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Eternal Crusade Free to Play Workaround

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Urtuah-Jibblies, Jan 3, 2018.

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  1. Please mods can we get this stickied as it seems that the free to play button has been removed from steam since novemeber.

    If you're a new player trying to play the free to play version of eternal crusade here is a work around as found on the steam forums.

    "paste this into your steam browser (or paste it in a steam chat and click the URL)


    this should install eternal crusade as the F2P version and allow you to launch it as normal once installed.

    Edit. It would seem using this method to access f2p breaks the transition to a premium account if you wish to upgrade. To get around this you must first uninstall. Max on discord discovered this and found to transition to squadron edition he had to " go into steam support and "permanently remove this game from my account to get rid of the F2P version... now i can buy squadron edition"
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  2. I got a PM in about this if its approved Ill sticky it.
  3. Nathan was on Discord a bit ago and said he'd be back "in-office" Monday. My guess is we'll see some kind of stance at that point.
  4. Had to go to page 4 to find this. Can this please be stickied ffs?! @Asheru can you make some pressure?

    Didn't @Oveur wanted to post this somewhere officially so other people see this as well?!
  5. Apparently not it would seem.
  6. Atarius Atarius First Blood!

    I don't know if this isn't on purpose ...
  7. Nathan made a message about this on Steam.
  8. Is it pinned and visible?
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