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Eternal Crusade - Gatherer Galore

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tyff, Oct 28, 2013.


Does this sound good?

  1. Yes - It sounds pretty solid.

  2. No - I think it's not going to work out.

  3. Maybe - Give it a little tweaking and it's game.

  1. Meow Tyff Subordinate

    Greetings to you, be it a wise Eldar, an opposite Ork, an Emo Marine or a slave to the Free Man.

    I came up with a little something that adds something less combat-related -- Gathering. It's like a little sidegame. A type of resource or unit unique to each faction.

    Now, as this idea just came up, and I don't want to lose it, I want to build it with you. Help me make this perfect.

    -- Orks

    The unique resource of the Orks could be Bits'n'Bobs. Bits'n'Bobs can be gathered by anything that has it, really. - Gored Eldar, Blown-up vehicles, beheaded Space Marines... If it's shiny, it's game!

    Bits'n'Bobs can be used by the Orks to not only requisition vehicles faster, but to upgrade certain stats of vehicles too (No, buying one upgrade and having the rest 100 tanks upgraded ISN'T happening. The particular vehicle you're pimping out.)

    -- Eldar

    The unique resource of the Eldar could be Spirit Stones / Waystones. These can be gathered by fallen brothers of the Craftworld.

    Spirit Stones can be used to bring powerful, ancient Wraith units to the game.
    Thanks to Shadow!

    -- Chaos Space Marines

    The unique resource of the Servants of Chaos could be Souls. Souls can be gathered from the fallen, useless dogs of Chaos themselves, or by certain High-Ranking Enemies of the Dark Gods (Nobs, Sargeants, Warlocks or above.).

    Souls can be used to give offerings to the Chaos Gods, to summon Devouring Demons from the warp.

    -- Space Ma*Cough* Slaves of the Free Man.

    The unique resource of the Monotonic Loonies could be Gene Seed. Gene Seed can only be gathered by the Holy Apothecaries of the Astartes from their fallen Battle-Brothers, to preserve and to keep safe from Enemy hands.

    Gene Seeds... I really have no idea of use for them. (Yeah, this is the part where you come in.)

  2. I can see maybe a repair mechanic for weapns and gear. But an entire craftng systm where you have to gather bits-n-bobs probably wouldnt work.
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  3. Meow Tyff Subordinate

    It won't be a whole crafting system. It could most likely just be one thing that the Orks can use to their advantage.

    They won't need to get two different types of Bits'n'Bobs, like "Cogs" or "Corner Pieces". Orks don't care what it is. As long as it sticks.
  4. Kaelen Kaelen Preacher

    Gene seed is a very good idea really) Applause
  5. No. This game is about killing your enemies. Not about gathering resources. Gathering resources should come as a byproduct of killing your enemies, i.e. attacking a manufactorum plant territory, taking it over, then getting whatever resources that factory is pumping out (specialty bolter shells, extra ammo, whatever).

    Some of these things could be implemented within combat, like geneseed or spirit stone thingies, but not as some sort of dedicated side game.
  6. Shadow Shadow Member

    Seeing as there were discussions over how Wraith-units couldn't be included, this is an interesting idea..
    Say collecting a fallen Eldar's spirit stone, which can then be taken to a base/ship owned by the Eldar and used to bring a Wraith-unit into a fight, but each players spirit stone could only be used once, so if a player was to die purposefully repeatedly to allow his team to pick up a countless amount of spirit stones, it would be a named item, so "Shadow's Spiritstone" This could only be picked up once until the Wraith associated with my name died... sure it would break the lore quite a lot, having a wraith and me running around at the same time, but the idea of gathering is quite a nice one, and fits fairly well with recovering your teams specific items.. or in the Orks case, whatever you find!
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  7. Kaelen Kaelen Preacher

    We will have a kind of resources anyway, such as requisition, so why not to add one more? :) And it can be some kind of achievement really - to help your chapter or clan or craftworld)
  8. Meow Tyff Subordinate

    Yeah, exactly. Most of what I've said comes as a Byproduct of killing your enemies. It doesn't HAVE to be big, huge, shiny objectives.

    Anyways, thank you all for the feedback. :)) You're awesome and I love you. Kind of.
  9. Okay. Just what you said made it seem like it was going to be a dedicated sidegame or something, which I disagree with, but as long as its smoothly flowing with the combat, then I'm fine with it.
  10. Whiskey Whiskey Subordinate

    I can and do appreciate the thought you put into your post however, I am against any more crafting than what the devs have already announced will be in game. Sorry, I don't want to play Everquest 40K. Did I just create an abomination?

    Seriously though, good thought, not a horrible idea, just one I don't support.

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