending him hard into the ground. She then sized the moment and straddled his upper body, only to slam her attacker's head into the road, leaving a pool of blood which came about due to some sickeningly wet smacking. Seems she managed to cause a contusion. At least that left him out of commission.

    However, before she could check upon Gio, she saw the crowd clear around a group of soldiers following a woman dressed in crimson fatigues and a badge across one shoulder, with an unknown meaning for the Albanian. Whistles start blowing as the soldiers attempt to restore order via arresting people. They were heading towards the the downed thugs, the duo of helpers and the dock workers with weapons raised.

    In a slight Irish voice, the lead soldier yells towards all of them:"Drop your weapons! Kneel down hands behind your heads! No funny business!" Suffice to say, she didn't see herself managing to survive being shot by the four trigger happy soldiers that fanned out, weapons raised to cover everyone that had taken part in the brawl. Even if her heart was raised a bit by seeing a nod from one of the dock workers.

    Complying with the officers (like she had a choice), Seranos ended up being forced into the back of a military cargo truck, open-topped aside from the driver's area. Naturally, that made an escape attempt somewhat undesirable, considering the arresting soldiers were right behind them. They were moving for about 40 minutes, heading to the other side of the city.

    Travelling over a rather high steel and concrete bridge, they soon arrived at their destination past a set of gates: A heavily fortified island, complete with anti-aircraft guns, costal guns and chain-link fences. The convoy stopped outside a building that she guessed would have been a barrack: But barred windows and sandbags hinted otherwise.

    As everyone present in the fight entered the building through reinforced steel doors to be greeted by what looked like a brig. The room was relatively spacious with three long benches lining the main wall, facing a large desk with two chairs in front and the officer sitting behind said desk. On either side, two sentries stood guard facing each other. To the left there was a barred hallway door and gate lead into the brigs confines while a mirroring door on the right seems to lead deeper into the facility, probably towards offices and prisoner free sections.

    The officer then got a pen, and motioned towards Shaw. When she sat down, the officer made her introduction: "I am Colonel Vander of the 109th Principality Guard. I assume you understand the full weight of what you have done. Murdering and attempting to murder several civilians in the middle of the street. Do you have anything to say for yourself miss...?" However, that was interrupted by one of the workers when he stood up, causing a stir in the room, for Vander to say to him: "It's alright, did you have something to say sir?"

    The worker then replied: "Aye mam. That woman there wasn't up to no harm, she was helpin' us after we were attacked without warning by those miscreants at the docks. If it weren't for her and her friend there, we'd be unconscious, probably dead somewhere else. I owe my life to 'em, same with the rest of my boys." He gives you a nod of thanks sitting back down. The Colonel then said: "Interesting, I will take your concern into account when it comes to press charges. Now where were we miss...?"

    'Julia' then replied "Julia. Julia Windthorn." After short moment, with the officer leaning back into her chair, she said to Shaw: "I have served in this position, this rank, for only two weeks. I have many enemys, you might think that I am ambitious and that may be true but I did not get here because I am stupid. Do not insult my intelligence. Answer my question one last time, this time without thinking you can lie directly to my face."
    That lead the Albion woman to quip: "Alright, it's a fair cop.... Name's Lucy Shaw...."

    Vander then said: "Now we're getting somewhere. So miss Shaw, to what do I owe the honor of having a member of one of the prestigious trading companies here breaking the law?" Needless to say, the shocked gasps from dock workers were ignored as Shaw replied"I suppose one could say I'd need a more private area to discuss that matter." After what seemed liked her glaring into Elizabeth's soul, and taking a few moments, the Colonel then lead Shaw away from the open space, through hallways that blended into each other, and then into an officer that had seemingly been cleared out, barring a desk and some chairs.

    After some drinking from shot glasses of some rather good whiskey, the Colonel said: "So. Here we are. Now what is it you wish to confess to me?" Lucy then said: "Well, pretty much that I'm part of a rather hush-hush mission to inflitrate the Empire's ambassadorial compound. Sorry if it's the first time you've heard of it, but well, it's not like you can tell everyone about it just for the sake of avoiding such an awkward meeting."

    After a long awkward silence, Vander left the room. It was about three hours before she returned to say "Come with me, your friend is already in the car.", When she got out of the building escorted by men in civilian attire, it was apparent that night had fallen, and the compound was rather quite.

    Suffice to say, she was hit by the fact they were meant to have seen a contact, but there wasn't much she could do, as she was put into another car separate from Gio, and driven off into the city. Needless to say, the lack of communication had been worrying, due to not knowing where they were going, what happened to the others and everything else had not been kind for Shaw's worries over what the hell was going on.
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