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Eternal Crusade Of Arkhona

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Feb 19, 2014.

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  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    It was just a week after Castor of the Ultramarines saved his fellow Ultramarine, Seargent Proteus and three other Astartes from different chapters.

    One was of the Space Wolves from Fenris, one was of the Blood Angels from Baal, the other was a Dark Angel from Caliban, more precisely the leftovers of said planet which is now 'The Rock'.

    Within that week several Tyranid attacks had been repelled and existing fortresses fortified with the wisdom and materials provided by the Adeptus Mechanicum and Ultramarines. The Heart of the Adeptus Astartes operations which were soon operated by four chapters to lead this crusade was designed in similar fashion to Fortress Hera of Macragge.

    It's wall stood strong, the Defensive systems running day and night, patrols of global PDF marched around the clock up and down the walls, keeping their eyes open for the Great Devourer while the Astartes formed their plans.

    The first to arrive had been the Space Wolves, ready for War, ready to destroy the Devourer. Next came the Angels of Death from Baal, almost at the same time with Dark Angels. And last more reinforcements from Ultramar. Each Chapter brought several companies into battle, together they would destroy each Tyranid they face, but soon it was that they had to realize that the Tyranids were not the only problem to conquer Arkhona in the name of the God-Emperor and the people of the Imperium.

    The Eldar emerged out of an ancient, hidden, but big Warp portal, such of size that something rare and almost never seen before emerged of the webway. A Fortress, completely shaped out of the mystical Wraithbone. It emerged on a different continent, out of reach for the Adeptus Astartes as the Tyranids were swarming on the surface and Orbit, but remaining mysteriously defensive.... As if they were waiting for something.... For someone...

    While the Eldar established their home and Leaders of several Craftworlds arrived such as the Saim-Hann, Ulthwe, Biel-Tan and Iyanden, they had to realize that the Chaos gods traced their activity.

    They were spared of followers of She who thirsts, but Abaddon's Black Legion, the Siegemasters of the Iron Warriors, the Warriors of Lorgar the Word Bearers and the Terrors of the dark the Night Lords.

    Unified as if they met for another Black Crusade, they had been upon the Eldar and their Brothers who still follow the Corpse Emperor. Their Forces huge and well organized the Iron Warriors started right away in a mountain area to build upon an indestructible fortress, which not even the Imperial Fists would be able to conquer.

    Out of nowhere, seemingly by accident, the Orks came down with a huge Space Hulk that came out of the Warp down on Arkhona. The Orks were in battles over control of the Craft, but once the Bosses saw the enemies down on the world, quickly they gathered their clans together to make a Waagh in a size never seen before.

    On-board had been the Clans of the Fast Evil Sunz, the collectors of Bad Moons, the master looters of Deathskulls and to complete the Green tide there were also the Goffs, known as barbarians even among the Orks.

    Most of the Space Hulk fell apart during 'landing' procedure, but whatever remained was used to create something that could called be a fortress, but in reality was nothing but a huge camp of the Orks, a maze of death, so randomly constructed and merged together that it almost could had been intended to be like this. What was once a beautiful green spot of Arkhona and had served, before the Tyranids landed, as Agri-fields had been burned and crashed by the arrival of the Orks, creating what looked more like a Desert now than the fields it once was.

    Soon it was known to the Space Marines that the planet consisted of three continents and some smaller islands which were connected by enormous bridges, constructed to connect the islanders and the people of the mainland. The Capital laid in ruins before even the Space Marines arrived, close to the remnants where their fortress stood was to be known as 'Light of Arkhona' as the Fortress of the Space Marines symbolized the glimmering hope of the population.

    The crash site of the Orks was once known as 'Heavenly Gardens', because whatever seed was planted there, crops started to grow in perfect size and time, but now it was all waste.

    The continent where the Eldar emerged from their Webway was an abandoned place, it was a cursed island and therefore not connected with the main land, only accessible by aircrafts. But whoever tried to get there, never returned. There are many ghost stories among the people about that continent and so it earned it's name as 'Hell's Gate'.

    Ironically where the Chaos Space Marines found their place on Arkhona had been known until now as 'Door to Heaven', the reason so the people explained to the Space Marines was that once a year the sun shined upon that continent alone for a whole day. It had become the main graveyard of the fallen and the elderly, and has turned now into the home of the Heretics.

    Many heroes would emerge of this Crusade, many soldiers would fall, each faction had their agenda, some more obvious like the Tyranids eternal hunger, some more secret like the Eldar's presence.

    But one all factions had in common, they expected this war to not end soon, perhaps to have it going on until the end of time. Nobody would falter before their enemies, nobody would retreat.

    In the 41st Millenium there is Only War, only Death, only Demise, and amidst all that, there is what shall be known in the Books of History as: The Eternal Crusade

    For OOC (Out of Character) related questions, answers and comments: [includes desire to join the RP]

    For Map:
  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Which Soldiers may join this battle to emerge either as a Fallen Unknown man or as a Fallen Hero, survival was no option.

    OOC: Forgot kinda to point ppl into the creation process of their characters.... So here a sheet I stole kinda from my Deathwatch RP (this post will also serve as good as possible for character overview from the participants ; please keep in mind it's just an example :) ):

    Character: Sirius Jules
    Player: Urian Velos

    - Space Marines

    - Ultramarines

    Traits (Special Abilities or other Characteristics):
    - Sirius is fascinated with the Eldar and doesn't miss a chance to loot samples (especially Farseers and Warlocks)

    Close Combat Expert:
    - Sirius is an expert with Melee Weapons and focuses to slay his enemies with his Chainsword rather than a Bolter

    Courage and Honour:
    - Knows when Honour comes over personal taste, for instance to aid a battle-brother though he doesn't get along well with him.
    - Knows that Cowardice is no option, as Warrior of Ultramar courage flows through his very blood.

    Flaws (Negative Abilities or Characteristics):
    Bad Ranged Combat:
    - hits bad with any ranged weapon

    Trusts only little any Xenos:
    - Is not ready to cooperate with Xenos except it is a direct command from the top of the Chain of Command

    Sub-Faction Trait / Flaw (can be changed if majority of players have better idea):
    - Codex Adherence: Ultramarines follow the Codex closely, this can cause tactical advantage and clear chain of command, but also is problematic with less adherent chapters as they appear in Codex followers rather as savage beasts, than true warriors.

    Cybernetics / Implants (Special Equipment / Design):
    - Cybernetic Right Eye

    Equipment (Loadout, can be changed during game):
    - Mark VIII Errant Power Armour, modified for Apothecari use.
    -- Modifications include (Can include special skills / abilities):
    --- Cybernetic Eye customized to scan life forms and their bio-feed
    --- Additional utility belt slots to store gene-seed / bio-samples (less space for ammo / grenades)
    --- Narthecium

    Master Crafted Chainsword (named Durandal)
    (Regular) Bolt Pistol

    1 Frag Grenade, 1 Krak Grenade

    Special (Apothecary in this case) Equipment:
    - First Aid Kit (including Adrenaline Injections, Blood Infusion / Transfusion, etc.)
    - 5 Containers for Samples / Gene-Seed
  3. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    OOC: how serious is this rp?
  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    OOC: I intend to keep it on the level of Deathwatch, but more freedom. So in basic VERY serious, more like on the level of my Tides of Destiny RP, I do not want Titans jump out of nowhere or a Blood Angel who goes Black Rage and kills everything. But I poured my soul into the first post in hope to make it an amazing and fun RP for everyone here on the EC forum.

    EDIT: The template character I posted above will not participate here and only serves as an example of how a character may look like, feel free to copy the formatting / headers of the sheet though! :)
  5. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Character: Toralven
    Player: Taec

    - Eldar

    - Iyanden

    Ancient warrior:
    - Expert in all forms of combat

    - Toralven will side with other races (except chaos and tyranids) to defeat common enemies

    Flaws (Negative Abilities or Characteristics):
    Slow - Slower than most eldar

    Sub-Faction Trait / Flaw:
    - Edge of Survival - due to the devastative destruction against Iyanden by Hive Fleet Kraken the population is extremely low. The glimmer of hope and the lack of living Eldar force them to focus on Wraith-Constructs. Therefor the Wraith-Constructs of Iyanden fight more efficient and their hatred against the Tyranids is infinite. (Wraith-Constructs are more difficult to defeat ; more efficient in battle against Tyranids)

    Equipment (Loadout, can be changed during game):
    - The wraithforge stone - Heals Toralven at a fast rate

    - Ghost glaive
    - bright lance (shoulder mounted)
    - 2 shuriken pistols (one on each arm)
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  6. Mechaius Mechiaus Prefectus

    Character: Warsmith Magnarax Guast
    Player: Mechaius

    Faction: Chaos
    Sub-Faction: Iron Warriors

    Traits (Special Abilities or other Characteristics):
    Grand Architect:
    -The Warsmith is a builder of fortresses without equal. Any citadel he has designed, is all but impregnable.

    Siege Master:
    - The Warsmith is as capable at destroying defenses as he is at erecting them.

    Flaws (Negative Abilities or Characteristics):

    Tactical Inflexability:
    The Warsmith is set in his ways. So much so that he prosecutes his wars in the same, slow, methodical way that he has since the Horus Heresy. He prefers long protracted siege warfare, than lightning raids or subterfuge.

    Sub-Faction Trait / Flaw (can be changed if majority of players have better idea):
    Iron Within, Iron Without:
    - The mantra of the Iron Warriors. Their resolve is without equal. They have the strength of will to outlast a century long siege or a week long bloody massacre. They despise weakness in all it's forms.

    Cybernetics / Implants (Special Equipment / Design):
    - Augmentic Right Eye, Augmentic Arms and Legs, Augmentic Organs.

    Equipment (Loadout, can be changed during game):
    - Chaos Terminator Armour
    - Mechadendrites
    - Servo Arm

    Modifications include (Can include special skills / abilities):
    -Servo arm is armed with breaching drill

    Storm Bolter
    Demonic Power Axe (Gorgahmaul)
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  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    OOC: Leadership etc. can change as it comes through the flow of history, I also allow multiple characters just in case a faction needs a leader and nobody is doing so. I will try to stay out of the RP as much as possible ;D

    As Warsmith Magnarax Guast saw his work of a fortress completed he was addressed by the other warbands leaders. "This fortress hopefully withstands any attack like you promised Iron Warrior!" The Chaos Lord of the Black Legion spat at the Warsmith while the Leader of the Night Lords was already planning his terrors among the factions.

    "Yes.... They shall learn fear.... Every single one of them...." He whispered to himself while he was tapping around on the holo-desk, reading analysis and layouts of the planet.

    A cultist came into the hall of the leaders. "M-m-milords! The Tyranids are marching upon us! Thousands of them, led by a Hive Tyrant and other monstrous creatures! Even more descending as we speak!"

    "You mind to lead the defense?" The Word Bearer offered to the Warsmith as the Lord of the Black Legion crossed his arms, his eyes glaring at the Iron Warrior. "If your fortress is so perfect like you promised that should be of no problem, correct?" He taunted the Son of Perturabo.
  8. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    OOC: Sigh, fine

    Character: Alpha Tyranid Hive Tyrant Prime
    Player: Wandering Jester

    - Tyranids

    - Previously: Hive Fleet Kraken
    - Currently: Hive Fleet Gryphon

    Traits (Special Abilities or other Characteristics):
    Second in Command/Sync creature:
    - Alpha is the highest commander in his class. Only sync creatures of a higher class have more authority than him, such as Norm queens, etc. All other creatures of equal and lower class are under Alpha's command, so if there's a stronger commander, Alpha will fall into a support command role for that creature.

    Regen Combat Expert:
    - Alpha's mind has been preserved by the Hive Mind through out countless battles. He records and learns new tactics from every engagement, victory or defeat. Becomes highly efficient in combat with repeated engagement with the same enemy.

    Chosen of the Hive Mind:
    Being a particularly useful tool, the Hive Mind have preserved Alpha's consciousness and individuality over the centuries, making him essentially unkillable. If his body is destroyed, the swarm will just spawn him another body, only this time he has a better knowledge of the foe, though this process does take some time (so gm will spawn him again after a set period, not the player. This does not apply to voluntary digestion of the body to respawn else where).

    Flaws (Negative Abilities or Characteristics):
    Limited Sync Command:
    - Due to his rank, even with the extra power Alpha cannot order/control anything larger than a bio-titan. Commanding a bio-titan will require all of Alpha's attention, rendering him incapable to control other troops around him without addition support from other sync creatures nearby.

    Backlash Death:
    - If/when Alpha's body is killed, all troops around will frenzy even more than usual and for a longer period due to the extra bond he has with the Hive Mind, provided that there are no other sync creatures around.

    Faction Trait / Flaw (can be changed if majority of players have better idea):
    - One mind, one hunger: Being in concert with the Hive Mind, Alpha has constant communication with it. While Alpha can't access its infinite knowledge, the Hive Mind can choose to strengthen Alpha in anyway its sees fit, whether that's physical mutation for new weapons, mental resistance to psyker powers or otherwise (again up to gm, not the player).

    Kraken Veteran: Alpha had personally led one of the multiple strikes during the first blitz of the Hive Fleet's invasion. Therfore he has experienced especially fighting Eldars. Alpha can also devour his fallen enemies for additional experiences, something he found useful during the Kraken Blitz.

    Cybernetics / Implants (Special Equipment / Design):
    - Alpha's able half a meter taller than the usual Hive Tyrant.

    Equipment (Loadout, can be changed during game):
    - "Bonded Exoskeleton" (actually composed of materials used for Armored Shells of Carnifexes, but superfictionally impossible to tell with the naked eye)
    - Adrenal Glands
    - Acid Blood

    Heavy Venom Cannon
    Extra Hardened Bone Sword
    Extra Harden Scything Talon

    OOC: let me know if this seems too OP. was trying to make a smaller version of the Dagon Overlord.

    Edit: added some stuff for Hive Fleet update, again notify me in PM if my guy's too OP.

    Edit 2: Changed due to Tyrant Ascension.
  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    OOC: awesome a nid player! Despite we ain't gonna see them in EC!

    The Hive Mind ordered Alpha to attack the Eldar, an apparent ancient species. While one of it's brethren, the Hive Tyrant of this enormous new tendril that had been never before sighted upon today, is attacking the forces of Chaos. Knowing that this Warrior in particular has great knowledge and a strong synapse as it was part of Hive Fleet Kraken in the past. But whatever Tendril this warrior came from, him and the other survivors of the tendril had been absorbed by this Hive Fleet which aims to devour Arkhona.

    It did not even know that it gained the name 'Hive Fleet Gryphon' due to the enormous size of it's fleet, similar to Kraken and the focus on flying units, though for some reason all the synapse creatures were ground-focused.

    The Alpha Warrior was accompanied by a dozen Zoanthropes, swarming in distance of eachother, controlling hundreds of Gaunts, Gargoyles, Carnifex and other creatures, while the Alpha Warrior was accompanied by many more Warriors which aided as direct Bodyguards, among with a thousand rippers. In the skies, ten thousands of Gargoyles waited for his command as they circled the sky around the Tyranid army which was destined to overcome the Eldar.

    As the Wraith Lord came to life infront of the massive fortress, completely created out of Wraithbone he knew what his target was.

    Warp Spiders came back from a scouting mission, informing the Farsser, surrounded Warlocks and Exarchs about the situation, but from his height the Lord did not need to hear, he could see. He could see how the Tyranids in the distance marched towards them. Step by step gaining ground, the hated enemy of Iyanden.

    While the other Craftworlders discussed, Iyanden built up the first line of defense, Shuriken Catapults and Lance Catapults being readied as well as the defensive systems integrated in the very fortress. They would not let the Great Devourer take even more of their kin, it would end right here, right now.

    At least the Craftworlders of Iyanden saw it that way...
  10. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Set up the beachhead. Before the command was finished the pools of biomass and pillars of jagged organic spikes were beginning to stab up from the ground. The various warriors divided themselves up to patrols amongst the smaller gaunts and have began scouting the surrounding area. The ripper swarm waive themselves everywhere, devouring all the biomass of the immediate area only to be digested themselves back into the pool for more rippers and other units.

    In the sky the storm of Gargoyles were so numerous they seemed apocalyptic. With a single order they spread towards every direction, determined to locate their enemy and recon defenses about. The other half that remained behind patroled around the beachhead, waiting for the larger air units to arrive and securing air superiority until then.

    Alpha had the larger siege creatures remained in reserved. There was no point in risking their more valuable assets until the enemy have been located. Until then he will content himself with devouring what they can from the planet and making more of the fleet. He waited patiently, snapping at a nearby hormagaunt that seemed a little too at ease. The tiny creature quickly scuttled away to make itself useful. Alpha stared after it, then wait for the pods of Lictors and Deathleapers to arrive, as they would prove more useful scouts and shock troops to the enemy than the warrior/gaunt patrols.
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